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So I'm scheduled for surgery in the morning!!...

So I'm scheduled for surgery in the morning!! November 5! It happened pretty fast. I've been looking at this site for two years and I started having consultations this year just to see what they would say. I found one doctor that I liked without any real decision in mind. But after communicating with the staff for a couple of months, they offered me a discount to take a late cancellation they had. So it happened very fast. Now it's literally tomorrow. And I'm really nervous. Not so much about the doctor but more about what if I should leave leave well enough alone.

About me: 37 years old. I don't hate my nose, but I think there are some improvements that would enhance my looks. The doc will reduce my hump a little (since I want to retain my Italian looks), elevate the tip subtlety and narrow the tip a little. I think it's a finesse job, but it doesn't cost any less!!

All my friends and family are really supportive. I'm most worried about people talking about me at work. You know, those who may think i did this because i am insecure. I am a confident person. And I am reminding myself that I deserve to do something nice for myself.

On the eve of my surgery, I am wondering how others "felt" emotionally after the surgery and once people started seeing you, reacting to the change or not noticing. I'll add some pics soon.


I had surgery Monday, and it's now Wednesday....

I had surgery Monday, and it's now Wednesday. Monday I was feeling pretty good - not much pain or swelling. The swelling and bruising got worse yesterday, but is already going down a bit using ice and Arnica. Pain is totally tolerable. I have no problems getting up and around, but I'm taking Norcos regularly and sleeping a lot. I can breathe through my nose, but it's a little constricted due to the swelling. Everything seems to be great - much better than I expected to feel.

Like some other people fresh out of surgery, I feel like my tip is turned up much more than I want it. But I called the doctor and he said that it will come back down a few millimeters. The tip of my nose is also taped, so I think that is kind of adding to the elevation of it. At times, I have started to feel guilty for messing with my looks or get worried that I've made a mistake. Then I looked back at my computer imaging and I know this doctor is good, so that helps me to relax knowing it will surely be an improvement. I'm sure he was very precise given his level of expertise. I've also been saying positive affirmations about the outcome. I get the cast off next Monday (Nov. 12), so I'm trying to avoid looking in the mirror until then since I've heard it will change so much between now and the point of full healing.

My husband has been great in taking care of me (getting me water and meds, etc.). He even brought a huge bouquet of flowers when he picked me up from surgery

7 days post op. I'm feeling pretty good for a few...

7 days post op. I'm feeling pretty good for a few key reasons:
Great support from husband, family and friends
Confidence in my doc's skills regarding final outcome (after swelling goes down)
Nose already looks nice
Bruising already gone

First three days I was out of it. I felt good enough to work from home the rest of the week. Now my tip is still hard and nose is very swollen, but everything else is back to normal.

It's weird because I feel like the same person on the inside but it bothers me that people have to "get use to" my new look. I have to remind myself that the changes are subtle, but when someone says I look different, I kinda get anxiety because its a reality check.

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE SWELLING GO DOWN FASTER? I feel like I have a potato on my face! LOL

And I'm still worried about going back to work with a big swollen nose.

7 months post-op: 80% happy but still need some adjustments

Thought I should post an update because it took a long time for the swelling to go down. I had mostly tip work done with a slight hump reduction. My profile is straight now and nose not upturned (whew!). I swear even some friends that I've known for 20+ years did not notice until I told them. Which to me is what I wanted - for no one to recognize that I had it done. The doctor I used has a reputation for being very conservative but to be honest, I'm so glad that he was. I could immediately see the difference (after all, it's MY face), but I would have freaked had he done anymore. Just saying. There are still a few moments here and there when I miss my old nose, but then remind myself that it must be ultra subtle since no one could point it out. Thank goodness. All in all, I'm pleased. When I have any regret, I just look at my old pic and think "yeah. I definitely don't want that tip back."

Now here's what still needs work: my nose looks wider than it did before and I have a bump on the side. I also have a few indentations that you can't see in the pics. I've already spoken to my surgeon and once I hit the one-year mark, I will have him touch that stuff up. But we have to wait for all the selling to go down. I also want him to do an osteotomy to make my bridge narrower from the front view. That part bugs me because I used to have a lot of definition. I'm happy now, but will be really happy when these few issues are resolved.
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My doc has made himself available the few times I've called since the surgery. And his staff is the best!! They really went above and beyond as I had to bring a cashier's check after the office closed the Friday before my surgery. They waited an hour and a half after close for me as I was running to the bank and picking up my kids from school. I really appreciated that. I also am very particular and I feel that this doc has a great deal of expertise. I felt very confident throughout the process thus far.

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