Ruined my Eyebrows and my Looks - San Francisco, CA

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I had my eyebrows treated 3 times in the course of...

I had my eyebrows treated 3 times in the course of a month. I only wanted the hairs in the unibrow area and a few stragglers close to the eye and way above the brow to be removed as I knew I would never want them and they would never be part of the brow. I drew a thick outline around all the hairs except for these and told the electrologist to only work outside the line. She ignored my instructions and destroyed the follicles on the bottom 1/3 of my brow as well as a few other spots, leaving me with too thin, too high, assymetrical, and badly shaped brows that make my eyes and face look unattractive. It's been 10 months since then and hardly any hairs have grown back. My natural brows were beautiful and Keira Knightley thick and I loved them and never let anyone else touch them. I always plucked them myself and people would ask who did my brows and tell me I did a good job. I was considered a very attractive woman before and this has ruined my looks and devastated me emotionally. I wish I had never done electrolysis and could still feel good in my skin and happy when I look in the mirror.

Vera Weiler

Vera Weiler ruined my looks and the only way to replace the hair is to get an eyebrow transplant, which use head hair and always look weird in the photos I've seen. It costs $5000 with a top doctor.

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