Super Cosmetic Surgeon for Botox,etc; and the Amazing ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth!!!!!!!!

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I am NOT a social media person BUT I was compelled...

I am NOT a social media person BUT I was compelled to join realself because I feel when anybody is looking for a cosmetic surgeon you should really do your research(.)

First off I made 32 calls to different cosmetic surgeons and had a check list with a 1-5 rating, my list consisted of the following:
1. phone behavior and attitude- I expect people to treat me like they would like to be treated,
meaning a happy and positive person, who has enthusiasm! WHY?
It means that the surgeon pays attention to all details, his staff is happy- that means they like going to work, the doctor realizes that this will be the first person that comes in contact with his patients!
2. they try to accommodate you no matter how busy the doctor might be or if your a new patient! I feel it is so pretentious when the staff says without even trying, the Doctor has no availability for the next 3 months! seriously? who are they kidding!
3. reminder call regarding your appointment, from one of the staff.
4. when I come to the office I am greeted and made to feel comfortable.
I am not interested to have some one with attitude, greet me by saying "fill out these forms"
and the "eye roll"
5. seeing the doctor- he or she see's you at your appointment time or shortly after, he cares about my time and not leaving me in a room for 45 min- 2 hours without anyone letting you know what the situation is.
this means the doctor does not have that "I am so important and I could careless about my patients time,
they are lucky that I will take 5 min to spend with them"
6. meeting the surgeon- you should instantly feel comfortable when you meet them, kind and genuine smile, they take time with you and look you in your eyes and listen to what your needs are and how or if even possible to make them happen, he or she does not treat you like their pushing the big sell $$$$,
they have both empathy and honesty and really care about their work(I like to think of it as art)
7. they would rather be more conservative with botox, fillers, etc; and have you come back if you want more. instead of pumping scary amounts in just for $$$$!
I have personaly seen many faces with over done botox, fillers, etc; Scary and what kind of doctor would do that to someone????? even if the patient wanted it! It's your art as a cometic surgeon and it represents what you do and how you take pride in your work!
In this beautiful city San Francisco guess how many of the 32 surgeons that I called, got a 5star on everything I wanted on my list?

ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that is frightening BUT #1 super cosmetic surgeon and staff is all I NEED!
Dr.Ransome at 450 sutter, SF CA
The fabulous, Lady "D" I have nicked named her that, her name is Dee her joy that she has in what she does and her general LOVE for life is absolutely contagious!
This lady has you covered from the beginning to the end! returns calls ASAP even though she is super busy in all aspects of Dr. Ransoms' office, she makes you feel special, reminder calls, post -op calls and are you ready for this: Beautiful HAND WRITTEN Thank You cards, I almost passed out when I got it, I thought I was the only one left who still did that.
There is also, the truly SWEET and CARING Miss Emily, simply put adorable!
Now for the absolutely humble, extremely charming mid-west Dr. Ransom, on time, attentive, knowledgable, gentle, honest and he does look at your eyes when he speaks to you and by the way their beautiful and sparkle when he smiles+he has perfect skin+ his handsome (BONUS) I also meet his stunning wife for a brief moment! Anyway back to Dr. Ransoms skills I got Botox and he asked me how much movement I wanted,"Natural I answered", we both decided it was better to come back if I wanted more. Botox is charged by units and it is a extremely reasonable and he injects you, him self. I discussed ThermiTight a FANTASTIC option that really works wonders on several different areas of the face and body if you do not want heavy duty surgery, I did my research before I went in, he answered all my questions and concerns and I left his office happy with a huge smile! 5 days later I went to get a few more units of Botox, Lady "D" fit me into the schedule "amazing" Dr. Ransom did my Botox and again I just felt super relaxed with everything so I decided to tell Dr. Ransom, I wanted to do the ThermiTight on my neck and jowls as well I wanted to do ThermiSmooth on a few parts of my face, we set a date that worked with my odd working schedule which I deeply appreciated and on 02/27/15 I felt nothing when the Doctor was doing my ThermiTight it literally was painless, I was smiling ear to ear making jokes at one point I actually felt so calm that I mediated (I swear) after we did the ThermiSmooth around my eyes and forehead by Miss Emily and that just felt like a fresh facial. It was 4:30 and I said I can meet my friends for a drink I had forgotten that Dr. Ransom wrapped gauze bandages around my neck and on my head to secure it. I looked like I had a hockey helmet on but just till the next morning.(worth it)
I got up and went to get dressed the ThermiSmooth around my eyes and brow were unbelievable , instant results and completely rejuvenated (again I swear) Today is 03-01-15 I have had NO pain or bruising from the ThemiTight that my Super Surgeon Dr. Ransome has done and I have had minor swelling in the area and even that looks 1,000,000 times better then my old neck and jowls. I have been wrapping the area with a ace bandage at home and when I go to sleep, which Dr. Ransome suggested, I believe that this has been extremely active in reducing the swelling and Lady "D" has checked on me daily by phone even though it is the weekend! Love you Lady"D"
One more thing that Dr. Ransom DOES NOT think I know about, he is a great humanitarian who does work abroad, like I said he his a humble wonderful human being.

I will be a devoted and loyal patient to Dr. Ransom and his staff always!

Many surgeons and their staff can learn a lot from them! take note: and check your attitudes at the door,

Cometic Surgeon Dr. Ransom ,Lady"D" and Miss Emily
450 Sutter
I was looking for a very special cosmetic surgeon......
What I look for in a surgeon

ThermiTight and the Perfect Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Evan Ransom

My ThermiTight was done by the oh so Kind and humble Dr. Ransom (Brilliant Artist) on 02/27/15

I went in for my follow up and I was getting ThermiSmooth on several areas of my face.

"Consistent" Is the KEY word!

1. Immediately greeted by Lady "D" and Miss Emily, NO matter how busy they are they stop what they are doing, you are acknowledged with sincere smiles and made to feel right at home (NO smug attitude

in Dr. Ransom's office and that goes for him to, simply put a very down to earth Mid-Western young man with a calming smile.)

2. Again NO waiting for the Doctor he truly shows respect for his patients time.

3. Looks you in the eye's when you speak to him and he listens to his patients as well he takes his time!

He is not like the majority of plastic surgeons who believe their doing you a favor when they come in for 5 minutes after you have been waiting for 1 or 2 hours.

So let me tell you about ThermiTight AMAZING no joke, Dr. Ransom touches your face so gentle it's like he was painting I have NEVER had anything like this, results bar- none 100%, 0 pain for me, I was laughing and talking thru it all felt great and wanted to go for drinks right after BUT I did not cause of the wrap around my head+ Dr.Ransom said might be better if I did not! post-op no pain and 0 bruising I was shocked and extremely happy about that (Bonus), minor swelling I will continue to wrap my neck and jowl area with the ace bandage at night, it helps with the swelling, at NO time did I take pain medication not during and not after. I had no bleeding or oozing what so ever. no infection, no down time but I am a good patient and followed my post-op instructions to the "T" as well I just did things that were super chill like going for dinner, Farmers Market at the Embarcadero, watched documentaries, stuff like that it was over the weekend. So he saw me today and everything is going great and afterwards the lovely Miss Emily did ThermiSmooth, 0 pain it fells like a nice warm facial, no bruising, no swelling, no blisters, no raw skin, results immediate my forehead was flawless, under my eyes dark circles gone, lines about 65%

reduction, I looked completely rejuvenated (please note that it was the FIRST time and you go every 2 weeks for a total of 3-4 visits for ThermiSmooth with Emily and ThermiTight is 1 time and is done by Dr.Ransom only. It is very important to know that Thermi system is NOT AT ALL like Thermage or anything in that genre 1. those things do not work and 2. this works in a totally different method.

Now as far as the technical aspect of how it works, I can not explain it but you can research it, google, youtube, etc; Which I did prior to my visit with Dr. Ransom and he answered my questions .

You know what is really cool about Dr. Ransom? he does not buy into everything, just so he can sell it to you, he himself does thorough research and if it makes it into his practice it's legit and he knows it works. He is not interested in having a bunch of bells and whistles, his bottom line is positive, natural results for his patients and making you happy but he has great integrity and immense pride in his work so if you want to look scary and over done like so many sad situations that we have all seen, He Is NOT

The Doctor For You!

Devoted always

OK, The Details

It is Aril 02, 2015,

If you have been following my reviews, you know that I am not good with computers, as I stated in the first review " I had ever written I simple, was compelled and wanted to share anything that might even help just 1 person!"

I have tried to post some pictures also I wrote very detailed reviews on ThermaTight and ThermaSmooth as well one on Botox and one on Jurverderm all performed
by Dr."Handsome" Ransome except the ThermaSmooth that is done by Miss Emily.

OK,now my question is.............
Where the hell did they go???????????
HELP me please, is there a special place in cyber space that some of them get sucked into?

I take a lot of time, to share and post regular updates (on everything that I am having done, because there are some helpful things, that we should all share with each other. Now I know some of it is getting out to the Real Self community and I thank you very much for your kind and charming comments BUT what about the rest of them and photos, please come back from cyber space!

Anyway lets get on with it, my first procedure that I went to see Dr. Ransom for is something that many, many, many; etc, of us get and I was blessed to have found Dr. Ransome but my GOD, what some of these GREEDY doctors do to their patients is absolutely inexcusable and vile!
So please look under Botox for full details, next I had ThermaTight which hopefully you will find in this section I also am in the ongoing process of having ThermaSmooth done by Miss Emily, which should also be found in this section, perhaps I may put another under the ThermaSmooth title and Dr. Ransom performed Juverderm again he did a outstanding job unlike the GREEDY "GOD SYNDROME" doctors mentioned above!

YES! I am angry by so many DOCTORS who are taking advantage of hard working individuals who put their trust and hard earned money, who simple just want to feel better about something they are not comfortable with about themselves. NO! We are not all dipped in a pool of money, so why don't some of you so called Fancy Doctors with your rude staff and your numerous gadgets and gimmicks that you know with all right conscious DO NOT WORK, JUST STOP WITH THE SHENANIGANS !

To all the good and hard working people above and those who are simple tired of being treated subhuman, kindly take a moment to look at some ideas on what to look for in a doctor in my above reviews, maybe it might help?

In addition I strongly believe in the pay it forward method, so if you would be so kind to read the following:
We must care and help one another be it advice, a smile, gratitude, respect, whatever it may be just do something without expecting anything and that person do the same and so on and so on, you will be amazed the world really is a small place and beautiful things do happen!

Important: As a patient of Dr. Ransom and his extremely dedicated, kind staff member Lady "D" who goes above and way beyond to provide us with the utmost care and respect, please think about the following: (above in first review you will find details about how wonderful Dr, Ransom and Lady "D"
treat their patients!)
First off their are many of us that want a appointment or maybe a in depth consultation he is Famous for his signature "Noses" amongst his other stellar procedures.
Lady "D" goes out of her way to try and accommodate getting patients in-
Dr. Ransom is extremely respectful of his patients time and does not make you wait-
Dr. Ransom speeds time with his patients and listens to what you desire and is very honest about what can and can not be done-
ONLY/ Dr. Ransom injects his patients with fillers, Botox; etc ( NO RN, NO PA) his method of injecting
is absolutely precise and is done as if he were painting, extremely detailed-
Lady "D" tries to allocate as much of Dr. Ransoms time depending on procedure and regardless of what one is having done he spends time with you, he has a excellent, kind and professional bed side manner-
Lady "D" calls each and every single patient her self 48 hours prior to your appointment to confirm,
this is very kind and time consuming but she wouldn't do it any other way-
She also helps many of us who do not know how to do are Brilliant Distinctions program-

So I kindly ask for all of us patients who wish to get a appointment and be treated with such care and respect, simply ask those who can not or will not be making it for their appointment to kindly have the curtsy to call and cancel.
Just treat people like you wish to be treated!
Thank You
I would respectfully ask not only for my self but the many other patients that wish to see Dr.Ransom
if you could

2 1/2 weeks after ThermaTight

And it just keeps improving every day!

response to leslie

Dear Leslie, I am thrilled that you are happy with your ThermiTight that was performed by your Doctor and wish you all the best! It is to bad that you do not feel the same happiness for me and my ThermiTight experience! I have several choice words for your skepticism and wish for proof BUT shall take the high road since I care for those who are on this sight and would love for everyone to know that no two patients are alike and no matter what procedure one chooses, the most important aspect is for all to do their research and to choose THE DOCTOR and STAFF that they feel most comfortable with! Now since Dr. Grey performed your ThermiTight and The extremely talented Dr. Ransom performed mine, I am certain that Dr. Grey is well aware that only a few Doctors in San Francisco do this procedure at this time and that the RN who is the Rep for the company is a charming lady named Dee, that worked with both doctors: This lovely RN was present during my procedure and witness to my NO-PAIN and NO-SEDATION as well no painkillers or anti anxiety meds, in addition we talked and I made jokes the entire time! Please feel free to have Dr. Grey, speak to this RN and ask her himself! As far as pictures, I did wish to keep those private BUT now that you have so disrespectful questioned my integrity as well my review and Doctors Honesty about what I can expect as far as swelling, pain, etc; and his pure Artistic Talent I shall oblige you!
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

PERFECT!!!!!!!! Please read review for full details

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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