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I am 46, light-skinned, and have pretty droopy...

I am 46, light-skinned, and have pretty droopy eyelids. I tried Ultherapy 3 years ago and it didn't do anything. I just did Eyes by Thermage this morning.

After reading all of the Thermage horror stories on this site, I called and spoke to the nurse who would be doing the procedure. She said their office has had only one minor side effect in the last 10 years of doing this procdure, and it was a blister because the patient pulled away. Thermage immediately cools the treated area with a pulse, and so if you pull away it can't cool. For the eyes, they use a particular tip, and my doctor is using the "middle' version of the Thermage machine (they improve them every so often) just for the eyes because she feels it work best.

On to the procedure. . . I took a valium and waited 30 minutes. They insert some numbing drops into one eye and insert the cornea shield. It's like an extra thick contact lens. The insertion wasn't painful, just weird, and I didn't feel anything afterwards. Then they started the treatment. I'm not gonna lie, this was painful! On my left eye, which had more hooding, they did about 200 pulses, somewhere around the 4-4.5 power. They start off at the lowest power, then keep turning it up until it finally starts hurting. It will hurt more or less in different places on your eye. I just had the area from my lids to my brow bone done, nothing below the eye. The eyelid and inner eye weren't bad, but the outer eye where there is bone was super painful. I breathed out and squeezed balls. Yup, still painful! They repeated the same procedure on the right eye, with 180 pulses instead of 200. Afterwards they remove the cornea shields and clean out your eye. None of this hurt, and there was no pain afterwards. Maybe a tiny bit of swelling, but nothing noticeable.

So, now the wait begins! I'll try to remember to post photos at the 3- and 6-month marks.
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