The Tale of Two Boobies - San Francisco, CA

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I am currently going through the process of...

I am currently going through the process of shopping for new boobies. I'm naturally a small B. I'm a runner - 5'8, 125 pounds, I like to think of myself as athletic.

I've been wearing padded bras my whole life and am really considering taking the plunge and getting my breasts augmented. I had one horrible consultation in Toronto, and one good one today back home in San Francisco.

Mostly, I don't want to go too big and look comical, or have pain while I'm running. I would love to even get away with not having to tell my family (they are so used to my padding bra I think it should be pretty easy. I'm excited to look sexier in clothes, look sexier naked and get a confidence boost from a more shapely body.

Today Dr. Chow and I went over my options. I think I m going to do Silicone, moderate profile, 397cc, through nipple incision. The date is tentatively set for July 26th. My husband is going to be undergoing a rhinoplasty 2 days before, so he should be recovered enough at that time to take care of me. I'm kind of a wuss about pain, and the recovery week is freaking me out so much right now. I'm doing research of the possible ways to make this week easier.

I'm nervous about making the wrong decision, the pain during recovery, and the possibility of something going wrong. I'm still only 80% sure I'm going to go through with it.

I met with a new PS today because I wasn't crazy...

I met with a new PS today because I wasn't crazy about my initial consultation with Albert Chow. He just said a few things that rubbed me the wrong way, went off on tangents about irrelevant things, and spoke more to my husband than he did to me. He had recommended submuscular, silicone implants with a areola incision. I met with Dr. Karen Horton today to get a second opinion.

Dr. Horton has an amazing bedside manner and made me feel really comfortable. There were a couple curveballs she threw me that I hadn't considered before. She recommended subglandular silicone implants with an inframammary incision. I had never even considered subglandular so I went home and did a little research on the benefits of this method over submuscular.

-much less painful recovery as you are not cutting through the pectoral muscles
-provide a lift effect on droopy boobs without having to go through an actual lift
-fuller upper-plane (curve on top of breast) which can mean better cleavage in bras & tops
-lower risk of postoperative bleeding
-easier access to implants if you need to get them redone or have complications
-don't have to go through the "dropping" of submuscular implants which can take weeks or months
-less susceptible to motion deformities caused by the pectoral muscles pushing submuscular implants out of place

-can appear rounder or less natural looking because there is less "you" covering the implant (submuscular is said to have a more natural slope in the upper plane)
-thinner women with less breast tissue may be able to see/feel the implant, especially in the upper plane.
-ripples from the implant shell can be felt/seen easier (saline implants much more likely to show ripple than silcone)
-harder to detect breast cancer in a mammogram because the implant is in with the breast tissue (better detection with a MRI)
-as breast tissue ages and thins out, the implants can become more visible. Because you are increasing the breast's weight, it will also sag more, but will sag evenly (whereas in submuscular, you can get a "double bubble" effect from the breast sagging and the implant being held in place with muscle
-increased instances of breast feeding complications
-capsular contraction more likely because the muscle isn't constantly massaging the implant. This is debatable, also read a medical study that claimed no increase in CC. Out of 2500 augmentations that doctor saw a 5% CC rate in subglandular implants. Plus, almost all submuscular implants are only half under the muscle (at the top). Can you offset this with more massaging?

Excited to hear people's thoughts on this!

It's later that same day, sorry guys. Just...

It's later that same day, sorry guys. Just thinking about this a lot right now. Today I wore my padded bra and added another padded insert to try to achieve the result I am hoping to get from the surgery. I uploaded some pics of them in a sports bra and a tight tank top.

Right now they feel a little bigger, but I've been wearing them a couple hours and I think I am already used to it. I can't get over how much smaller my tummy looks with these in my sports bra! I feel so nicely proportioned with this size. For the first time I am actually more excited by the prospect of the surgery than scared. I am still worried about making the decision but I was researching more images of subglandular implants and they don't look any different to me than submuscular.

Going to call the patient references that Dr. Horton gave me tomorrow and learn more about their stories and journey. I now feel like I'm 90% there. I have another consultation tomorrow with a different doctor. I just want to feel I explored every option that was available.

1 Week Before Surgery I can't believe that my...

1 Week Before Surgery

I can't believe that my surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 23, less than a week away!!! I am preparing my "wants" and "don't wants" pictures for my pre-op appointment.

I'm purchasing things from Amazon to make my recovery week easier. I'm getting a foam wedge, a neck pillow, bendy straws. Not sure what else to get to make that week more comfortable - any other suggestions?

Night before the surgery Tomorrow is the big...

Night before the surgery

Tomorrow is the big day. My surgery is at 2:30pm so I will be arriving at the hospital at 1pm. The worst is that I can't eat or drink before my surgery so I will be starving and parched all day! They gave me Atavin to help me relax, which I think is working because I am not freaking out too much right now.

I sat down and wrote myself a letter that I'm going to read when I'm feeling rough next week, just saying "I know you're freaking out, but you made the right decision. This is only temporary, in a month you will feel as good as new. Don't expect to love them right away, give them time to heal and be good to your body." It was really cathartic writing it, and I hope that I will appreciate it when I'm struggling.

I'm pretty sure I'm prepared. I've read all the documentation twice, have my meds, bought the pajamas that do up in the front, have a fully stocked fridge and clean house, my hubby has been briefed and is ready to help me through my mood swings and incapacitation. I even wrote out a will, which was recommended by the hospital, just in case. Tomorrow I'm going to take a nice long shower (my last for a while, since I'll have drains in!) and video tape myself with my real breasts for the last time, just so I'll be able to look back and remember what they were like before. Not too many people know, but the friends that do have been super supportive.

Please pray for me that nothing goes wrong. I have positive hopes, and I know that the next week will be physically and emotionally draining, but I just want everything in the end to turn out okay. Much love.

One day post op. the surgery went well as...

One day post op.

the surgery went well as expected. I was out right away and woke up later in the recovery room in minimal pain (about four out of 10). I was able to go home that day, vomited quite a few times but have been keeping down my Percocet and taking it easy. walking around still tough but when I'm laying down feel pretty good. My husband is doing a great job looking after me.

When I stand up I feel the skin stretch which is a gross sensation, but so far no Buddha belly from swelling. The husband has been emptying my drains and tracking the fluid. When they're draining less than 30cc's in a day I can get the removed. It's pretty gross to have these sacs of you fluid stuck to your Ave wrap bandage, can't wait to get them out!!

Can't tell what the girls look like only that they are heavy! More later, so friggin sleepy.

3 Days Post-Op Hello all, so it's been 3 days...

3 Days Post-Op

Hello all, so it's been 3 days since the surgery. I went in at 1pm, was feeling super nervous but also in good hands. They put an IV in my arm and gave me the first narcotic, which made me dopey and I was having trouble concentrating. Dr. Horton rubbed my shoulder as I drifted off to sleep, which was really comforting. I don't remember much of the recovery room, other than asking for pain meds and getting them intravenously, but when they wheeled me back to my hospital room my honey was there waiting for me. I drifted in and out of sleep while he waited and finally felt good enough to stay awake. He told me the doctor put in 330's (I didn't know going in what size she was going to use, so it was nice to know. Was going for the naturally-gifted, not obviously fake look.

Sitting up was the weirdest experience. You have an ACE bandage and are all packed in, so above all you feel super top heavy. Your skin is being stretched to accommodate these new developments, and using your arms is out of the question. The first time they sat me up I threw up and felt instantly better. They had been showing my husband how to 'milk the drains' and it was such a gross feeling. Plus seeing these plastic bags that are draining blood from inside your body is a lot to register. It was hard to get up to get into the wheelchair. They used a pain rating system at the hospital of 0-10, and the most I ever registered was a 6. The ride home was painful and bumpy. Since getting home, the most I've felt is a 5.

The next morning I had to go to a biometrics appointment because we are in the process of getting our green cards, so I had to be fingerprinted. I was so doped up on Percocets, I barely remember any of it. Just everyone being super nice to me because I probably looked like death.

The last coupe days are a bit of a blur. I'll send text messages and then read them later and not remember sending them. I read a couple chapters in my book that I had to go back and re read because I had no idea what happened, etc. I find watching mind numbing tv ie. Project Runway, Bachelor Pad, anything with a Kardashian in it, has been the best time filler.

I had my post op yesterday and she said everything is going great. Oh, I threw up a lot at that visit too, which I guess is natural. They replaced my ace bandages with a sexy post-op bra (ie big clunky sports bra) but it still has a lot of padding. I still have my drains in until I'm producing less than 30cc of fluid a day. Probably get them out next week, and unfortunately I can't shower until then. One of the best tips I read here was one girl recommended buying wet-naps so you can give yourself a bit of a sponge bath when you're bedridden and not able to bathe.

I am walking around the house okay, but being upright for too long is exhausting. Have some friends coming over today to visit. It still hurts to sit up but when I'm staying still it's pretty painless. In fact today I opted for Extra Strength Tylenol instead of Percs so I won't be as dopey when my friends come.

I still haven't really seen the girls and I'm a little scared to look. I'm peek under the gauze and see cleavage (natural, unpadded cleavage!!) but I'm a little green and this whole drain this is disturbing to me. More updates to come!

Ahhhh, I just looked at the picture I posted today...

Ahhhh, I just looked at the picture I posted today and I don't like them! :( they are so round and look unnatural. I'm on day 5, so I think there is still a lot of swelling. Did anyone else experience this? Feeling down right now.
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I dont know how to change the doctor! I had my initial consultation with Dr Chow but ended up choosing Dr. Horton because I trusted her more and she had a great bedside manner.

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