Counting the Days to my Mommy Makeover!

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I'm a 30 yr old mother of 2, 4 & 2 yr old...

I'm a 30 yr old mother of 2, 4 & 2 yr old beautiful & smart children. I was 116 lbs before I got pregnant with my 1st one, and I gained 50 lbs with my 1st. That was not easy to lose at all and part of it I guess was because I didn't really try very hard. But just when I began to lose weight again, I got pregnant with my 2nd one! I only gained 14 lbs with the 2nd pregnancy, but that plus all the left over from the 1st pregnancy, it was almost impossible. I guess there could have been more hope into it if I had started working out & dieting shortly after my 2nd one, but regular workout just didn't quite fit in the new lifestyle of a toddler & a baby. On top of that, I work 2 night shift jobs, so physically I was not up to exercising because I always have to catch with my sleep. And the stress just made the whole dieting messed up to. But like what they always say: there's an end to everything. The kids are bigger, so it's a little easier now.

Beginning Feb 2010, I started going to consultations for a mommy makeover, and really, deciding that I wanted something like this for me added a motivation into dieting better & working out more regularly. I breastfed both my kids, so that didn't leave me anything physically good, although I know they got what was best for them, and I'm really happy that I was able to give that to them. My stomach was of course not the same. Stretch marks, fatty, and weak. My lower back hurts when I try to do crunches. I guess because my abdominal muscles have really weakened a lot over the last years.

I am 5'1, initially 160 lbs but now down to 146 lbs. It's a week before my mommy makeover surgery and I'm nervous but really excited at the same time. Nervous because I've never had any sugery in my life & excited because I'll finally get my old tummy back, you know before the pregnancy, or maybe even better and I'm finally gonna get bigger boobs. Boobs I've never had because I've always been an A cup. So I'm gonna get silicone breast implants, a tummy tuck, and a lipo of the inner thighs, since this have been a problem to me ever since.

I wanted this so much that I wanted it to be my 31st birthday gift to myself. I'm really greatful for my super supportive husband, that although this have brought us some financial challenge, he still suported me in any way possible. Pics to follow.

Hello everyone! It's nice to be able to update...

Hello everyone! It's nice to be able to update my post now rather than just commenting on it. I would post my pics tomorrow when I get home because I'm @ work right now. Yes, work! I am now 5 1/2 weeks post op and tonight is my 2nd night back to work. I feel tired because I'm working 3 nights in a row and I just came back. So on top of getting my body back to working I'm also dealing with the stress of working nights. Time is a big change since I have been sleeping like normal while I was off work. But now I have switch my days and nights again. I'm still on partial restrictions, meaning I can't be doing too much lifting more than 20 lbs until beginning of July. I still have to wear my abdominal binder even when working since it gives me support therefore allowing to move faster with less discomfort. So far people at work are making good comments and have been very interested to know about my whole experience.

As far as my body, the breasts are healing now. There was a small opening in the inner side of my right breast incision, which was irritated before. I don't think it was infected but it was getting close to getting there, so my PS prescribed another course of antibiotics. I haven't been good at taking it every 6 hrs; instead I'm doing every 8 hrs. I know, bad me. ;ut it's better now: dry and closed already but still has some redness around the area. I graduated from the velcro for the breasts @ 4 1/2 wks because the implants have pretty much done the dropping they are suppose to do. They don't feel so tensed anymore, but the nipples are still hypersensitive and the skin around them and the whole breasts are really itchy. I try not to scratch them, of course. I'm still doing the massage that I was told to do twice a day.

Then the tummy tuck incision is healing well too. The tiny opening on the right end of the incision has closed. The lttle openings on the left end of the incision have closed now too. The skin around them is drying and scabbing a lot now. This area is still more swollen than the right, but not so bad. The middle part of my stomach down to the mons pubis is still swollen. I can still see the little hump in this area, but it's getting smaller everyday. My PS said that the swelling could up 6 mons to subside. The whole abdomen is still numb of course, but that's no surprise. My abdominal binder is not my most favorite, but it is beneficial to me, so I can't say I hate it. I am able to keep it off a little bit more longer now too, but I move slower without it still. I also feel this heat that travels through the incision whenever I get up from lying or sitting position, espcially when the binder is off. My PS said it's normal.

As far as the scars, well, some areas are finer than others. I've started putting the Mederma cream @ 5 wks but only to where the incisions are really closed. The small openings I've mentioned I just leave alone for now. My PS recommends Rejuveness silicone sheets instead. I've looked and men, they are expensive. I'll get them though, just not right now. And just really quickly, the lipo of the inner thighs have not changed much from what I've mentioned at 3 wks. There still that small bulge, esp on the right, but I think it will take some time to come down. Maybe it will get better faster once I start working out again. Speaking of working out, he said 2 more weeks. So @ 7 wks I should be okay to go back to working out again. I'll have to start over again though: build it up slowly in cardio and weights. I can't wait. I really would like to get my stamina back again.

I added my pictures finally. The incisions are...

I added my pictures finally. The incisions are healing well. There are times when they are really itchy & a little swollen, but I keep putting the Mederma cream on. I also noticed that when I use my abdominal binder, the tummy tuck incision really flattens and I can't feel any bump. The breast incisions are always flat and the little areas that had small openings for a while are healing well too. I noticed that the right areola is a little lower than the left, but it's pretty decent. I also apply the Mederma cream on the belly button and breasts incisions.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Among all the other surgeons I met with, he is the only one I saw made notes in front of me. And this is really important because they could forget alot when they walk out that door. His staff were friendly and his practice manager, Sharon, is really great too. They are very accommodating and understanding of my situation. I also got lucky because for the month of April, they had this promotion of 10% discount if you booked your procedure over $5000 before the end of the month. That saved me alot and helped me even more financially. Making and getting the appointment was easy. Sharon is very good at returning my calls. And they are pretty on time with their appointments.

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