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I had surgery with dr. delgado which left my left...

I had surgery with dr. delgado which left my left breast significantly higher than the right. I had a second surgery to correct it and it just made my nipple point to the floor. He said if I had a baby it would fix itself, said it was probably scar tissue, probably not, I had a baby breast fed for a year and now my left breast isn't just deformed its significantly higher, points to the floor, and they sag even more than before. I said I wanted them to feel and look pretty natural, i guess natal breast are very saggy.

He sent me to two specialist to evaluate it before performing my second surgery. I have tried to contact him with no success, I live in San Diego because I am in the Navy and to speak with him I have to pay for a consultation.

Also I should add that this was a corrective...

Also I should add that this was a corrective surgery in the first place, so my breast needed the shape corrected. I forgot what it is called but the tightness of my skin made my breast pointy not round. Honestly though my breast look better before he tried to "correct" them which upsets me because I paid so much money to make them look even worse. Now I want to add implants to see if that will help the shape, evenness, and perk them up. Definitely cutting my losses and seeing someone else.

Doc Delgado just messaged me and was very nice! It...

Doc Delgado just messaged me and was very nice! It sounds like none of the messages I been leaving for him never even got to him or something!! He offered me a free consult as well as doing it virtually so I would not have to fly up there, it really sounds like he wants to be accommodating to me. I'm so excited, I been so ashamed of my body after that experience and I feel like I can finally see a light in this dark shameful tunnel I have been stuck in. Just worried about the cost and all. I am thinking about Mexico still but honestly if the price is right I would rather have the person who has done this fix it, for emotional reasons. I know it sound crazy, but I guess no one could understand what I feel like being deformed unless they have been too.

Got a phone call from Tammy today, I have spoke...

Got a phone call from Tammy today, I have spoke with her before but I don't think she remembered me. She was really nice and even went to speak with him while I was on hold. She told me to take clearer pictures and he would speak with me after over the phone=) So I am waiting on my husband. I really hope it works out this time, I am sick of living like this.

Sent pictures and talked to doc del gado on the...

Sent pictures and talked to doc del gado on the phone... I dont know how much he actually wants to help. Sounds like he doesn't think he can help. He suggested a lift and to take the implants out. That is not what I want. More scars, with the original issue and now going from bigger boobs to smaller boobs, not at all what I want. So I spent all this money for what? SCARS. He said they will send me a quote for a lift and other cost. I have a feeling it is going to be an insane amount. He also wants me to fly up there because he has to feel what it feels like, I understand that. This is going to be expensive. I am so frustrated and I honestly do not know what to do. At this point I only have a little over a month before I have to wait another two years, due to me being in the Navy. I can NOT wait that long again- I'm going crazy. Sorry all-its just a bad day, well a bad 3 years... I thought it was an answer to my prayers him finding me on here, especially since his profile says he only commented twice on real self , but it just got my hopes up to shoot them down. Thanks real self for giving a place for people to vent, bottling all this up just drives me insane. Has anyone got a revision from doctor campos? did anyone have tubular breast and get an augmentation that worked out? PM me!! I have before and after pictures if you are experiencing this issue PM me and I will email them to you.

So even with "making it worth my time and effort"...

So even with "making it worth my time and effort" he is charging me double what Doctor Campos has estimated me for the exact same procedure. He gave me a discount on the lift, not on what procedure he would be trying on me for the third time. He doesn't care about me and what I'm going through, DUH! I am just a dollar sign to him. Plus I would have got a military discount anyway and over the phone he said he can get free implants through the company as well. So he is not trying to help at all! I guess I am going #teamCampos! Plus all the money I would have to spend on flying back and forth to San Francisco I would be spending a minimum of $10,000. As for now I am going to say UM HELL NO! I was thinking that the way he said it in his email sounds like, no surgeon fee. Like I would just pay for the surgical room, anesthesia, implants, ext. Pretty much everything that did not go into his pocket. I would rather go to a surgeon like Campos who cares about his reputation not his pockets. My advice for all of you looking for a surgeon, look for a surgeon who treats their work as art and not as a paycheck-perfectionist. I have heard stories from women who have not been happy with results from surgeons like campos, without complications, and have only had to pay everything BUT surgeons fees to get them what they asked for! Now that is customer satisfaction!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!
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