Loving my 600cc HP Textured Silicone Breast Aug + Benelli Lift - 5'5 150lbs

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I'm not new to RealSelf at all but never started...

I'm not new to RealSelf at all but never started my journey which I should've. But, I'm so satisfied with my results that I knew I had to write a review!

Here's the story....I wanted to get a breast augmentation because after having my son and gaining and loosing a ton of weight after pregnancy, my breasts weren't as perky anymore and shrunk size. I couldn't fill out clothing the way that I wanted to. I didn't think much of it at the time because everyone was telling me "you don't need to get a boob job" and just "accept yourself the way you are". Even though I agree with loving yourself, I also believe that if YOU are unhappy with your body and want to enhance it or feel sexy with or without clothes, then I'm all for surgery! Self confidence is important. You not only want to look but FEEL beautiful as well. I was very insecure about my boobs and how they have changed after my weight loss. Saggy and loss of volume...My boobs looked decent WITH a push up bra on - but once I took it off, it was a disappointment. Talk about false advertising! Lol. Seeing a ton of women with big, perky breasts, just made me feel worse about mine.

Finally, I decided to go see Dr. Rajagopal for a consultation. I showed her photos of what I wanted my breasts to look like but she immediately pointed out that my results would be different as those "wish pics" that I showed her were models and had a petite body frame (plus some Photoshop). I told her I wanted a full, big, but natural look - possibly a D or DD cup. She gave me 550cc's and 575cc's to try on and I LOVED the fullness it gave me yet it was still natural looking. Then, she recommended a nipple lift because my breasts weren't perky and getting implants with saggy boobs would just look like I had big saggy boobs to begin with. I was hesitant of getting a lift at first because I was afraid of the scar but she reassured me that the scar would be minimal and would eventually fade with the right scar treatments. I love Dr. Rajagopal because she's always been honest and realistic about expectations so I agreed with getting the lift and I'm soooooo happy that I did!

After I left my consultation, of course the boob greed kicked in and I wanted to go even BIGGER. I scheduled another appointment to try on a bigger size. After taking my measurements again, she said 600cc's would be the MAX she would give me because of my body frame and anything bigger than that would make me look out of proportion and top-heavy which was not what I was aiming for. I am glad and appreciate that she gave me a limit because other doctors would probably allow you to go bigger and bigger without telling you what would make you look out of proportion and the risks involved with going overly big. She's honest and I really respect that about her. She has an eye and hand for sculpting a woman's body and giving her beautiful curves. I finally decided on my surgery and paid it in full and scheduled it a day before Thanksgiving.

The day of surgery: I was sooooooo nervous. Arriving at the surgery center at 6am, no makeup, cold, and constant "what if's" started running through my mind. But I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Rajagopal. The ladies at the surgery center made me feel at ease, took my vitals, and prepped me for the surgery. Once Dr. Rajagopal arrived, she held my hands and told me I'm going to be so happy with my results! That made me feel so much better!

After surgery: OUCH! I woke up and as soon as I sat up, the pain kicked in and I realized I'm finished with surgery and was so thankful I woke up in once piece! The doctor came out and said I did great and I'm going to love my results. I was just happy that all went well. The first day after surgery, the pain was the worst. I made sure to take all my pain pills and was fortunate to have my sister help me get up and around the house. Dr. Rajagopal called me to check on me that night to make sure I was OK. I love her for that!

I would say the pain is the worst the first couple of days - but it slowly subsided as the week went by. The hardest part was getting up after sitting or laying down as your chest would feel extremely tight. I went back to work a week later and did not take any pain pills. It was tolerable but you can't move your arms around much. As weeks went on, recovery was easier and I was able to move my arms more with ease. Dr. Rajagopal made her available to text if I had any concerns. Time flew by and then my 5 week post-op appointment was already here. I was happy to know that I was healing perfectly and able to work out again (in moderation of course).

Nipple Lift: I'm SOOOO happy that I decided to get the nipple lift. My breasts are not only big and full, but they are PERKY with and without a bra on! They "sit and stay up". I can fill out dresses and shirts beautifully now WITHOUT a bra. I have received many compliments from friends and colleagues that are amazed at how nice they turned out! I couldn't be happier. A woman at the gym I go to was considering implants after seeing mine and I referred her over to Dr. Rajagopal. She just had her surgery last month and is happy with her results (I knew she would be anyway ;)). The scar around my nipple is fading with time and my hubby LOVES my boobs! Lol. Getting the lift was worth it.

The pain and recovery was all worth it. I never felt so confident in clothes before. Dealing with a couple weeks of pain to be able to love what you see in the mirror and feel beautiful in clothes IS worth it. I love what I see in the mirror now and I couldn't thank Dr. Rajagopal enough for suggesting the nipple lift along with the implants. It DOES make a difference. A BIG difference actually. I'm now 6 months post op and I still can't get enough of my boobies! I went from a 34B to a 34DDD (yet, it still doesn't look overly fake!)

Post Op Pics!

Just some post op pictures :)

Just a few more post op pics... :)

A couple random post op pics. I wish I had pics prior to surgery but I didn't like my boobs at that time lol. I'm very happy with the lift!! It was well worth it. I'm also told that "textured" implants don't move much and they don't! I love that.

Bikini top :) 6.5 months post op

Sorry for stickers... I have tattoos obviously lol :)

6.5 months post op scars...

Laying flat on your tummy after getting implants?

I'm basically 7 months post op now and have NOT, I repeat, not laid flat on my stomach since I've had my boobs done! I attempted to several times and they just feel hard and pressured like they will POP! Lol. Does everyone feel like this? I think I'm just scaring myself into thinking it's not a good idea... Maybe I'm just not used to it? Grr!

Can't believe it's been OVER a year!!!

I am so happy with my results. They feel so natural and now I can't life without them! Dr. Rajagopal is a Wonder Woman and knows how to sculpt a woman's body. I love how they stay perky without a bra.

Love how they make average sweaters look nice :)

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Rajagopal! She is the sweetest woman ever but she's is honest and straight to the point which is most important in a surgeon. I love her staff - they are extremely responsive and made sure I was able to see or speak to the the doctor directly any time I had a concern. Dr. Rajagopal knows her stuff and has an eye for sculpting a woman's body. She's concerned about your well being and gives you her full attention. What I respect about her is that she gives you the absolute truth on whether your expectations are realistic or unrealistic and what you can expect instead of selling you an unrealistic dream. She made sure that the size I chose would fit my body frame and give me that feminine, curvy, but natural look that I wanted - and it did! I have went to her for other things such as botox and coolsculpting and am satisfied about the long last results. She is a highly respected surgeon and I feel safe and comfortable under her care. I have recommended her to friends that were looking for a nip and tuck as I know their in good hands with Dr. Rajagopal.

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