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Sorry about my English first. ^_^ My acne scar...

Sorry about my English first. ^_^

My acne scar bother me for Such long time. After i talked to few Doctor in my area. I think is about time do it. My Scar is very Deep. I want do CO2 laser. but end up with Erbium laser. because seems alot Doctor I talked to afraid I get hyperpigmentation on my skin. Which is i don't think that's the case. because my skin is pretty white for asians. And my Doctor telling me. i can get 60% or 70% better on erbium laser. So I decided to do it. I did almost 4 treatment on this laser. since last year oct 5. but seems only get 20% or 30% better. I think it was waste money n time. For scar this deep. should just go for CO2 laser. i think i will get better result. And now I am trying infini microneedle , Lets hope my scar get better.
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