Wish I Had Gone Bigger :( 286 Cc Silicone Under the Muscle (5'3, 120lbs) - San Francisco, CA

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I wish I had started posting before my surgery but...

I wish I had started posting before my surgery but I was too nervous that someone from work would figure out who I was! Needless to say, I have appreciated all the stories and pictures that everyone has been posting because it has made the nerve racking part of the procedure MUCH easier! I will get my pics up soon!

So some background about me...I am 5'2/5'3 and my...

So some background about me...I am 5'2/5'3 and my weight fluctuates between 110-120 lbs depending on how dedicated I am! I went to almost EVERY plastic surgeon in the Bay Area (I'm a perfectionist and a little anal) and agonized over thousands of pictures. I finally settled on a Stanford affiliated surgeon with amazing credentials and an impressive reputation despite the fact that he probably spent the least amount of time talking (most others were happy to sit down for 1-2 hours!). My husband agreed that based on the research I did, this guy should be at the top of the list. I felt much more at ease and reassured by the surgeons that were "talkers", but I chose brains over personality. I'm kinda regretting that now :( I haven't received a call from the doctor at all...granted I got the procedure on December 12th, had a post op on the 13th, then the holidays rolled around. I had another appointment one week later with the assisting PS (mine was on vacay-I knew this ahead of time) and expressed some concerns about assymmetry. YES I'm a perfectionist and I know breasts aren't supposed to be the same but I had turned down another PS who suggested two different sizes after hearing about how many revisions my doctor had done for different size implants. I think I'm just second guessing myself which I do often, and am hoping that I can learn to be happy with how they look and not keep thinking what could have been. I also try to remind myself that the doctor tried on 4-5 sizes in the OR before settling on 286. I felt the 304 sizers were a tad too big and at my post op, he confirmed that. BUT...isn't the difference between 286 and 304 like a tablespoon? I donno. Just feeling unhappy and kicking myself.

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