Lipo on Flanks, Lower Back ,Stomach and Butt Grafting - San Francisco, CA

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Just had my surgery 4 days ago! I am so excited to...

Just had my surgery 4 days ago! I am so excited to post my experience here for everyone to read. I am 5”2 I weighed 130 pounds on good days 125. I know you think I probably didn’t need it. But I got it done because I was tired of having to work out every day at the gym and not be able to get the results I wanted. My body stored a lot of fat on my back, which was driving me crazy. Everyone told me the same thing that the back was the hardest thing for women to reduce and after a year of struggling with it I decided the hell with it. I don’t know yet how much fat they took off my body. I will have to keep you posted on that.

As for my experience the first day of surgery was the worst. I barely had the strength to go to the bathroom. I throw up several times. I felt nauseated the first 2 days. The garment you are required to wear is extremely tight and uncomfortable. Taking the pills is a nightmare. They gave me 5 different pills to take. I had to take each one of those pills 2 to 3 times a day every day. The pills gave made me constipated but after eating so much water and with the stool medicine I actually ended up having the runs for 2 days.

The lipo itself wasn’t as hard as I thought. I felt pain but mostly it was soreness. On a scale to 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain and discomfort, I would have it say it was more like a 6. Like I said it was more soreness that made me feel uncomfortable. The key to survive this whole ordeal is to sleep sleep and sleep.

The Butt grafting is way worse. I wish now I wouldn’t have gotten it. When you have butt grafting you are not allowed to sleep on your butt. So you have to sleep on your sides. This was hard for me to do because I normally sleep on my back. Plus, after sleeping for 3 days straight on your side you start to feel sore. My sides where so sore it became hard to get some sleep. Sleeping on my stomach was uncomfortable too because of the lipo that was done on my stomach.

Now that it’s been 4 days, my ass is still sore as hell and VERY SWOLLEN. I went back to work which is hard. Not because of the lipo but because of the butt grafting. Like I said you’re not allowed to seat on your ass for 3 weeks!

I still don’t know what the results are from the lipo. I am still swollen all around. I did take my garment off to see and it looks great but way early to really tell. I have light bruises around my body nothing serious. I work seating down. So this is becoming pain; having to put all my weight on my thighs when I am seating or squatting for everything else.

But it’s actually amazing to think after everything all I have is some swelling and a few bruises even if I feel like its way worse. Again its mainly the soreness and swelling

Lipo yes!! Two thumbs up.

Butt Grating, Brazilian butt left, fat transfer or whatever else you want to call it, I am still not sure how I feel about it. My ass looks huge AND NOT in a good way. The doctor told me after the swelling it won’t be as big, but I am still concerned and irritated on how this butt grafting is making the healing process so much more complicated. Please this in mind when you are decided to get it or not. When I decided to get it done, I thought yea not seating for 3 weeks isn’t that bad, but actually doing it is a different story.

I will post pictures soon and give more details on how much was fat was taking and how much was put into my butt as soon as I see my doctor which by the way was super awesome!.

Hi, I went to my see my Doctor for a follow up....

Hi, I went to my see my Doctor for a follow up. It's been one week. So far so good. The only conern is my doctor told me not to wear my compression garmet. He said the garment was giving me creases. He gave me several garments to cry on but they all were giving me the same crease. So, he ended up saying he'd rather me not wear the garment then wear a garmet that would give me creases on my back and sides. I am a little worried about this. He assured me everything would be fine, my results would still be the same. He said the only neglective part would be the increase in swellling.

So far after not wearing a garment on for 2 days now my swelling has gotten worse but I think it's nothing too bad. I have an appointment with my doct again in 3 days. I will ask him if my increase swelling is normal. I also noticed my body feels hard as a rock and I feel some lumps, but again I am not sure if thats becuase I dont have a garment on or if thats something normal. I will keep you posted.

I would have loved to post pictures earlier, but I...

I would have loved to post pictures earlier, but I have only recently started seeing results. I was very swollen for whole 3 months. This is due to the fact I was not allowed to wear a garment. My garment was causing a crease on my lats. So the doctor told me not to wear it. I still think I have some swelling, but at least its going down. I feel great. So far I went down from a size 5 to a 2. ON Jan 2012 I started to workout again. Since, my surgury I had stopped completely. Now that I can work out again I think I will see even better results.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mosser was great. I am very pleased with him. He was patient and his staff was very kind and sweet. Happy so far. Can't wait to see the full results.

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