Cellulaze on Thighs & Smartlipo of Flanks - San Francisco, CA

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My legs have always been by best feature and are...

My legs have always been by best feature and are naturally toned and have a fair amount of lean muscle. However, in the last 5 years I have developed this patch of cellulite on my right outer thigh which has gotten progressively worse over the years. There was one or two pretty deep "button like holes" in my leg that I absolutely hated and the skin was starting to look like a steam roller had gone over it and forgotten quite a few little hills and valleys. So I decided to do Cellulaze and try to at least smooth my thigh out a bit. I had the procedure on Friday along with Smartlipo of my love handles to try to create a more hour glass shape since I have a square shape in my torso due to my wide hip bones and a lack of a waist.

Day of surgery: The doctor comes in the room to mark up my legs, I had very apparent cellulite on the outer right thigh but also some bumpy looking skin right under my butt which the doctor didn’t mark for some reason (which worries me). He told me that I didn’t have a lot, if any cellulite on the left thigh and asked if I wanted to do anything there, since both sides are included in the price, of course I wanted him to blast that side with the laser as well to smooth it out and maybe prevent any cellulite from coming in the future. So he marked up both sides and told me he could also smooth out pockets of fat from my outer thigh area if I wanted and of course I said yes to that as well.

I noticed that the smartlipo triplex machine has both the cellulaze and the smartlipo lasers on it but assumed he was only doing cellulaze on my legs and smartlipo on my flanks as originally agreed upon. When he started on my left thigh (the one with little to no cellulite) I heard the laser and popping sound but then he was sucking fat out too after the popping so I think this was the “smoothing “ part but I am a bit confused if he actually preformed the cellulaze on this leg or if he just did smart lipo on there ( I was kinda loopy from the xanex), I don’t remember him switching out the laser or fiber as he did on the right side so I am a little concerned he didn’t do the cellulaze on this leg. Anyway he also used the suction device on the right leg but I definitely recall him switching fibers and lasers at this point so I know the cellulaze was performed on my right leg. I have read on here you can’t do both treatments on same area in same day so I am a little worried that that appears to be what I had done. Anyway despite that concern I feel great and did from the very moment after, I walked to the doctor’s office the next day, I am bruised but not sore at all. However I still see cellulite and the two button holes I was most concerned about and also there is a whole patch of bumpy skin under my butt that appears to not be bruised or numb or anything so I am afraid he may have missed this, is that possible? In all the area including outer thigh and right beneath butt was about the width of a man’s hand so not sure why he wouldn’t do this whole area unless he missed it from the position I was in. There was no mirror in the surgery room so I could really see the area he marked up which may have been a mistake on my part.

As for the love handles, I see a very small difference but not much, I still hate my waist and think I had unrealistic expectations and thought I would have this massively slimmer, longer looking torso which is not the case, I look the same. I just don’t think it’s possible given my body shape. I am 5’8 and wear a size 2-4 and weigh 130 pounds. Maybe I needed a little lipo from lower abs but I felt I could just cut carbs and hit the gym a little harder to get rid of that extra inch of fat on lower abs. My sides are numb I can’t feel them at all, I also am being pinched by the compression garment where it folds at waist and its causing a pretty nasty red mark/ bruise on both sides which I can’t feel but is kind of worry sum. I go in Friday to have stitches removed so I will ask about this then as well as what was performed on what leg etc.
Over all I think the doctor was great and although I feel fatter now (3 days after) in my thigh and love handles I am trying to have patience and just hope this is swelling and I will see more shape when it heals and the cellulite will go away, I can see a small difference but not much. I am open to any feedback as sometimes you can’t see changes on yourself but others can. Will answer any questions as well.

Day 12, feeling great and going to workout today...

Day 12, feeling great and going to workout today for the first time today. My brusing is almost completing gone and I can see a difference in my legs but they are still slightly swollen. I can still see some cellulite however I do know that Cellulaze is not instant so I am giving it a few more weeks but right now I already see a reduction from what it was and I could have never got this much reduction with creams, massage, lotions etc. so its already worth the 2K I spent on my legs.

Dr. Kang (Serenity medspa) has been simply amazing, he has seem me a few times to check up on me and offered me two free sessions of vasershape to soften area and help healing which was going above and beyond. I would highly recommand Serenity Medspa in San Francisco for anyone in bay area that wants to have either of these procedures in San Francisco. Dr. Kang was very fair and reasonable with his pricing for me. I will add finally photos of before and after in a few weeks.
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