Today is the Day! (Actually It's on the 4th) -San Francisco, CA

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I'm a little nervous about this. Here's some...

I'm a little nervous about this.
Here's some background so that you can get a better sense of what I'm trying to do and where I'm coming from.

1. I'm asian, with fair to yellow skin color. I tan really easily and the tan generally lasts for quite some time, however, I stay covered with sunblock or a hat when I'm exposed, so my skin stays fairly light.

2. I have freckles, sunspots, sensitive skin and scar really easily. These freckles of mine have been here forever. I get little moles that my friends and family insist are fine, but I'd rather they're gone!!

3. I have no idea if ematrix is the way to go for this, but my hope is that with ematrix, all of these dark spots will fade. I was told that photofacial would not be good for my skin type, so I'm hoping ematrix will be.

I'm so cared about the redness and swelling that I've read about.

I have purchased Vitamin E oil + Aloe to help soothe whatever redness or heat I'll experience tonight.

Wish me luck!

Incomplete First Treatment

For whatever reason, the tip of the machine did not work properly. The machine kept returning an error message saying that the correct amount of heat was not being distributed. I ended up with just my forehead and part of my right cheek done. This didn't count toward my 6 treatments, but I now have a sense of what it will be like.

I'm not thrilled that I have to go back in, as my calendar is pretty tight already, but I am relieved to have a trial run on this.

I don't know if I want to go through with it to be honest. I'm not a fan of the grid on my face that has still not disappeared after 5 days. I've exfoliated and used vitamin E oil to try and speed it up too. No make up could make it disappear and it just looked worse with my cover up. To Boot, my skin feels rough wherever there was the treatment.

With all of the reviews that I've read about how it doesn't really work, I may just ask to use my money toward another type of treatment. Don't know what yet, but I'm not really loving this too much.
American Laser Skin Care

American Laser is alright. The turnover rate there is pretty high so the nurses or estheticians you get to know seem to come and go pretty quickly. Scheduling becomes difficult because nurses leave and then you end up having to cater to their schedule versus the other way around. I tend to do packages with them so that whatever I spend ends up being a deal of some sort. I've had laser hair removal with them previously and the results have been alright. That's another review, however.

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