425cc High Profile Silicone- 4 Weeks post op!

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Hi Everyone! I've been stalking this site for...

Hi Everyone!

I've been stalking this site for over a month now reading all of the reviews and stories. This has all been really helpful to me and satisfy my curiosity, so I thought I would do the same and share my experience. Hopefully I will inspire and help others as well.

It begins like this, my stats are I'm 5'5, around 110lbs and have absolutely no boobs! Seriously, believe me when i say that I cannot even fill an A cup. I have always been small chested but it never seemed to bother me before and it was something I didn't give much thought to. About a year and a 1/2 ago I changed my lifestyle drastically and began eating clean and going to the gym 6 days a week. I loved my new life and felt great. I was gaining muscle tone in my arms and abs and loved my body. I worked hard for it and that felt good. The downside was, I lost what tiny breasts I did have. I went from barely an A cup to a negative A cup... if that's such a thing... Anyway, instead of breasts I had pectorals and that's when it really started to bother me. It was depressing spending so much time on nutrition and exercise and still not 100% loving your body over something you just can't change. Thats when I really started seeking out breast augmentation and doing the research. I did, however, feel like I was never going to have enough money for that, so it seemed like a far off dream that wasn't ever really going to come true :(

My Twin sister and I had not talked to each other in a while (bad fight). We started communicating again and she shocked and surprised me by telling me she just got her breasts done! I couldn't believe it. It was then I really felt I NEEDED them as soon as possible! haha. So, I went with her to her 1 week post op appointment to meet with her doctor, Dr. Rajagopal, and have a consultation at the same time. It was funny cause that was one of the doctors I had been researching before and wanted to check her out. I immediately loved her! She is so sweet and warm and really makes you feel comfortable. I told her I wanted to be the exact same size as my sister and be around a full C or a small D cup. She told me I would have to go with slightly bigger implants cause I was starting out with smaller breasts than her, so to be the same size, I would have to get 425cc. I was very nervous thinking that that was a lot of cc's, but I felt I could trust her to give me what I wanted. After the consultation the office quoted me $7,400. It's expensive, but actually on the lower end in San Francisco.

I went ahead after that and booked 2 more consultations with other doctors, just so I could be 100% positive I was making the right decision. I have to admit I was a little biased because deep down I did want to have the same doctor as my twin. The other doctors I saw paled in comparison to Dr. Rajagopal. They didn't seem to understand me and what exactly I wanted or needed and they were more cold, clinical and business like. So, About a month later I called Dr. Rajagopal's office and put my $1,000 dollar deposit down to save the date of January 6th! I also from some extra research found that the doctor was giving a $500 discount on breast augmentation if you mention you saw the coupon on Realself.com. So, I was able to knock off 500 bucks which was awesome! It Felt so good to finally have an actual date and save a little extra cash too!!! I had 35 days to wait till my surgery and it felt like a disgustingly long eternity... ugh.

It's been exactly one week post op and I'm feeling great! First 3 days I was in and out of sleep and even the thought of moving hurt. I felt like I had these alien balloons in my body and they were not pretty... Ever heard of Frankenboobie? Well, I was one of the unfortunate ones and had then up to my neck looking slightly squared at the top. Definitely looking better and slowly starting to feel like a part of me now. I'll be posting more pictures to show the progress of my "dropping and fluffing". It's been a little over 2 months for my sister and hers are looking amazing and natural, so I can't wait to catch up!

More Pics and a few ?'s anyone can help me out with?

Just Posted some pics of what my twin looks like now, so it can give a better idea of what I will look like in a month or so. Also, my doctor had said that I should start my massaging 2 weeks post op... I find that a little strange cause every other doctor I have read up on regarding that question always say they start their patients one week post op. If anyone can help me out by telling me what they think that would be awesome! Also, any thoughts on how long to wear a sports bra? I'm 9 days post op and feel like I don't need to constantly be wearing my surgical bra. Today I switched to a tight camisole/undershirt since which gives some support since I'll mostly be taking it easy around the house.

16 Days Post Op

So, it's been 16 days since my augmentation. My breast are finally starting to feel like a part of me, like, an arm or leg. I did, however, notice on the lower side of my breast the implant slightly protruding. Also, on my right breast I did notice 2 small lumps... Almost, like, little pea size balls. Naturally, I freaked out and made an emergency visit to my PS. She told me the implant on the side was totally normal, especially on thinner women. When the implant goes behind the muscle, the muscle doesn't cover it all the way, so the bottom half sometimes protrudes and will most likely go away once it completely settles and drops. As for the pea size balls... She told me that I have lumpy breast tissue (some women do and some don't) and the implant pushes my own tissue more to the surface, where as before, it was closer to my chest. It's totally normal, especially around your period when your breast tissue is a little more swollen. My sister had the exact same thing happen to her and hers went completely away once the settled more. For peace of mind, I just really wanted to hear from my doctor that everything was ok and normal.

So, everything is looking much better! My left breast has dropped a lot more than my right breast. You can see in the pictures that they almost look lopsided, or something cause one nipple is still a lot lower on the right breast that hasn't dropped as much. I started my massages 2 days ago. I do them 3 times a day for about 5 minutes each time. Hopefully this will help them drop some more and my right one can catch up!

4 weeks post op!

Hi! So, it's been 4 weeks since my surgery! I'm lucky that everything has gone pretty smooth without any problems. I'm finally sleeping on my sides again, which is so nice, and my boobs FINALLY feel like a part of my body now. They still have some dropping and softening to do, especially, the right one, which is still a lot higher, but they are looking better and better! I'm so so happy with the size I picked and in retrospect, I couldn't believe I ever thought of going smaller haha.
The other day I went shopping for some wireless bras. It wasn't as fun as I thought, because all of the cute bras have an underwire :( Victoria Secrets had one or two wireless, but they didn't have my size (32dd). I went to Macy's and found a few by the brand Warner that were not that cute, but I figured I would just wear them for a couple months before I can move on to the underwire bras. But they, too, didn't have my 32d's, so I tried on the 34c size and it fit... It could be a little tighter around, but the cups fit and anything, at this point, is better than my sports bra!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Best PS ever! I adore her and think she is not only amazing and sweet, she is also very intelligent with 20 years of experience and it definitely shows. I have never met a doctor with better bedside manner. I will be coming to see her again for other procedures I plan on in the near future.

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