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I am just starting my journey...I want to thank...

I am just starting my journey...I want to thank everyone in advance...I have been poking around on the site for about a week...and it is wonderfully informative and supportive. Awesome.

A little about me. I will be "50" in December. I know a lot of women on the site are between early twenties and early forties..and are much younger than me...some have recently had their babies... So it makes perfect sense to do a TT and stuff for them.

You might ask.."Sheesh...you are nearly 50 already--why do it now?" I have always been a single parent, so when I was a new mother...just putting "food on the table" was they daily goal. THAT in itself might have added to being overweight...all the fast food is cheap...but very poor quality in nutrition. So now with my daughter grown, and pretty much on her own...I figure NOW is the time for me. :0)

I have had a pervious cosmetic surgery when I was 38. It was a kind of unique surgery .... but as a result...I pretty much still look 38 years old. I feel great with lots of energy, and in fact most people are just blown away by how much energy I have. I feel young, and I feel like I have an "old body". my boobs aren't quite at my knees, (but give it time-lol!) but I have a well rounded tummy that you only acquire with age.... These past two years I have been working on losing weight. At my highest, I weighed 235lbs. I have been "sitting" at 200 lbs for about six month. I have been learning to eat a lot better and increasing my nutrition knowledge base these past two years. What I have realized that now I have to boost all the knowledge with some physical activity. I think that's why I am stuck at 200 lbs. So my journey beings. I am anticipating getting down to 160 lbs. by late October. I am self employed, so in addition to the costs of the actual surgery (no insurance coverage for it, since it is elective surgery)-- I have to save money to support myself for three months. I expect to take off November and December from work. What prompted my MM idea is that, as a few women on the site have done too, is that I need a FOOT /Bunion surgery. So I figure if I have to go into surgery--then I might as well "toss in my MM too" while I am out and can't walk on my foot for 8 weeks. It seems from a lot of stuff that I have been reading from everyone's very helpful updates is that there is a lot of recovery that takes place between "week #3 and week#4"-- so I am hoping that by early December, maybe I can work part time, to help the finances out, so I won't be totally broke!

I have done some fillers and Botox --and I have done my lips a few times with filler...and for sure...right at day 2 or 3---I find myself staring in the mirror thinking "what made me think this was a good idea-when my lips look like goldfish lips!" I really enjoyed the "cartoon of the phases (of a MM) that start with Winnie the Pooh" that is on this site...I am currently at about the fourth photo...the baby throwing cash out the window! That was pretty funny.

I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area-- and just starting my research on PS...if anyone has some experience they can toss my way, good or bad--it would be much appreciated.

Although I anticipate having my surgery at the end of October...I am very excited that I have decided to have it done. I am excited. Stay tune for updates along the way.

Good luck to all the ladies that are having surgeries this week.

Check off PS#1---:(

I started calling and I just got as far as my first phone chat trying to book a consultation; it didn't go we'll.

I expressed that I wanted to combine my foot surgery and MM. The office manager totally dismissed the idea, but said she would talk to the PS and get back to me by end of the day Monday---hmmmm-no call whatsoever. Tuesday has now come and gone; no follow up call either. Poof! - check THAT PS OFF my list. Really dude, not even enough respect for future clients to call back? NEXT!

On a good note, I have dropped 3 lbs this week--yay!!!

Getting ready !!!

I've been getting a few consultations set up---and reading through everyone's "lists of stuff"--extra pillows, recliner etc... I am hoping to prepare a major combined list of stuff to assist any other ladies on the journey... It's all about giving back. Thank you ladies! Amazing results -

I ran my first 5K today!!!!

I did my first ever 5K...I ran it in 14.28---pretty great for not training or anything. Right now my biggest efforts are on working out. I have lost 10 lbs. The FITBIT FLEX is great..keeps track of your food intake and workouts and steps. I am also currently doing INSANITY (by Beachbody)-to be clear...I don't get any $$ for mentioning these two companies ....but by surgery date when I've lost 40 lbs..ppl will want to know "how" I did IT. :0). Thanks!

Great workout today !!!

I'm hanging out with the INSANITY crew everyday---getting those pounds off----I NAILED it today !!!

Getting within less than 60 days


Game plan going strong!!!????

I've been getting nervous, excited, scared, and nervous all over again!!!

I am in my last 60 days--- I am trying to organize my flights and hotels -time off work--I "feel" myself starting to "nest"-lol!!!

The weight loss has been going good/--my BMI was 35; now I am down to 29--THAT is very exciting!!

I gotta go and workout! Keep it up ladies-

?Good luck to everyone getting their surgeries thus week! Blessings and prayers all around.?

We can do this TOGETHER!!!

My surgery Room-mate!

DISNEYLAND is NOT the Happiest place on Earth...

I was just looking at photos of X-mas, 2012--- ekkk! That's Me with Mickey! Happily, I am "less 52 pounds" from that photo today!!!!

Looking good!!!

Here is a quick photo TODAY, reflecting my weight loss. I am 50 days before surgery ---so I am working out hard!!! I'd like to drop another 15-20 lbs before sx---to get the best results I can... I actually just "did the math"--and reviewed my RS blog; I weighed 235lbs and now 180- so WHOO-HOO- that is a loss of "55" lbs- thanks SEXEEANGEL!!!

Left photo 235 lbs/right photo 180 lbs

This photo might be easier to compare. This us my first time with this App, I'll practice-lol!!!

Pre-Op Lab work done- Check!

This past Thursday, Sept 12, I got my pre-op labs all done. You know the blood tests, EKG (that's typically required if you are over 40-sheesh! They just keep rubbing in this "age thang "-lol). I expect all the labs to come back fine.....but you know..it ain't real until the Fat Lady Sings!!!!

I live in SF, I did a pitt-stop in LA to get my lab work done. I was supposed to go on To Denver on Friday for a mud race/obstacle course 5K run on Saturday. But with all the flooding and crazy weather in Colorado the race was cancelled. It's called Dirty Girl...check it out if you want to have a great time. They organize races all over the Country and they support women's breast cancer research. At the end of the day..I was totally exhausted- after leaving my house in the morning at 5:30 to catch my flight, to filling a-l-l the paperwork, having to hustle mid-day to try to cancel my hotel and car rental in Denver, and secretly hoping not to get charged, it was a big disappointment to have the race cancelled...it would have been my second 5K race, and the ,sat one before my surgery, plus I was meeting some friends I hadn't seen in a year...so it was a long day....but it ended well....I got to go to Disneyland!

I lost 58 lbs!!!!! Just "now" my mind is catching up with my body .....

I did the "math" in my head....I was pushing 238 pounds.....now I am down to 180 Pounds....I double checked my math...but it was still weird for my mind to get around the fact that I lost the total weight of a 4th grader!!!

But now today, I just feel this "Spring in my step"... It is sooooo wonderful to just takes clothes out of the closet and they fit...they just fit. I don't have to try on several blouses to see which looks "best" ( which really means, which one looks the least worst!)

I think I hear ladies saying kinda the same thing, that have had surgery already....My boobs are huge, or they are too small, or I am so swollen up.....I think, at least I know for myself it seems to take my "mind" a little time to "catch up" with the physical changes my body is making...

Today, I am at T-minus 40 days.... Very exciting ! I have my hotel all organized and my aftercare is paid for, I am just waiting to get my lab test results, and I'll make the final payment of my surgery...this is getting real.

BTW, what comes in my mail today? Victoria's Secret! Perfect timing!!

I just love this!-lol!!!!

Thought for the day!!!

Full Brazilian ? Ohhh my? Really? - "Ouch"

Hi ya everyone...I need some advice. I am winding down to my last two weeks in this ol' body of mine. I have been getting all my supplies, and now I am in the last two weeks. I gotta get a "full Brazilian "-- mmmm?? Sounds scary and painful...I have been looking for recommendations in Yelp in my area...but I am hearing ladies say stuff like..."the technician just RIPPPPPED it off and I was so smooth...then they say the next morning they realized they are totally RAW! That in fact a top layer of their skin was stripped off?! Yikes!!! Really? Did anyone just shave their Va jay jay at home, that seems like a viable option to me...but I feel like I heard some stuff about shaving that it isn't the best, because it can be a route for an infection??. Ohh Sisters that have been down the road...do you have any ideas for me??? I know I'm gonna have a lot of last minutes questions...thank you so much in advance! ((Big hugs))

Only 14 days to go....but whose counting-Lol!!!!

I am I the "home stretch"...I have 14 days till sx....I stated my Vitamedica today...my foam got shipped from Amazon, but I gotta go to the post office tomorrow to pick it up tomorrow....and cut out the foam for my butt...so I can sleep comfortably on my back...if anyone needs the "details" on the foam..Check out Firbootay's page, she has great photos on it... Surgery paid for...CHECK! Aftercare paid for...CHECK!.. Ordered my stuff on Amazon..CHECK!.. Looking feeling great, and confident..PRICELESS!!! Yippee!!!

Damn!!!! Is your Doctor THIS GOOD?!?!?!?!? Can you "Name that Tune?"

Ladies..I am in my last 7 days before my surgery....I had a few last minutes questions for my doctor. We know these Doctors are busy, busy, busy....it took Me a few re-writes of my email to my doctor, I don't want to "blah..blah..blah..on"-just a clear and concise email....and let me tell you. I SENT MY EMAIL AT 1:09 pm and by 1:16pm I had my answers. 7 minutes Ladies!!! That is great. Does anyone remember that tv show called "NAME THAT TUNE?" It is where there are two competitors, and the show plays music..and each competitor says " I can Name that Tune is 15 seconds ..." And the next guy says.. "Well, I can Name that Tune in 12 seconds"---and the goal is to Name that Tune in the least amount of time and that is how you score points. Can your doctor get back to you in less than 7 minutes? I can Name that Tune...- I'm feeling great!

I am in LA---flew in Fri fir Monday sx!

If felt great to fly ---I felt like I lots more room (after losing weight) on those airplane seats !!! That was a sweet feeling. I am running around relaxing and enjoying Disneyland (just letting my mind get distracted ). I'll up more Sunday---last 24 hr countdown!

24 hour countdown.....

I am getting ready for bed....I have all my stuff packed for this journey of mine...I will head out to my doctors tomorrow morning about 5am...gotta stay ahead of LA traffic...I am going to take my "little bikini photos"---ahhhhhh...but I know they are important to see where I am starting along on this journey. A very big "THANK YOU" to everyone I have met on this journey...it is great to be able share this experience with everyone....thank you!!! I am the 7am ( PST) -it should be able six hours...plus a little time for recovery and transit back to my new hotel....I will check I. As soon as I can. :0)


Well, here I am sitting I the dark in my PS parking lot. It is 6am...surgery in ine hour! My daughter is here with me...and we heard about a Resturant yesterday, and I wasn't too hungry -but she was, it is a local place. She got a few tacos to go....and now she has food POISIONING....she has been wretching all night long....I feel awful for her..as Mom's we I think we try to absorb everyone's pain....she will be better in several hours, some rest and lots of water..she is probably past the worst of it...but to think I can so close to it myself...ekkk! Signing off for now...I'll check as soon as I can. ((Hugs ))

I made it!

Totally exhausted! TT is the worst! You just don't realize how much you use stomach muscles-ouch!

Feeling a lot better-Day 3-Post op

Ohhhh a world of difference it makes!!!! Day 1was rough...I think, it was all new..the pain, being uncertain about everything, the "unknown", wondering what I did...you know the rush of emotions..the pain and fear... I feel a lot better now, a big Thank You to everyone that "held my hand"- and for your support..it was PRICELESS!! I got new boobies, with a lift...and TT with muscle repair, and LIPO all over the back and flanks, and 1,000 cc in each cheek ! Whoa...the butt is sore, but not overly painful ...boobs feel tight, but not too crazy with 286 cc mod profile... Sitting up in a chair now, walking around my hotel room with a walker, and having the support of two greats ladies helping me out too!

Photos --3 days, 1,000 cc BBL-not pretty!

I have some wonderful ladies helping me out. I did a sponge bath today and I asked them to help me take photos- they said YOU GOT A BUTT!

Just hanging out enjoying life! Day 5 post op

It's a great day in L.A! The weather is great, there is a nice breeze flowing...I am just sitting in my hotel room watching HGTV. Everything seems to be going well. I took a quick look at my boobs and they loot great...I have a follow up appt on Monday and will take some photos then. Enjoy!!

First follow up appt-1,250cc per cheek! WHOA,

Yup...you heard it... Dr Hughes injected 1,250 cc per cheek. Can you see me doing the happy dance now!? He took 4 1/2 pounds of pure fat off my stomach...here I am at 7 days post op...walking 95% straight up, off pain meds! eating regular food! and pooping everyday, all right on schedule. I'll post some photos later today.

Quick tummy photo

I still have lots of fluid on/under my tummy, so I still have my drains in, and since I have 24 hr nursing care ( which is fantastic) I am doing fine. While at my first follow up visit; Olga/ head Nurse had said let me show you how to put on the binder better. And she says "you should have a mans tee -shirt" under your foam "---and I know my nurse just put in a clean tee shirt -we both showered before the appointment --so I asked her.. Can I have your tee shirt?--she was great; without hesitation "she gave me the shirt off her back!!!!-quite literally"--I gave it to Olga and she proceeded to cut it up and put it on me under the foam and snuggled tight the binder--feeling great. Any ladies coming to town, just PM me and I will happily pass on to you my nursing service and hotel info.

Photos: HAPPY BUTT=1,250cc's v Very Sad Butt=0cc'c

Here you go. This bikini photo is the Day before surgery. The naked photo is Day 8, so it just gets better from here on out! I was at my Doctor's office today for a follow up visit, and I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and Imtook a Selfie. My tummy is flat, but I am wearing the foam and the binder with some sweat pants.

Club Med(ico) Review .....Fish tacos!!

I did my first ten days after surgery in Culver City in a hotel, with 24/hr nursing care.(PM if you need some info)--then for more R&R I came down to Tijuana, to stay at Club Med. This is a Recovery House that a lot of ladies use that have surgery in Tijuana. They are marvelous!!! They are so attentive, and caring. The ladies here help you with everything. The only decision you have to make is --what do you want for breakfast, lunch or dinner?-lol! Today they took me out to lunch, mmmm-fish tacos!!! And of course the have the "magic hands" of Mari Paz here. She works for a lot of the PS doing the Lymphatic Massages. After sx, our bodies get swollen and the lymph system gets overworked moving all that fluid throughout our bodies. I had been getting "cankles and swollen legs"-- and today I had my second LM; and it feels great--and I feel like my legs are back to normal. I am going to get a Lymphatic Massage everyday until I leave!!! Here are some photos !

Ohhh did I mention....

That everyday I see DOLPHINS playing in the ocean everyday. Club Med is right on the beach!!

MYYYY Goodness.....No more KANKLES!!! Yippee!

Crazy thing...I was just sitting up having breakfast....what a beautiful day it is. I just happened to look down and my KANKLES are gone. Sweet. Today, I will have my 3rd lymphatic massage....they must be working!!! Although, I am still at Club Med, and getting LM by the "magic hands" of Maripaz...I did do a YELP search by my home (in San Francisco) and found some therapists there...so I better start making calls and get some appointments lined up for when I get home.

My love/hate affair-3-part white binder

So I have a 3-part white waist binder, and a live/hate affair with it!!!-lol. The darn sucker is soooo attractive! From what I understand, it basically sits right on your hips. Which is a drag when you sit down-why? The tension on your hips is tighter---but at the same time--it keeps the constant tension on your lower abs/public bone region so you don't collect fluid there -which is the goal. Out of all three "straps"- the lowest one is the toughest, and the other two I hardly notice. The lower strap actually "sticks out" on the thighs of my underwater,(see photo). It would seem like it will squish your ($$$) butt-however it doesn't---yay! ????

Another beautiful day at the beach....

Look at the ocean...very relaxing..I am grateful to recovery in such a lively place!

Some days are harder than others....but it DOES GET better ladies...

I got this from OhioMom--- and it is so true...it will be worth it!!!

Sitting down/Chair photo--precious cargo!

Here is a photo of my chair that I sit on. See the little sage green (neck rolls) I stack two of those, when I sit down, I aim my thighs to sit on the green rolls, and I ease myself backwards, so that my back is supported by the white foam square you see in the back of the chair. When I "sit" like this--there is absolutely no pressure on my butt (precious cargo), and I elevate my legs too! Hope this helps!

My 2nd surgery-Ohhh my!

I got back home to SF Wednesday night and Thursday went shopping like a crazy lady trying to get "everything I needed again". I just had my Bunion Surgery yesterday (Thursday)-- ugh! I can say now looking back on my TT, BA and BBL-- it was a breeze --really! My PS only uses one hole in your back for LIPO and the BBL, so less incisions =better healing. His TT scar/line is so low and clean. I know his skill contributed to my easy recovery and quick healing. I took pained a for a few days, more as preventative than anything. When I went into sx yesterday for my bunion, I felt good and my foot surgeon is cool too! So I am keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth recovery too!!! :0)

An "Ahhhh-Haa" moment= WORTH IT!!

Happy Birthday to me!--the big "50" today!! So, here it is 11-am I am still laying in bed---breakfast in bed will do that to you!! But, I was laying on my left side (just had bunion sx too!) well I laid/stretched my right arm down my side/right hip-leg---and POOF!!! There was space--there was an EMPTY space (where all my tummy rolls used to be!!) So my elbow was on my hip bone--and my bicep/arm just floated in air-- I've never had that SPACE before-kinda cool! It's gonna be a great day!!

6 1/2 weeks BBL photos, before and after.

Here is a "before and after" for my BBL at 6 1/2 weeks. I also had a TT at the same time, so you will see in the "after" photo, my tummy is still a little swollen. This photo was a little hard to take myself, because I have a cast on my right foot, from a second planned surgery. I am not wearing any (compression) garments under this pink camisole in the photo. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

4-month Update- Total transformation!

Life is great!

I am absolutely loving my body...it feels fantastic...my clothes fit great, I can almost "predict" when guys are "taking that second look when I walk by..."--I think I am just busting with "joy and excitement"-- I go around with a crazy smile on my face all the time. I feel like a six year old getting ready for my birthday party...you just have THAT level of joy all the time.

It's pretty late Friday night for me. I will see if I'm am get a friend to help me out Saturday or Sunday and post some new photos.

If anyone is in the Los Angeles Area (you can fly here too, LAX is only 20 minutes away) you ABSOLUTELY MUST CHECK OUR Dr. KENNETH B. HUGHES.

I found Dr. Hughes to be a very talented Plastic Surgeon. He IS Board Certified. My friends couldn't believe how great he was....he is very attentive (he returns his own phone calls and emails with lightening speed!) He LISTENS to his patients. he answered all my questions, I never felt rushed. Dr. Hughes is courteous, professional and caring. I felt at ease and confident through out the whole process. He will take a look at what your "wish pics"-- and tell you "straight"--how everything will work with YOUR BODY. This is a very "personal process"-- no "assembly line work" going on here. He is dedicated to meeting YOUR goals, he makes everything look natural and isn't that what we want? I just want to look "enhanced", my goal is to be a better version of myself, to be the "BEST ME I can be," to look like I have been eating right and working out my whole life! After my surgery, I felt comfortable and very satisfied with my results. I just can't express enough, how pleased I am. I feel "refreshed", my breasts and butt--fit the rest of my body very naturally and are proportionate. I knew after meeting Dr. Hughes that he could help me take my body to another level/next level. He truly has an "artist's eye," plus--he has the surgeon's skill to SCUPLT and SHAPE, to just help Mother Nature along smoothly. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who has the EXPERIENCE (hundreds and hundreds of surgeries each year), the SKILL (excellent educational references) and COMPASSION (he is invested in YOU)--Call Dr. Hughes --run, walk, or fly to Culver City for a consultation as fast as you can!

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