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I have long taken fairly youthful looks for...

I have long taken fairly youthful looks for granted. The past couple of years have been very stressful and taken their toll on me. I found myself looking run down and tired. I had a slight droop and the start of jowls. I am embarking on a new leg of my life, and I wanted to feel good about myself. My decision for a lower face and necklift were born of a desire to feel good about myself. I decided that while I was at it, why not get the nose of my dreams? I have fine features, and always felt like my nose could be a bit more refined. I interviewed several plastic surgeons and decided on dr eshima on the spot. i definitely underestimated what a major undertaking an 8 hour surgery would be. the recovery is something to heavily consider. Due to the scope and nature of my work, the face/necklift, rhinoplasty and lip shortening, it's taking a while to get a glimpse of what my ultimate outcome will be. Be prepared for a period (maybe at week 2 ish?) of "buyer's remorse". I had been uncomfortable, couped up and isolated and still had a very distorted look. My nose in particular looked like an alien's- it was and still is pulled by the jaw and cheekbone muscles, and the rhino and lip shortening pull in opposition. In short, it will be about 3 months to understand what your results may be. Yesterday was my 3 week, and I'm just starting to feel ok about dashing into the grocery store, etc. Lymphatic massage and ultrasound and good camaflouge makeup have made a massive difference. I can start to see the beginnings of a more refined nose. There are absolutely no jowls. My big take away was a little bit of sadness- that I was so insecure that I would go to such lengths to be "pretty". I think it's important to understand and accept your motivation. I'll disclose taht I have tons of emotional baggage that involve a mother who didn't like me and always told me that I was ugly. I come from a family of beautiful women, and I always felt like "what happened to me"? In some ways this is my attempt at validation. I know my mother won't feel differently about me, but hopefully I will. I want to be self confident and like myself. This is by no means the only step in that process (sooooo much therapy over the years, internal work) but this is a nice way to treat myself and give myself a boost. I hope this hasn't been too psycho babbly, and can help to provide some support to some of you. In general, take very good care of yourself. Surgery is surgery. Pamper yourselves, don't judge yourselves harshly.

Day 22- God bless lymphatic massage!

Starting to feel more human. The swelling seems more manageable. TOday , masseuse said that my neck feels softer and my left ear sutures are healing up. Yay! Have accepted that it will be a while before I look totally human, but I think I like where this is trending. Nose still looks smashed, will take a while to get projection and minimize the distorted look.

Six week update

Hi All-

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments and support. I'm thrilled to report that the 6 week mark saw some significant improvements in terms of swelling and almost more importantly, my outlook.

Dr E let me know that the lymphatic system typically begins to function again at around week 6. I believe that was the case. I woke up exactly 6 weeks and one day post surgery and thought " I don't feel like someone's trying to strangle me". Then I looked in the mirror and my nose seemed to have pulled up a little in the tip. Yippee! That and the return of my masseuse, gave me a great boost.

It's still a long haul, and Dr E is not rushing to take my "after" pictures yet, but I like where this is all going and can see light at the end of the tunnel. I'll post a few pics as soon as my phone charges. Thanks again to all for your support, it makes a huge difference.


At 7 1/2 weeks

I can see nice progress. I still have brusing on my neck, which I'm getting ultrasound and Lymphatic Massage for. The scar around my nose was pretty red, started using cortisone cream and it's been manageable since. I continue to scuttle around w/ massive layers of sunscreen, hats, covering my face etc, as if I'm expecting a SARS attack, but it's paying off. One bummer, my face swells whenever I workout too hard, so I'm backing off of cardio. Any hint of salt also makes my face blow up like a balloon. I am also still unable to laugh fully or make alot of the goofy faces I'm known for. Friends tell me that i seem "reserved" which is kind of bizarre. It's getting better though and all in all , I can definitely see light
at the end of the tunnel. Hope you're all healing well! It's get better!!!!

6 month mark

Well, still not 100 percent, but getting closer. Carbs and salt are my enemy. My face feels super tight and swells with both. The lymphatic takes quite a while to recover. All in all, I'm glad I made the investment in myself. However, do NOT embark upon this journey lightly. It has been a long and involved recovery. Still spitting stitches at this 6 month mark and it hurts to laugh, but it is getting better. Light at the end of the tunnel!!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr E is superb. He does everything himself and his office staff is as attentive, warm and top notch as he is. Cannot say enough about his care, support and artistic and medical expertise. He ain't cheap, but plastic surgery isn't a place to skimp or bargain shop.

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