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Clinically, I have general overcrowding of my...

Clinically, I have general overcrowding of my teeth which has limited the room for my front row (bottom and top teeth). I also have a narrow top and bottom jaw which causes my jaw to be shaped in a V shape rather than a "normal" U shape. . The overcrowding is more prominent on my two upper front teeth, resulting in a major slant of one of my front teeth. Bottom front row teeth are misaligned and crooked due to overcrowding.

Here are my first set of pics to document day 1. Excuse the casual shots, progressive pics will be done in better lighting and context for your viewing in the next update. (Long day and I am in bed, but want to document everything for reference :P). Note these pics are taken with my starter trays on. So far, they aren't uncomfortable and are a lot thinner than I anticipated! I find myself running my tongue over the trays a lot because of how smooth they feel. Salivating glands are at a high and I am swallowing more often, and licking my lips to compensate for this new foreign object in my mouth!

I am scheduled to have my first official phase 1 trays arriving in 3 weeks-1month. My estimated time of completion is in 15 months, so January 2016 which is when I graduate nursing school- so lots to be excited about!

As for background context, all four of my wisdom teeth were removed 2 years ago. My dentist says this makes putting on the clear aligners a lot easier with less teeth further back to snap on! I took my starter aligners off for dinner and did find my front teeth to be a little tender. Excited to start the real pain which means that progression of teeth movement is starting.

Enjoy :)

Phase 2 D

At phase 2D update photos for the sake of how far I've come.

I notice my bottom row straightening out significantly! My top teeth are last to shift so they will be moving later in the coming months.

Otherwise, I had buttons attached in December I believe, and light shaving of my teeth to make room in my last appointment.


3B hurts like no other. I've never experienced this much agony on my top retainers.
Started using whitening trays a couple weeks ago on and off. My teeth have definetly been moving thats forsure. Got some IPR shavings done to make room for the front teeth moving.

Ending 4d, starting 5a this week

Getting there!


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