47 and Early Neck Aging - Should I Get It Done?

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Had final consultation and pre-op appt...

...and have decided to have a face/neck lift and endoscopic brow lift. After the consultation and my post in the Q&A section it's definitely what I need in order to get a complete and balanced result. The doctor is one who I have known for 15 years, he specializes in faces, and he did my upper eyelids when I was 40 as well as beautiful work on two of my friends. I'm nervous but so excited! The date is definitely July 9th.

Will move this over to the facelift section

Since I'm going for a more extensive procedure.

One more day to go

Pre-op picture

Packed with ice

The operation went well, no complications, but I haven't seen myself yet since I'm bandaged and iced! Not much pain, just moderate yesterday afternoon and only a little bit today. It's just uncomfortable! I opted to stay two nights in the hospital to spare my husband the worst of it. Dr. MacDonald stopped by last night to check on me and said the bandages will come off late today.

I look like an alien...

Day 4 and feeling better but still very swollen and blood pooled at my eyes so they're black and blue. Swelling makes me look very distorted and neck is a bit yellow and swollen so I really don't really know how I look yet!

Yellow alien

Bruising is so yellow on my neck it looks hilarious...but in the bright side the swelling has improved. Going stir crazy because I look too freaky to go outside.

Incisions around ear look good - day 5

Neck is looking good

Neck still bruised but looking very good! Have some concernson my left eyebrow and seeing doctor for post op appt today. Overall feeling good though!

Side view

Side view but still swollen. Lumpy and bruised too. But neck/jowls are looking good.

2nd week is the worst

Swollen large hard bumps behind each ear, swollen jowls, can't move left eyebrow much and it's significantly lower than the right one...and my smile is a little bit crooked. I know everyone says the 2nd week is the worst. Trying to be patient. :-(

Over a year later...and it's still not good

Had to have a revision on my neck 9 weeks ago due to poor result the first time. Still puffy, lumpy, there is pulling in middle of my neck, huge 2.5 inch scar on chin. This really has been a nightmare. :-(
I'll give it another month to heal and give my absolute final review then...but as of today it's not good. I saw Dr MacDonald a few weeks ago to express my disappointment and he told me to "stop looking in a magnifying mirror"...that's a quote. Uggh. I don't need a magnifying mirror to see a lousy neck.

Visible scars

And I just found out it's going to cost me 2,000 for scar camouflage. These scars were supposed to be hidden - the big one behind my right ear is SUPPOSED TO BE SLIGHTY ABIVE THE HAIRLINE so it's not visible when I wear my hair up. So frustrating he didn't di what he was supposed to do.
Dr. Michael Macdonald

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