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Hello ladies! I've been browsing the forum for a...

Hello ladies! I've been browsing the forum for a while & now I'm super excited to share my story with all of you!

First let me share my stats: 24 years old, 5'4" 120lbs, no kids- going with Sientra smooth round HP 465cc silicone implants.
When it comes to sizes- This was the most difficult decision for me. Choosing the size, manufacturer, and profile of my implants was a huge decision that I did not take lightly! I read the studies, clinical data, and statistics until I was blue in the face! My surgeon was very patient, honest, and understanding which helped a lot. He made sure I fully understood the pros and cons of every choice and helped me weigh the benefits and consequences- thank you Dr. Fan! I finally settled on Sientra because of the lesser chance of capsular contracture- I'm young and I want these things to be the safest and last as long as possible!
Anyway, I chose 465cc HP because my BBW (Breast base width) is 13cm and I learned that choosing an implant that is close, if not a few mm smaller than your BW is ideal. Originally, I was gonna go with Mod+ profile, and yeah that might fit my tissues better, but I've read a million times about girls that "wish they went bigger" and I def want to be happy with my end result.

My surgery is this Friday & I'm super excited but really nervous too! I've never had any type of surgery- I haven't even gotten my wisdom teeth removed ha! I'm sure I'll be fine, I have tons of support from my family and my boyfriend so we'll see how this goes :)

I posted a before pic just to give you guys an idea of my body shape and what I'm starting with (about 36A) hopefully they won't be too big!

Wish me luck!!! :)

Post Op

Got out of surgery a few hours ago- feeling okay actually. My back is pretty sore and it's hard to lift my arms but other than that I'm feeling alright surprisingly! I'll try to post some post op pics later.. They look great- I'm so so so excited :) :)

Post op pics

Day of surgery! Feeling pretty good.. Can't wait til they drop and fluff :) I was so worried that they were gonna be too big, but I feel like they're perfect!

Post op Day 2

Hi ladies! So last night, the pain got kinda bad and in addition to my pain killers I NEEDED ice packs. I kinda forgot about those- but they help soo much! After some pills and those ice packs I was able to fall asleep (sitting up of course). I didn't wake up until about 4am when I needed another dose of pain meds. I was finally able to put a bralette on today too.. I'll post a pic.

Up & about

Feeling pretty good- going to the grocery store to get some things to grill :)

Post Op Day 5

Almost back to normal.. Just some pain at night & of course super stiff in the mornings- hope that gets better soon! I'm getting pretty sick of sleeping on my back too. Has anyone used a body pillow to help you maneuver on to your side?

I was so surprised that my recovery wasn't that bad. I know it's far from over, but I was thinking I was going to be down and out for weeks. Especially considering I've never had kids and my implants are a decent size. My doctor says its a big mental thing, and has a lot to do with your tolerance and attitude towards difficult things in general. I'm pretty independent anyway- I never depend on anyone to do anything for me, so that's why I had a hard time being taken care of- I was up cooking on my second day! Mind you, my mom and boyfriend were both almost yelling at me to relax haha oh well. Not gonna lie, I am starting to "feel" the extra weight on my chest. Ladies- try to build up those back muscles and abs before your surgery. Your gonna need it!

Here's a pic of me yesterday.. Did some light walking.

3 weeks post-op

Just thought I'd post a quick update- today was the first day I saw my incisions! I've had steri-strips on them for the past 3 weeks. I decided to go with the Embrace dressings because I want to minimize the scarring as much as possible. Having a darker complexion, and a history of getting terrible keloids (you can see them on my chest in my past pics.. Those are just from small dermal piercings) so I figured I'd have huge scars under my breasts. But to my surprise you can barely see my incisions at all!! Dr. Fan did such an amazing job- I can't thank him enough!

2 & a half months post-op

Here's some updated pics! The girls have d&f'ed a little bit, but I know they're gonna continue to drop and fluff for the next few months. I love the size- I'm so happy I took forever to choose haha! They're perfect :) not too big, not too small!

Update! Almost 1 year!

Hi ladies! So I never update this thing, but I thought I'd add some updated pics. Everything is going well, but sometimes I feel like I went too big! I mean I only have 465cc but sometimes they just stick out too much. Also, my right breast has a little lateral displacement- not sure if my natural pocket is like that or if the weight of my implants made the pocket open up a little bit. Anyway, I'm thinking about possibly going smaller to about a 385cc textured round moderate profile? And maybe some internal sutures to adjust my pockets. Maybe I feel like they're too big just because my boyfriend says they're too big? Haha yes really, he says they're too big! Pshh.. Whatever! :)
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