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I am a busy mother of seve children...ages 18 to...

I am a busy mother of seve children...ages 18 to 11 months. I have always been self conscious of my belly. Our first son was born while I was 18 years old via emergency c-section and so I have had an ugle vertical scar more than half of my life. My subsequent children were born vaginally...but with each pregnancy...came more weight and stretch marks. I plan on returning to college in August and would like to have a flat stomach, some lipo on my thighs, and some perky boobs to kick start this new phase of my life. I got a quote for 25K here in San Francisco. I was going to go to Mexico, however I have decided on a plastic surgery residency program here in San Francisco. The price they have quoted me is around 10K and there will be a head of surgery assisting the resident . I plan on having my surgery June 18th., 2014

I changed doctors

I think I am going to Domincan Republic to see dr. Robles. I like her artistic point of view. I feel that teh docs here in sf will just give me a regular lipo...with out the transference to my hip area which is what I want. I am just waiting for a final quote

so I got the quote and the sad reality that......................

because of my weight.....she will only do the the TT, BBL, and lipo..................she will not do my breast lift and implants.she says the surgery would take too long. My quote was $5200.all inclusive yada yada. My hubby says that's ok.you can get the boobs later.but I will be weaning my baby off the boob for this trip...and I won't even end up with new boobs. Part of me wants to find a doc that will do it all.but the husband said that I shouldn't find a doc who is going to rush through the procedures all at once....I guess he is right.

My embarassing figure in need of repair

I hope Dr. Robles can really sculpt my middle as well as my thighs

waiting for my passport

So I got a response from Robles.they said to send them my flight info. Communication with them is not as hard as I've read

My flight is Booked.yippee!!!!!!!!

Ladies, don't wait too long. My fligth went up $100 in a matter of two weeks. So.I am finally getting responses from Yily and Cabral. I had originally picked Robles.but looking at Cabral adn Yily's work.I love the way they snatch waists. I am so confused. I am getting a bbl, but I have been working out. I am half black and half white and I do have a little bit of butt projection already, except my thighs are humongoid and I have no hips. I want to get tt, bbl, adn thigh lipo. i want AGGRESSIVE thigh lipo if you catch my drift

OK so Robles it is................

I have been reading reviews and I think I am going to stick with Robles. They always say stay with your first pick right? I emailed them my flight info yesterday and they still have not gotten back to me. I am still working out. Today I jogged twice around the hill in my city and boy.I thought i was gonna die. I usually go to the gym but it's good to switch it up every once in a while. I am still waiting on my passprt. I am waiting on so many things right now.my daughter's first communion, my college acceptance letter..........(fingers crossed), my surgery, my recovery, my baby to get off my boob.lol. I am going to wean her next month.but she is like hooked. Next month she turns one. I usually like to nurse a little longer but it would be so hard for my hubby to take care of her while she cries for the boob.
So.I am taking my prenatal vites still to keep my iron up. I read that they won't do aggressive lipo witout hugh iron level. So you guys...I have an online business where I make and sell handmade items. My site is www.barabrycoast415.com. Nice..................

beware of SPREAD!

Do any of your guys eeat spread? You know.top ramen+ cheetos+ smoked oysters+ canned chicken + mayo. Beware, that shit wil make your ass spread more than any other snack! LOL. You would think that I wouldn't make this garbage considering I gradutaed from a renowned Culinary School.but I just love this stuff. I am trying to eat a littel bit more healthy but I have gained some nasty eating habits with each pregnancy. I still have midnight snacks.

OK.so I am thinking about......................

switching to Cabral. i know, I know...............maybe dangerous but I love love love his results. He will be more expensive because his price was not all inclusive like Robles, but I like how I can talk to him via whatsapp and I can talk to his office staff

passport is here......who hoo

30 days to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

So I went to the lab and got some blood work done so I can check my hemo levels. I have been taking prenatal vites. but I bought some iron pills to start taking as well. I am still working out, but I love my twinkies, so with that being said, my jog around the hill every morning is not doing much for my weight loss.

received my lab work

I*'m hella mad. My hemo is only 12.2. Is it true that it decreases by 1 point in D.R?

I don't like when..............

I read poele's reviews.who may be like me., a little chunky....and Robles tells them there hemo is only a 12 and they can only some, but not all of the procedures they are scheduled for. My hemo is only 12.2. I think it is just an excuse cuz she has too many patients and doesn't feel like lipo-ing all the areas cuz it would take too long. I know there is alot of bleeding with lipo, but come on. I thought 12 was a good enough hemo. I am going to Cabral, cuz I can already see here denying me thigh lipo and only doing the tummy tuck, and I will be pissed!

check out my work

O.K so I am going to be a sociology major this fall to complete my bachelors degree.but in the mean time, I make handmade items.this is my site...........http://www.barbayrcoast415.com.support your girl! Ya know I'm breaking the bank for this surgery..hehe....but I'm worth it!

sorrry typo! it is barbarycoast415.com

check out my art and craftytimes. I am super excited yall.will definitely be going back to school this fall! Also.I have 2 weeks and 6 days to go!

some supplies

my mom gave me hella lidocaine patches, and wipes cuz she just had surgery.she had cancer and so she had to have some breast work done.she ended up with implants after all of the removal of breast tissue...etc. So she gave me some chuck and lidocaine, wipes, suture stips. My doc also gave me percocet, and amoxycillin so that I don't get overcharged for antibiotics in D.R

only 14 ddays left!

I am so anxious! I was thinking that I hope he lipos my thighs enough. If I had to choose aggressive thigh lipo, or bbl, I would choose thigh lipo .especially under my butt. I have a banana rolll of fat under each butt cheek. If those were removed, my butt would appear bigger, cuz it has never been considered flat. But if I can get some fat transferred to my hips, lipo to thighs, and TT, I will be happy! If I could have breast lifts and impants too.I wold be even happier but I know that's probably not going to happen. I still need to purchase luggage. I have some small suitcases but I want one big one. I keep dreaming about surgery. One dream I had I was waiting outside cipla and I couldn't get in.

7 days to go

So I have switched to Cabral because of his work.but am still apprehensive about getting there and having to wait. I am naturally very impatient. Robles seems to have a better method to the madness in terms of scheduling...but I feel she is a little bit too conservative. I hope I am making the right choice. I feel that thigh lipo is a must. I have all of my supplies..................and If I decide to stay with Cabral, I will be at upscale RH

switched again!

O.K.I am going to stick with my first choice Robles. I like teh way she wishes everyone on ig happy mother's day.and other little touches like that. I am older.....I am not a stripper.I already have ass...so if she just tweaks my thighs, butt.adn belly.I will probably be happy. I don't need an extreme makeover.just something a littel natural. My husband says to stick with her. I also had a dream I was at cipla waiting around all nigth and the doors were locked.I couldn't get in. So I guess I will stick with her. If I get to her.adn she gives me some b.s llike she can onlt do 2 out of my 3 procedures.I will hitail ti to Cipla and Cabral. I guess that's where I stand

kind of dissapointed

I snet Luara.Robles assistant a little message saying that I was scared Dr. Robles will not perform all procedures because my hemo is 12.4. She wrote back that I can only get TT with some lipo if my hemo is only 12.4. Mind you.that number was a month ago before I started taking iron puills twice a day. So it may have gone up since then. But I don;t want to travel all the way to D.R for only TT. Maybe I should just stick with Cabral.

3 more days to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Oh my gosh.I am starting to get a little bit scared. I do not want to wake up during surgery! I am still excited though..I have wrapped up my online sales...closing up shop until I get back to the states.

last shot of the old me

Can you guys see the fat on my thighs below my butt. I pray Robles really attack these babies.and sucks out as much fat as possible

2 days till take off.......aaaayeeeee!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh..... My time is almost here.... I've been doing good with my diet too eating low fat vanilla yogurt for breakfast every day

Ok so I made it to the flat side

I got to D.R around 11 am Wilson was there with my name sign. We go straight to Cecip. I wait two hours...get testing done like iron, EKG. Around 3 pm I go tommy room. Dinner comes...I pay Laura for my surgery...Dr. Robles comes in around 11 pm to mark me up. She tells me since my iron is only 12.9 she cannot do thigh lipo....I am disappointed but say ok tithe TT and bbl. Around 9 am then extorting I get the bluegill. ten. Minutes later I got on.r...it's like a little room. They administer I.v and I am out. I did wake up during back lipo and it burned a little bit...I could feel the canula going around my upper back. I was placed in a mini recovery room after with like 3other girls and my teeth were chattering and I was burning all over and moaning in pain. An hour later went to my room to recover. The next morning laur comes in and says indeed today 150.00 for hospital insurance.....also 80$ for iron shots...also 100$ for oxygen chamber...plus like 25$ for Wilson to take. Me there and then to RH. So ladies bring atleast 600$ promote for added expenses.........they will over charge for everything...I also had to buy a bunch of meds and creams from pharmacy and that was another 60$. So all inclusive is notreallyallinclusive......this whole trip including airfareis gonna costume around 7000$. 8 can not really seems results. Cuz of all the. Swelling and bruising. She did touch the back of mythighs a littlewiththecanula....but she. Saiid would probably not notice the difference. She said I would have to do thighs another time. I am so disappointed about that. But my. Hubby. Said we an get it done locally along with my boobs....he's a keeper:)

Sorry about all of the weird typos...autocorrect sucks


Me day 2 washing the raja

Don't mind my boobs y'all.... I miss my baby and they are so. Swollen with milk....... I love my belly and curves though

Everyday gets better

I am dying to explore , shop and bring some souvenirs home . still swollen, day 4

I'm going collage crazy

I'm kinda seeing a difference already

I stayed at queen's recovery house

I would recommend this place. it is like a modern condo in a nicer part of Santo Domingo. I will upload a video tour on youtube later in the week.my youtube name is barbarycoast415. I had to go home on the airport with both of my drains.it was soo uncomfortable. Ladies please don't over pack. Wipes, gauve, gauze tape, arnica.........cash.maxi dresses.open front nightgowns...............plenty of maxi pads................those are the real necessities. I am still swollen.

video of D.R

Here is a quick little video of me and Queen's Recovery House. The picture of me at the end.I am still swollen and 12 days post op

it isn['t working but........

you can copy and paste this link I think............http://youtu.be/gybR0Goc-5o

2 weeks post op

We'll still really swollen and draining...... Hard to sleep at night....... I wish I could fast forward the healing process..... Unsure of which brand stage 1 faja to buy

so I woke up

durign surgery while they were doing my back. I could feel the canula doing my back bra area in what felt like circular motions.then I could hear like a vacuum like sound.then a spinning like sound.I wonder was it the fat going into like a spinning centrifuge type of thing. I could also hear them talking. It was a little painful.but not the scream bloody murder type of pain.I kept saying..."me duele.me duele" anad then I knocked back out again. I ordered my stage 2 faja from Marena. It has the thighs in............I want compression on my thighs.like I said earlier she did a touch of lipo on back of thighs and I was never pput in the correct garment in my opinion. My hubby took my back drain out yesterday cuz it was draining less than 50cc's. When it came out.I could see that there was some tissue clogginh it at the top.and it was also pinched somewhere near the top. I hope that doesn't mean I have plenty of fluid that wil still build up in my back, I think I'll be alright considering it would have been 13 days with back drain in.I still have front drain. My stocmach is really swollen still.so is my back. It loooks and feels kind of weird. So now.I have to gt thighs and boobs done here in my city. Goodness.that['s irritating. I really don't see much change in my butt either. She used teh fat from my back and flanks.I didin't really have that much i those areas.......so I kind of feel like I just got a tummy tuck in D.R totaling about $7K. I mean that is how much I spent so far including airfare. I can see a differenc in my waist line curve. I think she is really good at liposculpture. I know if I would have wnet to Cabral.I would have gotten all my needs met.but I guess it's better to be afe than sorry!. Ok guys.ttyl

realistic expectations.......

So................my stretch marks used to come up way above my belly button..............so.I was realistic about having stretchmarks on my belly even after a tummy tuck. I guess If she were to have removed all teh skin with stretch marks.I wouldn't of had enough skin left to close up aftrwards.......I would have had to walk permanently bent over like a hunch back...lol. So I am ok with my stomach results.

my tummy tuck drain

Is only draining 100 cc's per day..or maybe a little under. I am feeling redness and tenderness in teh drain area. There is a little puss around the opening area as well. I think the drain should be removed...it has been 15 days with drain in. I started taking some cephalexin, antibiotics which I had my state side doctor prescribe to me before I left for D.R. unsure of what to do.

I went to the doctor

and everything looks good! No infection. I guess I am a bit of a hypochondriac!..lol...My drain was no longer holding suction...so I was instructed by Robles via watsapp to just take it out. That was my second drain too! I think the manufacturers of teh drains are carrying a faulty product...cuz I know of a few other girls whose drains were breaking all teh time too.

So my doc here

Said it is just swelling,,,,,,, not a seroma but I disagree....... I can't find anyone willing to drain it..... One ps said he charges 3000$ to reinsert a drain. Anyhow... I hope it is just swelling,,, here are some pics

I am sooooo happy

myom's plastic surgeon is willing to drain me once a week until seroma is gone. He drained 90 ccs today and he was so kind and sweet. He didn't make me feel bad about going overseas or anything...... And it will cost me only around 150$ per aspiration... Way better than the three grand I was about to drop for drain reinsertion............. Yay me!

better video

maybe this

video showing queen's rh

subscribe to my other channel............

I love to create

Ladies... My husband said.....

If you can stay in D.R longer than please try to..... You are taking a risk leaving like I did with your drains still in. Infection, seromas etc. are more likely to occur, thank god my seroma is being treated... I thought I was gonna have to go back to D. R and that would have been a real pain in the ass,,,,,, no pun intended.

Seroma update

Ok so my TT drain was removed by me at 17 days post op. It was malfunctioning and I was starting to get pus around the drain hole... Plus it was feeling like it was getting sort of infected. One week later.... I found a ps to drain seroma for 250$. He removed 100 ccs of serous fluid but would not refrain the following week cuz of liability issues... He suggested reinsertion of drain for 2850$. So one week after that my mom got me in to see her ps. He charged me 125$ and removed 90ccs of fluid. He agree to keep seeing me once a week until seroma is resolved. So I saw him again yesterday and he removed only 35 ccs of fluid. We are going to meet one more time a week from today and hopefully it will be the last drainage. My stomach is so much flatter..... I am so glad the seroma is slowly getting better...... But I definitely need this drainage intervention. I am not sure if my body would have been able to rea sorb all of the fluid naturally... Probably not. I have lost some volume on my hips.... I was prepared for this. People say bbls only last like 6 months... I guess there are a lot if factors... Like how much fat was injected etc. I don't know if I will travel abroad again.....

Still loving my results so far


Drain hole scar

Is ugly... Possible keloid formation on the drain hole area.
I am mixed and I know it is genetic

2 months post op video

I am still feeling myself. wearing compression 12 hours a day..but am going to buy faja soleme

this itching aint no joke!

Man.I guess my nerve endings are waking back up.and reconnecting and the itching is driving me crazy. everyone in my house gives me back scratches nightly.but sometimes I just can't quell the itch. My stomach and booty look really good.I am trying to butter up my hubby so i can get the thigh lipo soon.

before and after

My thighs need work still but my waistline is cleaned up

Still happy

At 4 months post op. I have lost 5 pounds since surgery. Waist is still snatched

Bbl went away

I swear my bbl went down:(

Check out my etsy too


Been jogging a mile per day to tone up my thighs

so stilll jogging.

Still fly

I am hungry for found two. I love my results still. I jog every other day. Looking to get thigh lipo still. The hubs said i could get it for my v day presesnt


Going back in july

Leaving for D.R in 8 days!!!

So i am waiting for my period to come before I leave! I still have to finish up this summer class i am taking...comparative religions.
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