Excess Restylane in Nasolabial Fold Ruined One Side my Lip - San Francisco, CA

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I was very pleased with my first time fillers with...

I was very pleased with my first time fillers with him but not so much on my later visit. For now, the excess filler that was put in nasolabial fold nearly 2 years ago has affected best feature of my face (my lips). I'm finding it hard to live with it as it's not going away even after dissolving the filler.
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I wanted to go to the best hence I chose him after reading great reviews on Yelp and Realself. He did "amazing" job the first time (29 May & 15Jun 2012) when he worked on my virgin face - good effect lasted 2.5 months. It added great volume to my face and absolutely no wrinkles were visible under eye..it was SO good! But then as the filler started fading my nasolabial folds became very prominent, I had never seen myself like this ( I mentioned this to him and he did agree to that!) So for the second treatment (25 Sept,2012) he injected 1 syr Restylane and did an "okay" job. It didn't have the same effect as my first time! My undereyes looked as-is (hollow) like nothing was done there! Rest of the face (cheeks and nasolabial area) looked good except under eyes. I raised my concern to him, so he called me for a 15 min evaluation. I went there on 26Oct 2012. He evaluated and suggested I get more filler. Since it was an evaluation visit he didn't have much time set up for me, but because his next appointment was getting late it gave him some spare time plus I requested we get done with it since I had to take half day off to visit his office. He agreed. According to me, I needed less than 1/2 a syr but he said he doesn't know how much I'd need (really?!). He said 1/2 syr was $500 and 1 syr was $750 (Actually it shd have been $650 because it was my follow up visit!) So looking at the price and his reaction (that 1/2 syr may not be enough) I decided to take 1 syr. He did my under eyes but a lot was still left so he put that on my nasolabial folds. When he was putting on my right nasolabial fold I felt it was TOO much going in there. I looked in the mirror and saw a dimple kind effect there...I asked him why is it becoming like this. He said "I don't know!" I like to completely trust people who are so qualified and like to believe I'm in safe hands. Unfortunately, I was wrong this time!! I got back home and immediately noticed my right under eye filler was very visible, noticeable as it was put superficially and not deep into the tissue. I immediately notified his office. 2 days later on Monday when most of the swelling subsided, the imperfection of right under eye became very clear. I took a selfie and was SHOCKED! The right side of my face was looking horrible. It was not just the under eye, it was also the right upper lip that looked lopsided. I sent that pic to his office. Next day I took another selfie. In that I looked slightly better but right upper lip looked totally lopsided. The pink portion of right upper lip had rolled down and was not visible enough. Also, when I smiled a slanted "wall" of filler was very noticeable on my right nasolabial fold..

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