After Surgery Didn't Work for Cellulite, Trying FasciaBlaster - San Francisco, CA

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I paid $3,000 for the Cellulaze treatment to rid...

I paid $3,000 for the Cellulaze treatment to rid my thighs of cellulite. I saw zero improvement. Sixteen months later, I am giving the FasciaBlaster one last try. I've researched Cellafina, ThermiTight, even getting a thigh lift. I even tried Joey Atlas Symulast Method workout for 60 days; all it did was make my legs bigger and give me a little more definition. No change in cellulite. FasciaBlaster costs less than $100. I've consulted with a few other surgeons, and they all seem to agree that the only solution for my cellulite is one of two above mentioned procedures that have very mixed results and have left many customers disappointed. For $100, I am willing to be very strict with a FasciaBlaster routine. I tried it a few months ago for a few weeks, and didn't see much results. I went back and watched the instructional video again, and it looks like I was doing one technique wrong. So, my plan is to try it for 30 days, 4 days a week, 5 minutes per area. I will only do my front thighs (dimples above the knees) and my back left thigh banana roll (you'll notice my left thigh has more cellulite and dimples than my right). It's the result of a car injury 20 years ago. Now, the community will have a real FasciaBlaster review and not something that was probably planted by someone who works for the inventor.
I'm 5'4", 115 pounds, workout five days a week.
I also started doing an intense glute work out about a month ago to try to lift my butt naturally. After almost 20 years of being a runner, I discovered two years ago that it's all about diet. Running to burn calories didn't get me the results that weight training with just a little cardio has. I just need to get rid of this cellulite! That's my last quest.

No real results yet

Just lots of bruises. The dimple above my right knee only goes away when the bruise is there. It's came back once. I'm on my second round of bruises. I have to take a week off because I'm going on vacation and don't want bruised legs.

After weeks of FasciaBlaster

I don't see any change. I followed the video tutorial. I do it 4-5 days a week for 10-15 minutes when muscles are warm. It hurts. I have fat in my butt but not much on my legs. The fasciablaster has not helped with my back leg cellulite.
Ashley Black

Found through RealSelf when someone commented on my review of Cellulaze. So far, I've only watched her online videos.

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