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People do not realize that septum or rhinoplasty...

People do not realize that septum or rhinoplasty takes time to actually take its real shape. Over the year/years your nose changes. The swelling is a process that needs to run its course. So many people think "okay I got this done now where are the results.." It doesn't work that way. About 3 years ago I had septum surgery and the tip of my nose was turned down so we gave it a mini lift. Being of an ethnicity with thicker skin we do not heal the way other people do. To actually get what you are paying for the Key is to actually REST after your surgery, don't move around, DO NOT BEND DOWN, do not pick anything up that has any sort of weight that may strain you, Absolutely take Arnica pills that melt on your tongue and follow the instructions on the box (they really do work), ice your nose but with the most minimal pressure possible (try to purchase mini 4X4 cold packs and use those) ...whatever you do ..DO NOT!!!!!!!! DO NOT Touch Your Nose until your Dr. tells you to, Buy a hard foam back support upright pillow that will prop you up, you CANNOT lie flat or even half way if you want the swelling to go down. You will NOT heal properly if you are not elevated! Your dr. will give you exercises for you to gently do when the proper amount of time has gone by and he has taken the dressing off. Your nose will look like a sausage because of the swelling that is why the arnica and the upright position is extremely important..! One thing will happen so DO NOT FREAK OUT, your nose will get covered in a lot of little white dots that look like zits, they aren't zits.. I guarantee you that goes away ..DO NOT TOUCH your nose OR attempt trying TO POP THEM, your nose will not keep in the place that your Dr. had taken hours and your hard earned $$$$ to fix. I know it will drive you insane because you will want to look at it and touch it and obsess over it.. I did.. DO NOT go on the internet and google a million things about your nose because your nose is not someone else nose nor are the results. the extra stress and working will do not nor will it solve your mental issue. You do not want to get built up scar tissue on the inside of your nose so please play by the rules. The tip of my nose was slightly numb till about 2 months ago.. I had surgery in 2013.! I can say my nose isn't "perfect" but it looks fantastic. You see, I have my own idea of what a perfect nose is, as you are and the next person getting any procedure done. I can breathe so much better, I don't snore like a bear.. I seriously used to snore like a bear.. Embarrassing! I promise you, You will Not need another surgery immediately if you don't automatically like your nose.. Your nose will not even remotely look like it does in the long run until about a good year, year and half. My nose I feel took longer because I have built up scar tissue that needs to be worked out as a result of my thick ethnic skin. If you feel the tissue harden with after the first 8 weeks ask your doctor for Kenalog injections for scar tissue.. Start little by little do not inject a ton at once because you feel that you need immediate results.. The only result you will get with over injecting Kenalog is an indentation you didn't want or need. I also forgot to tell you.. DO NOT TOUCH or Try to yank out YOUR STITCHES.! Your Dr. will tell you to clean it GENTLY with peroxide to keep the area operated on clean, as well to moisten GENTLY on a qtip with BACITRAYCIN PLUS W/ALOE. This works differently than Neosporin.. Follow all of the instructions your Dr. gives you post operation. He/She is not telling you to do these things because it sounds good.. It is so that you can get the best result you possibly can.
Anyone who wants a procedure done really should do their research to understand that everyone does not have the same results even though the doctor is absolutely an expert at what they do.
I will post some photos of all the different stages my healing process went through..
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Dr. Ransom is very good at his craft in addition to being genuinely caring about his patients. He is very informative, aware of results and will honestly tell you if something will or will not work for you. He isn't after your money for his own gain and he isn't an extremist when it comes to his work.

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