My Journey to a Perfect Button Nose - San Francisco, CA

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After years of debating and researching and...

After years of debating and researching and lurking, I finally decided to go through with a rhinoplasty. I made a list of every surgery I have ever wanted and realized that this--by far--tops the list.

Admittedly, I have never had a terrible nose and never heard anything but positive comments on it. Most people would never guess that I have ever wanted a nose job because I don't talk about it. But ever since middle school (when, incidentally, I learned about Photoshop), I've hated my fat nostrils and noticed how much better I look with a smaller nose in every picture. Like our typical teen insecurities, it became an obsession--the most major thing holding my face back from being acceptable.

To be honest, I probably would forget about it were my nostrils not so disgusting. But they're just too wide and fat and destroy my otherwise "cute" aesthetic (petite frame, young face, etc.). I want to get them as small and thin as possible--probably an alar base reduction. And while I'm at it, I want to get my tip reduced and refined, and probably sloped so that I can finally have that perfect, tiny ski-slope nose of my dreams!

My consultation is scheduled for when I get back to the Bay. Wish me luck!

Medical Tourism

Well, as time has not been passing quickly enough toward my scheduled consultations in August, I've been seeking out surgeons and experts everywhere I go and gathering as much information as I can in the meantime. Most recently, I spoke with a doctor couple and they made a really strong case for this almost terrifying concept: medical tourism.

My main reason for not even considering countries outside the U.S. was that there is such little information available to me--online and locally--about the doctors' reputation, patients, office, etc. The sources I trust most regarding any surgeon are their previous patients and colleagues who know them personally, as they tend to be the most honest. This is hard to find when stepping outside the border and losing the bulk of my social network. However, you do have to acknowledge the massive pros:

- Drastic savings in cost (60-80% at least), even with flight tickets and accommodation
- Specialized quarters and treatment for medical tourists
- Expedited process pre- and post-op
- Excuse to travel :)

Really though, getting the best surgeon with the most up-to-date technology for a diminutive fraction of the price in a foreign country versus attempting to schedule a top surgeon himself over months and thousands of dollars in the U.S. begs for a serious re-evaluation of my dedication to American medicine. Plus, this MD couple mentioned a few contacts they could provide were I to decide to pursue the medical tourist route, which certainly helps.

I don't know. I was pretty set on a California surgeon, but these recent discussions have made me question my choice. I am most likely going to be in Europe and Asia at the end of this month, so I will see if I can get in touch with anyone overseas and research this option further while I'm at it.

Consultations in Istanbul

After some research and upon your requests, I am finally sitting down to detail my limited impressions of the rhinoplasty scene in Istanbul. I had a few doctors I definitely wanted to see, and a few recommended to me during my visit, but all in all I am only going to share the ones who stood out, be it in a good or bad way.
- Dr. Baris Cakir: I called his office to make an appointment before flying over (you know how far in advance surgeons book up), but was repeatedly unable to reach their line. So I contacted my doctor friends in Turkey to gauge just how hard I should try to get a consultation with Dr. Cakir. 3/3 confirmed that he was an ambitious, successful surgeon and recommended keeping him under consideration. Unfortunately, once I did get through to his office line in Turkey, they were already booking appointments into this month. Hence, I was not able to speak with him personally.
- Dr. Fevzi Yavas: I spoke to this doctor after strong personal recommendations from a few friends. He had a clean office in a central location and was polite in answering all of my questions (even about other surgeons!). He is very experienced and has operated on even his close relatives, including his own daughter. However, he did not want to modify any part of my tip or bridge and said that I should only get the alar base reduction, if that. I asked to see examples of similar patients, but from what I was shown (and having settled on what I want), I gained the feeling that Dr. Yavas would not be the best choice for my specific case.
- Dr. Nazim Cerkes: I actually had a consultation booked for this doctor when I arrived in Istanbul, but multiple surgeons with whom I spoke were hesitant to recommend him. Apparently, he is not very esteemed among his peers at all. Thus, I crossed him off the list and canceled the appointment.
All other doctors that I had on my list were either not strong enough candidates or unwilling to perform surgery on my nose. If you would like an opinion on anyone specifically, feel free to PM me.
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