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I'm a 42-year old mother of four boys. Married...

I'm a 42-year old mother of four boys. Married over 20 years, and divorced a year ago. Most of my life was spent ensuring my boys and ex husband was taken care of. Well, it is my time now.
On 7/26 I'm having a full TT, BL (no augmentation) and lipo on flanks, inner and outer thighs. I can hardly wait! I have read hundreds of postings from women who say it was the best choice, and they'd do it again in a heartbeat. I pray those are my sentiments when it's all over. Honestly, I wish I could fast forward a month or so and already get to the results. :-)

The biggest challenge is managing my expectations. Will it look right? Am I doing too much? Those questions fill my brain. I'm also obsessed with looking at before and after pictures all the while wondering if my results will look as good. Well, we shall see, right? :-)

Eight days and counting...

Two days and a wake up!

Thanks everyone for the responses. MM is in 2 days. Picking up my sister this evening. I plan on milking her help to the fullest. :-)

Nervous. Anxious. Ready to get 'er done.

Oh and my cousin told me that I'm only 41!!! Too funny.

Dreadful pics

I have enjoyed seeing the transformation pics. Here is my starting point.

Reality in your face

More Reality

No Bueno!

More pics

iPad won't post multiple pics at one time.


So close!!

Well, I find myself thinking constantly about my MM. Last night I had a dream that my stomach looked the same and the doctor kept telling me it was just swollen. :-( Needless to say, I've been up in the middle of the night with my mind racing.

I'm so thankful for this site. It's really hard to discuss how excited I am to see my new look with people who may not be able to do this for themselves right now. I never want to come off insensitive...but I'm SOOO VERY EXCITED. :-)

Tomorrow is the day!

I cannot explain the mixed emotions I currently have. Like a kid the day before Christmas, I want to go to sleep super early so tomorrow comes fast! Yet, like most I am a bit apprehensive of the recovery aspect.

Tomorrow is my day. I am looking forward to it.

Today is the day!!

No turning back now! I'm up and making sure I haven't overlooked anything. I can't help but feel like I'm missing something...but WHAT??? :-)

My final step of preparation is making pre-measured bags of frozen fruit for my smoothies. My family and friends have been great and very supportive. Many of them want to come to the hospital for extra support. No thank you!! lol

Well, the next post from me will be with perky boobs and a flat stomach...being over shadowed by Vicodin and Valium!!

I pray blessings on those going in today and tomorrow (just in case I'm too high to remember to pray tomorrow) and a speedy recovery for us all.

WHOOHOO!! I'm really doing it y'all!!!!! :-)

Post op - Day 1

Surgery appeared to be pretty smooth. Can tell my stomach is flatter already. I'm in no pain at all, but extremely sore and TIGHT. It's tough getting up and down to use the restroom, but I have awesome help. Other than my legs being a little itchy the CG doesn't bother me at all. Oh and it takes getting used to peeing with it on...feels very unnatural.

I am not used to being so immobile and having someone do everything for me. I am also grateful for the support of my family and friends. They even wanted to come sit at the facility while I was in surgery. How sweet was that???

Taking meds every 4 hours like clock work. Was able to eat a yogurt, some cashews and cherries yesterday. Didn't have much of an appetite. I am also up and down frequently...1 minute up and laughing, the next out like a light.

All and all, it has not been unbearable. I can hardly wait to really see what I'm working with under the CG. :-)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

So far the Dr and his staff have been AMAZING. Extremely professional, warm and personable. Dr Williams is patient and will spend as much time as you need to answer all questions. Tracy (the office manager) is adorable! She's very reassuring and kind. I have not had my procedure yet, but so far my Dr and his staff are wonderful.

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