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Hello All, I'm a 52-year-old female and am...

Hello All, I'm a 52-year-old female and am scheduled for a ThermiTight procedure tomorrow morning for my neck and jowls. I'm extremely nervous. I've been prescribed Xanax though I can't take them until the morning - I'd like to take them now, and then again in the morning!

Originally I was interested in a lower face lift and CO2 laser - though I can't schedule the recovery time into my calendar until late next year. So, I'm hoping the Thermi-tight will be a huge success and tide me over for many years.

I'd appreciate any encouragement and news of success stories!

Thanks so much!

PS - I'll likely post before and after photos in the future.

Beginning day 3

I've had my ace bandage on for two days, taking it off only to wash. I'm off to lunch so I'm barefaced today (other than a bit of makeup). I'm definitely swollen (jowls) with lots of vertical wrinkles on my neck. I believe this is expected as the tissue has undergone trauma and while is swollen, it is also being compressed by the bandage. Once let free it relaxes. I think (hope) this is one of those procedures where it looks worse before it looks better.

Stabbing pain in the left chin/jowl area - the same place I felt the pinching during the procedure, that I'm managing with Tylenol. Slightly bruised in that area as well.

I'll keep you posted!

Before Photos

Photos Day 2 & 3

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