Getting a Neck Lift, Early Maintenance Face Lift and Temple Lift with Fat Transfer!!

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Very excited and nervous to be getting my face...

Very excited and nervous to be getting my face done this summer. I hate my neck, which has aged a lot in the last couple years and how the corners of my mouth are going down, early jowling blech! One side of my face looks older than the other side, too. No review yet, as I'm going in at the end of June. Nervous of the outcome, and how I will feel after! I'm an theater actress, I sing and do pinup modeling for fun! Divorced and single.. hopefully won't be single forever!

Eek! One month to go, time to try and post pics!

So, in a month I am getting my "early maintenance" facelift (just a regular facelift, not short scar) necklift, browlift and partial face, and lip fat transfer. bleh. I am told I can't take my new headshot photos for 3-4 months after. So no auditioning either, until November! Such a long time! I'm scared of my face changing, but I am also hopeful in my chosen dr.'s skills.. :) I have a very youthful face, and it's looks kinda weird to me as I age. I am 45 years old next month, and I like the way I look. I just want to maintain the way I look. I don't like my neck at all, though! I took some pics of me tonight with dirty hair and no makeup, just my eyelash extensions. I will also post one with regular makeup and one from a photo shoot. (perfect lighting and heavy makeup) I am 5'4" and weigh 118lbs right now.. I play parts that are aged 29-40 on stage.


I wrote captions under my pics, not sure why they are there right now. hmm. I'll check again. Timing of these pics.. the first one in the black t-shirt is from early fall (when I had my first consultation!) the next two are tonight and the last one is 4 months ago.

Oh, also!

I am going to be on my own after surgery, and will have to hire someone to help. I have 5 kids, (youngest is almost 17) but they are all super busy and their Dad and I have been divorced 10 years. I am going to stay at the hotel next to the building where the surgery will take place for a week, so I won't have to do the hour or more drive back and forth. I was told I'd have drains in place for five days, and that the stitches will come out at seven days. Also, they told me about this cooling mask called Aquecool that is really expensive to rent. I wonder if it would be worth it? Arnica, after surgery if I wanted to.. and NO citrus for two weeks after. Along with all the regular stuff (no aspirin etc) So nervous!

It's July!

I'm finally in July, and getting excited and nervous. Actually, looking forward to having the whole thing over with!! I changed my title to temple lift, which I saw is also called a lateral brow lift. So, now I won't be staying at a hotel, because they DOUBLED the nightly cost because of a ton of conferences going on in the city - no thanks! So, I hated to do this but I asked my sister if I could stay in their extra room behind their garage. but she lives just 15 mins from the surgery center. I just didn't want to ask for outside help, but she was happy to let me stay there. :) Will still hire a caregiver, because my sister works full time and will be out of town soon after my surgery anyway.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Holy shmuck!

Just staying up late and looking at all the reviews.. So many different stories and outcomes, I am so nervous!! I mean I am worried I really won't be able to audition for anything for like 6 months after, that's just a lot of time. I guess I was thinking 3 months before, but in some cases it looks like things don't noticeably settle down for a lot, lot longer. My mom had her first facelift in her late 40's, she didn't even tell us she got one and she healed quickly. We would just be like, mom you like really nice today! haha! In her 60's she got her 2nd one and it really did take her 6 months to look better, but she was so patient with it and never complained. I figured it was because of her age, but now it seems sometimes that happens to younger women, too. Well.. we shall see. D:

Just a week and a half to go. Pictures, no makeup and the worst lighting to make me feel awful! ;)

So I thought I would post some awful pics. With views of my ears so I can compare them with stitches and eventual healing. The lighting couldn't be worse, I don't think, and every wrinkle and sagginess shows. It's good to have this, because I see myself in good lighting and with makeup on and I question why I am going to put myself through all this, and then I see these pictures and I remember why..

That time of the month.. tmi?

Ok, so my period is due the day before surgery. Nooo! Just one more thing to worry about.. :/

Tomorrow, yikes!

Everything seems surreal! I am soo nervous, like really scared! I think I'm more nervous with this than my mommy makeover, because that was so miserable!!! Hmm, doubt I'll get much sleep worrying about my alarm tomorrow morning. (I set like 5 on my phone!) Up early to take my prilosec with a tiny sip of water, shower and wash with antibacterial soap, brush, floss and use mouthwash. Take my anti-nausea pill (again, a tiny sip!) and then I have a car service that will take me there.. I don't want to do this!! I wish I could leave my body for a while, and come back when all is done, lol!!! I appreciate everyone's well wishes so very much

Day one past surgery!

Hello everyone, thank you soo mcyh for the well wishes!! Yesterday turned out great! Well, I did not sleep more than 10 minutes the night before, soo nervous! I don't have a lot of energy to type ritght now, and my right eye is swollen almost shut.. here is a picture of me just hours after surgery.. swelling is worse today!! First night the pain was in my neck and in swllowing, my whole boy jumped to just swallow! But I don't mind pain as much as nauea, I had some nausea on waking and they gave me 3 diff med and the third one did the trick!!

I felt all your thoughts and prayeres and did not feel as alone as I would have, I will post more!!

Much love and best wishes to all!

Thank you!

Hi everyone! I want to thank you all soo much for your encouraging words and thoughts! It's Friday and my surgery was Wednesday. I can't see very well because my eyes are swollen. For me this has been pretty darn painful! I know a lot of people have no pain and that's great, but I have pain in my head, neck and ears. Also when I swallow, it hurts my tubes in my neck, blech! However, I see myself in the mirror and can see that everything looks even. and that my lips are actually perfectly shaped, though I know they will go down, they just look perfectly puckered right now, lol! I have had the cold mask thing and that is nice at night, when I try to sleep. Also, Dr. Marten has his patients lie flast on theri backs after surger instead of sleeping uprtight so the swelling goes more the the back of the head where it can't be seen as opposed to the neck. I don't have an incredible amount of bruising, mostly just my right eye looks like I got a shiner! My little nephew told me I looked "funnu" Otherwise, having some sips of coffee this morning was heavenly!! :) Looking forward to smiling again! and I also hope today is peak swelling and things will get better from here! My experience at the surgical suite was so great though, just recovery is tough because I am so tired and in pain, and I just want to sleep all the time! I am on extra strenght tylenol. Sorry for typos!! I will post another pic when I get a chance, of my luscious lips, haha! (just ignore the swelling and bruises, bleh!)


I've always had such thin lips.. just seeing this is exciting for now!

Day 3 Post!

Today I felt a lot better, still pain when I woke up, but the tylenol helped. Last night was kinda weird, I woke up to take my meds and they were sticky and gross and I had a hard time swallowing them, then I got nauseaus and thought I may vomit, which made me panic (that would hurt so much!!) but I took the anti-nausea pill and in 20 mins I felt better, phew!! However, back to today! I took a shower with the help of my wonderful caregiver, washed my hair and face and have nice fresh clean clothes on - ahhhh.. felt great! I still have my drains in, so I can't chew on anything yet. Eating low sodium tomato soup, Ensures, applesauce, lots of water and nice cold ginger ale. My sister said I seem to have turned a corner today and am much more talkative and energetic than the past two days. I, of course, still don't look like "me" yet, still lots of swelling, as expected. I will post some pics of me from today. My face is really shiny because I put on some moisturizer. My tubes don't come out till Monday, and I know that I will feel even better after that! (though am nervous about how much it will hurt to get them out!)

Also, it was nice knowing all of your thoughts were with me as I went and am going through this. Hopefully my story will also be helpful to anyone considering the same thing!

Tired tired..

Feeling soo tired today, not sure why today more than yesterday. I want to take another shower, but am feeling so tired - bleh, I hate feeling so tired and sleepy. I have slowed down the meds, too because I'm sure they make me feel more tired as well. Tomorrow I get the drains removed, finally. I'm scared it's going to hurt a lot! I tried taking a close up of the stitches in front of my ear and along hair line, not the best lighting in here though!

No more drains!

I am soo happy to get those darn drains out, I feel like skipping for joy! (but I won't, haha!) I got a lot of the stitches removed and that took a while, some mild discomfort with that. The drains burned as she pulled them out, and for a bit after, but I didn't care at all. Now it doesn't hurt to swallow and I don't have tubes sticking out of the back of my head, phew! :) They told me to not chew for another week or so still, bleh, my tummy is wanting something solid! I go back on Wednesday to get the rest of the stitches out. Feeling good today, I will catch up on some tv shows I missed last week. SYTYCD included :D

Day 6!

So yesterday I got those darn drains removed, was really excited, but ended up being in pain all day from getting them removed - so that was kind of a bummer. However, today I feel 1000 times better!! Took a long shower, without letting the water hit me directly in my face. Still feel nervous washing my hair because of the incisions etc, but they are healing very well so far! :) Tomorrow it will be on full week since surgery, and I go back to my house after staying at my sister's all week, looking forward to that! My face will look pulled and masky for a while, bleh, but it looks better today just from yesterday. Less bruising and swelling but still look like something from Avatar at best.. or a Klingon at worst! For sure can not go out without sunglasses and hoodie yet, but I knew all this before. Just weird when it happens and the face in the mirror is not what you're used to seeing! :p

One week!

Ok, this is frustrating because I wrote a long update and then my google chrome crashed! So I'll try again! Got the rest of my stitches out today, it took an hour and I felt kinda crummy the whole time. My son drove me home, an hour long drive and it was good to be back but I felt a little blue.. My face is just so big, it looks weird to me, my daughter's car broke down and I have to wait another day till I see her, I still can't open my mouth enough (at all) to brush teeth well or eat any solids for (and I love FOOD!) and I just feel run down and melancholy today. Oh, also there is an event in Southern Cal this weekend that just got announced this week and I can't just pop in my car or buy plane tickets to go down.. (it's a once in a lifetime event!) but anyway, so just missing my old self, my old face and I guess I feel kinda trapped.. However, I will go for a short walk tonight at twilight as suggested by a dear new friend I met here on Realself :) So a week out, and I am pretty much where I expected I'd be. It's so hard to have an appetite and not be able to eat! Oh, I had heard that it could be weeks before being able to eat solids so I happily gained a couple pounds before surgery, I'm glad I did, as I've already lost 5 pounds.. Looking forward to working out, dancing and running again.. I already feel my muscles getting soft. I put on a little under eye concealer, but it's the swelling that looks the weirdest to me, I will post a few pics today and then wait again for a week to post some more. Hope everyone is doing great!!

Day 8 :)

I have always had a pretty tense neck, like I would get bad kinks. So my biggest issue now, is I have a SUPER sore neck! My muscles behind are angry at me for not moving around and boy, it sure hurts. Makes sleeping difficult. Otherwise, I actually noticed the swelling in my face has gone down a little today, so that's great! My daughter had her car issue fixed and came over and spent the day with me, so it made my day much better! She said my face didn't look as bad as she expected this soon after surgery, and that I was getting around pretty well. Hope everyone is doing great!!

Day 10

Hi!! So today I saw the swelling in my face go down a tiny bit, which is encouraging! Also, it's the first day I could actually drink without using a straw, lol! I really can not imagine driving though, since I can not turn my head AT ALL. So the instructions saying I could drive at 9 or 10 days, do not apply to me!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Ok, I had to get out and drive!! Day 12

Today I told my older daughter to drive me around on errands while I wore sunglasses to hide my swelling. Her driving was so stop and go, that it was hurting my neck! So I finally decided to just drive, and it was fine! The only problem was backing up, where I used my daughter to turn all the way around for me. I do have some mobility in my neck now, though still trying to keep as still as I can. So, driving felt good :) I also wanted to get out of the house and do something fun, so I took the kids to a movie for my son's 22nd bday. I went in my sunglasses, brought my cup of apple sauce because I can't eat anything, and then the movie was in 3D anyway, haha! However, I FELL ASLEEP in the middle of the move!! (Gaurdians of the Galaxy) No one knew, but just shows how tired I was, lol! Now they are all out enjoying a dinner at Benihana and I'm home.. sigh, I'm glad they are having a good time though! It felt great to get out of the house! My face still does not look like me, pulled, swollen. Not much bruising at all though. My eyes still look small.. Now the swelling has gone down just under my cheekbones and my head has really taken on an alien look to it.. HOWEVER I do see the swelling going down, in general and my face is getting softer and more feminine looking, just a process and I need to be patient. Hope everyone is doing great!

2 Weeks Today.. Holy morphing face, Batman!

Still have a big face, swelling on side is worse and that eye appears smaller, strange that that is not the eye that was swollen shut 2 weeks ago! I still definitely look like I had work done, as my face is unnaturally wide, big and just looks weird. I certainly don't look like "me" yet, but I knew that was going to be the case, so just need to be patient! Still get tired, but am walking every night. Still can't chew and that's frustrating. Total weight loss was 8 pounds.. My ears are still totally numb and it feels weird, but doesn't bother me too much. Hope everyone is doing great!!! xxx

Better and better!

Feeling so much better! I almost forgot I had a facelift, and then I try to turn my head uh woops!! I actually can chew on very soft things as of last night. I had refried beans and rice, and today I managed to eat a delicious scone with my coffee. (eating makes me feel like all is well with the world, lol!) I spoke to the nurse yesterday, and asked about housework etc. She said to wait one more week for anything like lifting laundry baskets and vacuum cleaner etc. Still be careful to not bend and stoop.. She said I can try chewing soft things, but nothing hard like raw carrots!! Haha! There's no way I could even think of that yet! Dr. Marten's office set up a complimentary lymphatic massage for my face and will be going to that tomorrow! Take care everyone!

Day 18 and getting there! Actually went to a social event!!

Hello!! So I decided to go to a social event with my family today! I wasn't going to go, but after my lymphatic massage and the passage of a few days my swelling has gone down enough that I can see myself in the mirror again. (without loudly exclaiming how horrid I look!!) I told my brother (who is a doctor) and sister-in-law that I had fillers and that I was still swollen. He told me that I looked good, and that if he didn't know me, he would not have known I had anything done! I did feel pretty insecure, but I didn't want to not go to this event. I had one lady ask me what I did for exercise and she only told me I looked wonderful and that she wanted to do whatever it was that I did to stay in shape - very sweet. I ended up speaking to her quite a lot as the day went on, and then I confided in her what I had done to my face. She was SUPER supportive and told me that she admired me for doing this for myself, aww so awesome of her! So I am glad I went! I will post a few pictures I took tonight after I came home for the city that I took on my laptop, the quality isn't great, but I can't find my phone!! (hope I didn't leave it at my sister's house!)

Not a great smile, yet!

Just got this pic that someone took of me today, and I see that when I smile, I don't look like me yet - my eyes sort of disappear and my face looks too chubby to fit my body.. I need to remember to be patient, I looked pretty beat up just 2 weeks ago! :)

3 Weeks Today!!

Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks.. well actually it's been a long 3 weeks! I don't see a huge change from last week, but things are improving.. The difference in my eyes when I smile is getting better, I still don't like the way my face looks when I smile - well, I can't smile all the way yet and it pushes my swollen cheeks and gives me a chubby look, bleh! I have a lot of swelling on, between and under my eyebrows - that gives my face a sort of "flat" look. Also, there is pulling just under my cheek bones, but all is improving slowly. Except, I did something super clumsy! I picked up my alarm clock in bed and dropped it right between my eyes at the top of my nose, right where the swelling is really bad!! What????? I've NEVER done that before, and it hurt so bad!! So, the swelling got a little worse, and it hurts so much, I can't wear my sunglasses - derrrrp.. :/ Anyway.. besides me trying to undo all the wonderful work Dr. Marten did, everything seems to be healing ok! I still have scabs around my ears, because - well, they creep me out and I don't want to scrub at them, ew! I do wash gently with a gentle cleanser around my ears, but I'm not going to scrub at them, that just gives me the creeps and they will come off in due time. :) My eyes still don't look quite the same yet, but I know they will again when all the swelling goes down. Oh and did I tell you I'm in love again? Oh yes, with my neck!! I used to hate my neck and now, I love it!!! ;D Best wishes to everyone and thank you for coming along on this journey with me!

Napa quake.. :/

Hey everyone, so we had a pretty bad earthquake that woke me up at 3:20 am. I was actually thrown against my wall when I got out of bed, boy did my face and neck hurt, not from the wall, but from getting out of bed so fast! but I'm ok!!! The nurse from Dr. Marten's office was kind enough to check up on me after the quake, which I thought was very sweet. Face and neck feeling much better, now just getting everyone to help clean up! My chimney fell, my fence broke, and lots of glass everywhere - but we are ok! Best wishes to everyone, and be safe! (I will try and post 4 week pics on Wed!!)

Week 4, This Sunday I will be 45!

Hi everyone! So, I am at week 4 today. I hate to say, but am feeling the blues a little.. I will say that I know things will continue to improve, but I don't see a big change at all between last week and this week. However, there are changes! I can eat anything, and I AM eating EVERYTHING! Yikes, I have to be careful, I have been enjoying all the food I couldn't chew on this past week, haha! Still not ready for hard sourdough roll deli sandwich, but can have anything else, and brushing my teeth is now no problem :) I got my hair done today, and I guess I thought I'd look better, but eh I don't know, just feeling kinda down.. it's been a tough week since Sunday's quake, so maybe that is contributing to my melancholy state! Here are some new pics, there's not much of a change that I see.. so I will post my next pics in two weeks (week 6) and hopefully my smile will look better by then! Love and best wishes to you all!!

Oops, I pressed Post Update too soon!

Here are the rest of the pics from today! :p

Feeling better, even after a small scare :)

Thank you to everyone, so very much, for your encouraging words a couple days ago! I was feeling super down, but reading everyone's notes to me really helped me so much and made me feel not so alone! Yesterday, I went and saw my Dr. he said everything looked as it should, then he cleaned the scabs around my ears. In the eve I noticed there was a new, dark red mark under my ear that I couldn't wash off! I got really scared, and sent a close up pic of it to my nurse. She called me right away and said that was totally normal, will not get worse and will fall off like a scab, phew!! She said it was caused when my dr cleaned the ear with the peroxide.. - don't ask me how or why because I have not idea! (oh the little things!) Maybe you can see how red it is in the picture I'm posting with my daughter, but it didn't get any worse, like the nurse said and . I just wasn't expecting anything "new" to show up four weeks later! Anyway, all is well, and I am feeling much better. Thanks again to all you lovely ladies!!! xoxox

5 weeks ago today.. finally looking like the goofy old me!

Things are going pretty good. I was feeling down last week, but better now. I've had two more sessions of lymphatic massage and I've been very impressed with how well they work, not just with swelling but also with the tightness I've felt in my cheeks and around my ears! I've noticed that the pictures I take on my laptop come out really small on here, not sure why! So this past week my Mom and Dad came home for a visit and my Mom asked me why I looked "different" I said, "what looks different?" and she said my face, and the way my mouth was moving, lol!! I told her I got "fillers" and she said, "maybe I should get some fillers!" So the good news is, she didn't say, "oh what have you done?!" haha!! On Monday I went to the (half destroyed by the earthquake) Target here in town to buy some supplies for my daughter's dorm. I didn't bother putting on any makeup. At checkout the very young lady asked if I had a redcard to save 5%. I told her my son had it, but it was ok because he and his wife just had a baby and they had to buy diapers and stuff. She stopped scanning items and stared at me, she said that I didn't look old enough to have a son with a baby (well I've heard that before the facelift) but then she said, "Really, I thought you were 25!" Now THAT I have not heard in a long time, so it made me feel pretty good! Now I just need to look more like myself, but that is slowly happening more and more each week. :D I"m adding some pics, they are not glamorous or anything but I tend to not wear a lot of makeup in my daily life, unless I'm going out or something. Mostly because I have to wear TONS on stage or while modeling, so am happy to be able to get back to not having to cover bruising now, yay!!! Feeling good, now I am looking forward to get back into shape again!! (one more week before I can start running and taking my dance classes again!!) Have a wonderful week!! xoxox

Those pics are hard to see..

Aw for pete's sake, those pics from my laptop are so hard to see. I gotta go, but I took one from my phone just now to upload here real quick! Have a great week!!

Lazy Saturday 5 1/2 weeks post

I had some questions about lumps and fat grafting, I am hoping these pictures will show my skin well.. I have no makeup on or even any lotion on my skin at all. I used to always have to at least wear a concealer under my eyes, just because I had dark bags..

Too much time on my hands this Saturday night!

Ok, so I took a bunch of pics of myself a couple weeks before surgery, I have already posted a couple of these before pics on here. However, finding myself in the same comfy t-shirt on my bed on my laptop again, I thought I would take some pics of me to compare before surgery in the same poses and five and half weeks after! Still no makeup, however I don't have my lash extensions on now as I was told to take them off before surgery, and when the lady took them off she cut my upper lashes to a millimeter - blah, so they are growing but still short! Anyway, I was really encouraged when I saw these before and after pics next to each other! Of course, taken on my laptop with not the greatest quality..

6 weeks and going out into the world again!

Ok, six week mark.. still lots of swelling under my eyebrows from the fat, forehead still has a flat and somewhat bumpy appearance. My ears are still super numb, and some numbness in front of them and under chin. Feeling good over all, I drove to Anaheim from Norcal to go to Dapper Day at Disney with my daughter, I had planned on that before surgery. I thought I would still look pretty bad, but I looked ok once I got my makeup and FAKE LASHES on, lol!! The swelling still bothers me, as I can see it, but I know I have to be patient and give it time. I'm posting a non-makeup pic (yes, I go out without makeup) and then extreme closeup with full makeup and lashes.. and also some pics of me out and about at 6 weeks!! I had a wonderful time, and I don't feel any more tired with the 7-8 hour drives and all day at Disney than I used to.. :)

9 1/2 weeks

Hello! I have a few moments this morning to post a quick update. Things have gotten very busy for me very quickly! Right now I am pretty pleased with how things are. I still have a sort of "masculine" look to my face, mostly because my chin and jaw-line are larger than they used to be. I know it is swelling that is still lingering, also there is still the swelling behind my brows - but no one seems to notice unless I really show them (my brows) My photo was taken last night, after a long and super hot day in Los Angeles. Felt like an oven outside and I was out for hours. I had on fake lashes, but had taken them off by the time I took this profile shot. I feel really good about the scars around my ears on on my hairline - absolutely invisible. Under my chin look really good, and a small amount of makeup it is in invisible, too. Behind my ears, not as great. I still wear a pony tail, because I don't think people would even think twice about it (unless you've had a facelift and recognize these things!) I mean my ears are fine, but along the hairline it's still red and I do have those danged popped stitches (3 of them) that are real pointy. Those bother me the most of everything and I will try and post a pic of them when I can remember to get someone to take a picture behind my ears!! Last night I did get carded at a local bar here in L.A. ;)

Behind ear

Ok, so I took this picture by myself. You can see the discoloration on my skin and if you look left and a little above the freckle, you can see what appears to be a whitish spot. Not really whitish, but a spot. (hard to see) This is the stitch that is pointy when you touch it (just gives me the creeps, even if not noticeable unless someone is really looking) I'm constantly touching them to see if they are getting softer yet! Otherwise, besides the numbness I still have in front of my ears and on my earlobes, (though that doesn't bother me at all) things are healing very nicely!

Slowly but surely..

I am almost 11 weeks post surgery now. The scars have healed very well, and are extremely well hidden. I was told the fat would take a long time to settle, and though I saw huge improvements in the first few weeks, (I looked like an alien at first!) I am seeing improvements in the fat transfer, but on a much slower scale now (as I was expecting) Feeling great overall, completely recovered from surgery, lots of energy! (besides the numbness in front of ears and ear lobes) Saw a couple friends that I haven't seen in a long time, and they didn't notice anything (and I didn't mention it!) which is GREAT! Went to a concert last night, and put on my fake lashes, it's nice that my face is getting the same shape back, without any sagginess at the jowls or neck!

3 Months..

Returned last week from a wonderful couple weeks in Italy and England. I had a wonderful time, and had a lot of energy. At this point I sometimes feel some tightness in my neck, if I'm reading a book for example and my head is tilted down for a while. However, it goes away when I move my head around and stop keeping it in one position. I have swelling (I hope it's swelling) in my chin and jawline, which would make sense to me as that is the lower part of my face and gravity may be keeping it there a little while longer, I don't know. So the only thing that really bugs me now, is that my chin is big compared to my face. The lesser things that bother me are that I still haven't been able to wear my earrings and I think the holes have closed! My left ear is still pretty numb, my right ear has gotten better. I still don't feel comfortable wearing my hair in a pony tail because of those little bumps from the stitches, but I still wear one (it was really hot on some days in Italy!) no one noticed..

Anyway, I saw family members in England and friends that I haven't see in a couple years and none of them noticed anything different about me, at all!! No one said, "you look different" or anything. So I am very pleased that I look natural! One thing also, I don't notice a huge difference in my lateral brow lift, so it must have been very conservatively done. I have lots of movement in my brows and forehead, which is good. I don't feel confident enough to get my headshot redone yet, as my chin looks big to me, but will see how I look at the six month mark!

Still love my neck and around my mouth area! Super confident that I don't have all those folds around my mouth when looking down or just in a relaxed expression, I used to feel insecure about that. Also, love that I don't have to worry about my neck in pictures.

Now I need to work on losing the weight I gained in Italy, haha! It was worth every calorie.. ;D

Weird!!!! (but good)

Ok, the weirdest thing happened! Remember those sharp pointy things I was talking about behind my ears. They were bugging me so much and were so pointy, sharp and hard - I didn't want to wear my hair in a pony tail.. At 3 months, they were still there and I just accepted the fact that they would slowly go down within a course of a year. Well, last weekend, I felt them and suddenly they felt MUCH softer. This weekend, I can barely even feel them at all! SO WEIRD!!! Like suddenly they are gone! In a two week period, they just decided to disappear. Nice!!! :D so great to suddenly have them gone, yay!! So if you get them, just know that for me there were gone at the 3 1/2 month mark. :) Best wishes to everyone!

4 months post op today.

Hi everyone! :D 4 months today, and I must say that I have felt and seen changes even withing the last month.

My face is looking much softer, and there are times where I see it looks a little swollen, it is really showing what I looked like before and absolutely no one knows I had ANY work done! I know, because the small insecurities I had about my mouth area and my neck are gone.

As far as the fat, not a lot stayed in my lips, but they are slightly fuller than before. However, the right amount of fat has stayed so far in my cheeks and they look so much better. They were getting flat before, not noticed so much when I smiled, but definitely when I didn't smile. Now they look soft and youthful. So that is my favorite part about the fat transfer. Otherwise, I really don't know how I would've looked if I didn't get it, so it's hard to say! My skin is great though. When he did my brow lift, he didn't do the part that makes it so you can not frown between them. So those wrinkles are coming back (I used to get botox there) I am probably going to get botox there again. Not sure!

The part I was most insecure about was behind my ears. Especially the left side which, for whatever reason, is taking longer to heal. However, those popped stitches are completely gone now, there is some discoloration, but I had my friend do my hair and put it up yesterday for the Dickens Fair, and she was very much up close to the back of my ears (she has no idea I had the facelift) and she did not notice a THING! I have big ears anyway, lol! So I figure, if I don't make a big deal out of it, no one will notice.. and I know it time it will get better.

I still miss wearing earrings, but am scared to at this point. In time I will again. My ears are much less numb now.

I feel little pains and prickles every once in a while, sometimes my neck feels a little tight. Those are the little reminders of what I had done, but otherwise everything feels normal.

I also met a man while in Italy. He lived in a different state than I do, but he has no clue I had a facelift done. He's 5 1/2 years younger than me, I wonder if he knows how old I am??? (I haven't told him, but I'm sure it's easy to find on the web - I remember googling my name once and the first thing that came up was how old I was!! Can't women keep that a secret anymore?!! blah!)

My chin is looking ok to me now. I saw a picture of myself when I was younger, and I guess it is just what it used to look like, haha! and my new phone, the S6, when you take selfies, it's a little warped for some reason, (for anyone using my phone) so that didn't help.

So, as of right now, I am very pleased with my lower face and neck lift, and the fat to my cheeks. The brow lift doesn't look all that different to me, and the fat is a little uneven under my left eyebrow. No one notices that but me, though! :P

I took a couple pictures of my hair after my friend did it, and realized these were decent pics of what it looks like behind my ears, so will post them. They were taken yesterday.

Also, I am sorry if I don't respond to your comments. Under this new format I do get notifications about comments, but I can't always find them when I get here. Please know that I do appreciate all comments and am wishing you all the best in your journeys!!

5 months post op today

I can't believe it's been 5 months already! I am soo pleased with my results, I feel so much confidence, again - which is priceless to me.

So within the last month, I did go and get botox between my eyebrows. The brow lift Dr. Marten did was a conservative one and he doesn't do the thing between the brows that make women not be able to frown. So I went and saw the other Dr. in his office, because Dr. Marten doesn't do fillers because he's so busy.. Well the other Dr. is Dr. Elysiana (I think that's how you spell it) he said he will soon not do fillers anymore either (boo!!!) anyway, I have been getting botox between my brows for 5 years and this is the first time IT DIDN'T HURT! He was very gentle and did exactly what I wanted (only between the brows, and a tiny bit above the brows) I think it cost about $350. Anyway, after a week, I saw the results and he did an AMAZING job - not only that he is super cute, haha!! I did schedule my next botox session with him, but not sure how much longer he will do it - bummer..

I am posting a bunch of pics from the past couple of weeks, can't remember if I mentioned that I got the lash extensions again. I know they are super long, but I love them and so does my new boyfriend - goodness does he love them!

I feel great, am running and going to the gym.. trying to eat healthy (super hard during the holidays) and enjoying my family. I will go back to auditioning in the spring.

I was able to put earrings in my right ear, but not my left.. my entire left side is slower to heal than the right. The bump under my left brow is now undetectable. It just went down on its own, like I thought it would..

Hope everyone is doing great and I wish you all a very happy 2015 - best of luck to you who are getting your surgeries this year! I put a couple body shots in, from Hawaii a couple weeks ago while I was visiting my parents - as I mentioned I had a mommy makeover 3 1/2 years ago. (tummy tuck/breast augmentation) I had Dr. Commons in Palo Alto. I may not have nice furniture or a new car, but I would much rather feel good about how I look and travel than have nicer things, but that's just me and I am very happy.

Best wishes to everyone, and thank you for all your love and support..

One year and 2 months post!

It's been so long since I've updated my review!! I have been so busy, and things have been going great! I've been acting and still with my new boyfriend, it will be one year next month for us! I had a request for a recent picture and here is one of me taken last night. Will try and get on here to update a little more soon.. my best to everyone!! :D
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