2 months Post-op 300cc, Happy with D&F progress!

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I'm a 28 year old mom of 2 boys, breastfed both...

I'm a 28 year old mom of 2 boys, breastfed both for over year, and was left with even less than I started with. I'm probably some kind of 34A, but who really knows as I've never been sized as I would be completely mortified! I am tired of looking like an 8 year old boy. Needless to say- bra, bikini or wearing tight fitting clothing has never been a fun event. I wear pretty padded bras so hopefully my BA is not really obvious. Honestly I would not have even considered doing this a year ago and the decision to move forward is some what of an impulse purchase LOL. I wanted to do a very modest implant that does not scream "oh hello I just got a boob job" because I have not told a single SOUL other than my husband obviously. I know my family would not approve and be disappointed, and my friends as much as I love them are very gossipy and there is really not 1 person I could tell without word spreading like fire. The hard part is how little help I will get during recovery besides from the hubs, but he can only take a few day off before heading back to work. I'm most worried about being unable to lift my toddler and he tends to be very clingy with me. I'm hoping for a miraculous recovery in the next 3 days!

I arrived at the time they suggested, and everyone acted like I was way early (1.5). Looks like things were running about a 1/2 hour late too, so just my luck to have all this time to kill and second guess my decision! The nurses were all so sweet, none appeared to be enhanced if you know what I mean but not once did I feel like they were passing any type of judgment. I was feeling severely dehydrated and famished from lack of food by 12:30pm so was glad to get that IV drip going. Spoke to the Anesthesiologist and she reassured me she could put a good dose of anti nausea in the IV given my track record of vomiting after GA and car sickness. Finally saw my PS and we discussed again what I wanted, silicone gel unders between 250-300, crease incision and reviewed the pictures I brought into pre-op. A question he asked me is if I would rather him err on the too big side or too small side and I opted for too small. He agreed I was in the minority for stating that but I am 100% sure that I am more comfortable being smaller vs. bigger than I what I wanted. Besides, anything more than what I currently have would be a vast improvement! He drew lines on me and literally that was the last I saw him. I recall being rolled into the OR and also immediately was out. Next thing I know I woke up in pain and nauseated... not gonna lie it was pretty excruciating for me. I do have a pretty low threshold for pain so I'm pretty weak sauce in that department. I couldn't believe they wanted to move me into a recliner as I couldn't imagine sitting up with the elephant on my chest. I started to feel like barfing so they give me a shot of some anti nausea and more pain med (demerol) in my a$$. I can't say it really helped though! :( Nurse looked up my paper work to inform me doc went with 300s.

Ride home way okay, turns were painful and I wanted to eat and sleep at the same time lol. I tried to eat some soup but really couldn't keep it down so settled with crackers and ginger candies. I took Valium which really helped to relax me and take the edge off.

So unlike others, I can't see my final product yet as I am in this super tight gauze wrap thing that allows me to see hardly anything. Honestly I look pretty flat in it so hopefully that has to do with compression or whatever because it looks not much different than I did before! I can't wait to get it off and check out the goods at my first post-op appointment next week.

OMG. Wasn't sure if I could roll out of bed or how to get up. It was going to be a major ordeal to stand up. I was beyond stuff and hadn't taken any meds for 8 hours. I popped another pain killer which helped. My lower back is killing, partly because Aunt Flo is due to arrive at any time (sigh) and partly because of sleeping upright on my back. Anyway, will keep you ladies posted on my recovery. All your stories have been so invaluable to me and I am happy to answer any questions those on the pre-surgery side have. :) More pics to come!

Day 3: Feeling much better. Remarkably better....

Day 3:

Feeling much better. Remarkably better. Walked around a store today and felt great but after about 45 mins realized I needed to go back home and rest. I stopped the Vicodin except before bedtime. I was feeling a bit down because the girl seriously look flat as a board. I decided to do things to cheer myself up so I painted my nails, took a bath (waist down) since I can't shower yet, washed my hair in the sink, fixed my hair, did my makeup. Just wanted to look and feel normal again. After I did that I (gasp) took off the gauze wrap because it was really bothering me and I wanted to peek. The girls were surprisingly much bigger than they appeared when just peeking in. Hooray! Not riding terribly high but still have lots of progress to be made. Uploading the latest pic. When did you girls feel ok to sleep on your side again? I tried but it hurt like the dickens! Off to my first post op today.... ciao for now.

Day 4/5 Lots of gurgling on the right side,...

Day 4/5

Lots of gurgling on the right side, which is weird but I read it was quite common and is just trapped air. Today I switched to Tylenol per my doc, as Advil not recommended by him post surgery. So out of the 50 vicodins I was prescribed I only used 9! Not bad. It worked great for the pain in the beginning but I did not like the constipating effect. Luckily I had leftover colace from my labor that really helped in that department! I think Valium helps so much with the tightening but I noticed it gives me very creepy, hallucinating like dreams. I am still taking Vitamin C, multi vitamin and eating very healthy.

I took my first shower yesterday which was heavenly! Not much of a camping girl if you know what I mean..I need to feel clean to be comfy. I think I mentioned I took lower body baths and washed my hair in the sink in the first 3 days but nothing like a real long hot shower!

It's funny cause when I look at myself naked in the mirror I feel like freaking Pam Anderson but in reality I know I'm not that big LOL. I posted a pic of myself in a tank and I basically look like a B cup, which is actually exactly what I was aiming for and not any different than my padded bra days. However I feel 1000 times better about not being flat as a board and unless I wear a skimpy bikini, no one would notice. Perfect, since I didn't tell anyone! Except you guys... haha

Btw I never took Bromelain supplements and instead have been making Bromelain smoothies! Highly recommend... just feels so healthy too. I bought a few pineapples a week or two prior to surgery and cut them up and froze the cubes, separating the middle/core which is where the bromelain is most potent. I toss into the blender a cup of both the core pieces and regular pineapple, frozen mango chunks (trader joes), 1/2 banana, handful of kale (optional), frozen blueberries, couple tablespoons of vanilla yogurt, scoop of vanilla protein powder (optional) and either vanilla soymilk/almond milk or OJ - depending if you want creamy or fruity. Blend away... yummy!

10 Days Later, Update: So by day 6 I was back...

10 Days Later, Update:

So by day 6 I was back to work, which was fine since I have a desk job and was able to leave early. Driving is ok, I went out to dinner, took the kids to school/daycare and feel pretty much back to normal. I am moving slower of course, and more carefully, but life is not that different than before. This past weekend was busy and I did a lot more than I thought I would have at this point... seeing family and friends, going to the mall, cooking and very light cleaning up. Folded laundry, wiped counters, etc. Still not able to do the dishes comfortably, at least that it what I am telling my husband :)

BRA: I decided the zipper up sports bras are just not for me. :( I returned all 3. I don't know if it's because I had crease incision and sensitive skin but I found it to be very irritating and all 3 I tried were causing me itching and pain where the band is. Luckily I found the Genie Bra. Love love love! I got a Medium (comes with 2) at Bed Bath Beyond (19.99 and used the $5 off $15 coupon in the mail) so they are only $7.50 each. So much softer and kinder on my crease area... plus I feel like I look better (no uniboob look) and it's adequate support for me, but bear in mind my implants are smallish. Anyway, just wanted to share that in case some people are struggling with sensitive crease incision. (It doesn't look infected or anything but just some minor irritation and tenderness)

KIDS: This was a huge fear of mine...how would I care for my kids, deal with them hugging me or needing to be lifted out of the tub, etc. Well I know this is ill advised but I had to carry my sleeping 28 lb 3 year old son up the stairs from the garage because my husband was at work...that was DAY 8 after surgery. It wasn't too bad. I'm able to have him in my lap and I'm not terrified of being elbowed or hit in the boobs. In fact I was in more pain and sensitive to that kind of thing in the early nursing days! I am not condoning lifting heavy things this early but just letting others know that I was able to do it ok and am surviving!

PAIN MEDS: I have popped a Tylenol here and there, mostly just after I overdo it or morning stiffness. But really the morning boob is pretty much gone. If anything it's my neck and back that are bothering me because I like to crack it a lot and lately cannot do that.

Bottom line at this point - this has been an amazing recovery and I am very happy I did this for myself. I am just waiting for things to settle down and fluff...unfortunately patience is not my strong suit but I am hopeful and I see and feel the progress everyday!

I've been a little MIA - had some sad family...

I've been a little MIA - had some sad family issues to attend to. I'm happy to report that the recovery is still going well however I've been a bit down and bummed about the shrinkage and the size. I was SOOOO positive I was not going to wish I was bigger... I made it very clear to my PS that I wanted it to be very subtle. Man, I should have listened to everyone because I think 25-50ccs more would have made me so much fuller and still would have been undetectable under clothes. The swelling has gone down and I'm dropping a little but zero fluff. I don't foresee any fluff. :( At my current size there is no way in heck people would suspect or think I would have possibly received implants LOL. Ok, so for those who upgraded later, is price and pain the same? I assume the pocket is there so there is less pain but price is probably not any different? Not that I would do anything anytime soon...just curious.

So I have been in situations where I have to lift my little guy up and down and around, not a great idea obviously but it's unavoidable for me and I have been ok. Probably prolonging my recovery but I'm a parent and I can't really do much about it. Can't afford a full time nanny!

My right is still higher and tighter, not terribly but I am starting to worry about CC. I started Vitamin E and Fish oil, just one pill a day. Been waking up with headaches and wondering if it could be attributed to either of these supplements...anyone else experience that?

So anyway... my advice is to round up - when in doubt go up a little. It's almost like when you get a haircut and no one notices. This is obviously a much bigger bodily change but the same sort of "bummer" if anyone can relate. I guess what happened is that I was at a place where I felt like anything, anything at all would be an improvement, and don't get me wrong - it still is - but damnit I really wish I would have been brave enough to go bigger. I don't fault my PS at all... in fact I look at the picture I brought in at it is almost dead on the size I asked for! My fault for not wanting anyone to know and for being so worried about going too big.

I just noticed a little bruising in my rib cage area and it is tender...kinda strange as it's not really my boob area at all but I'm thinking maybe some of that swelling drained down and that's where the blood is stuck? I rubbed some arnica cream so hopefully that helps.. ok ladies, happy recovering and good luck to those going under soon!

It's been over 5 weeks since my last post (2...

It's been over 5 weeks since my last post (2 months since surgery) and I'm so happy to report all my negativity, piss poor attitude, boob greed and debbie downer outlook has completed gone away! I am now at peace with the size and cannot believe at what a difference a month has made! I was so sure that my size would not change but these babies have definitely softened up, dropped and seem much fuller than before. I would say I really started to notice the change at 6 weeks, so I'm glad I waited to go bra shopping till just last week. I'm measuring a 32C which works for me, I think if I fluff any further I would have to go up a cup size as the bras are pretty snug. As you can see one side is still slower than the other to drop, and seems slightly smaller, but my doctor says that is normal and things will eventually even out. I'm back to hitting the gym, jogging, and life has been back to normal for at least the last 4 weeks in terms of being comfortable lifting things and carrying kiddos (although I was lifting my boys way earlier than advised!). I'm still much more aware I'd say of the right side, as it is firmer or maybe just because I am right handed. I do worry about CC but doc said not a concern of his. I don't even notice the left. I have been putting mederma every other day and massaging at night and just kinda when I remember. Anyhow just wanted to check in and let you ladies know who are still very early post-op that it does get so much better as the days and weeks go by... just have to let go and stop taking pictures daily as it can be depressing if you are in the same "somewhat disappointed" boat I was. Good luck everyone and happy healing!
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