26 Yrs Old, 5'8, No Kids, Inspira 560cc SRF. San Francisco, CA

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Hi Realselfers! I've wanted breast augmentation...

Hi Realselfers!

I've wanted breast augmentation surgery since I was 18 yrs old. I'm finally in a place were it makes sense to have it. I've researched for the past 9 months and finally found the perfect surgeon. After consultations with three plastic surgeons in the Bay Area I've picked Dr. Leonard Gray. He's an expert when it comes to breast augmentation and his staff is so amazing. They've been extremely patient with me and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole journey. Huge shout out to Cherise for being so helpful!

My operation is in 6 days so let the countdown begin...woo hoo!

My stats:
Age: 26 yrs old
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150lbs
Pre-op: A cup
Goal: D to DD
Implants: Inspira 485cc SRF (high profile)

Surgery day / Post- op day 1 & Exparel

Yesterday was the big day!

My girlfriend who recently got hers done sent me a get well back the day before my operation which was so sweet. It was exactly what I needed because I was started to get very anxious the night before.

The night before I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything until my surgery the next day at 1030am.

When I got there in the morning they had me take a pill to calm my nerves and got me on an IV and under a heated blanket. My nurse Cherise was amazing the whole time she put me and my worried mom at ease and answered all our last minute questions.

After that I went to the surgery room and laid down the last thing I remember was getting strapped in and BOOM I woke up in the recovery room.

*** I opted to pay the extra $300 for Exparel to numb the pain and It should last 72 hours. So far I haven't taken any pain killers yet woo hoo!!!***

On a pain scale I only feel 1/10 when I have to get up and go to the bathroom but it's mainly just uncomfortable.

#### Updated stats####
Height: 5'8
Height: 150-155 lbs
Type: submuscular
Implant size: 560cc Inspira SRF (high profile)
Pre-op: a cup

Post-op Day 1

Looking very swollen and bloated. Getting adjusted to the new weight.

Luckily my mom is taking amazing care of me. It's weird not have too much mobility in my arms so things like opening bags or pumping soap is hard!

My go to products so far have been my ice packs, straws, and wedge memory foam pillow I got off Amazon!

560cc Inspira SRF / 36DD

So before my surgery my PS said I'd probably need 485-560cc since my bwd was estimated to be 13. Day of surgery I told my PS he could choose the higher amount if I actually ended up being wider (Other friends who've had breast implants said they wish they went bigger!)

At first, I was worried I went too big! But now that the swelling has gone down I really like them! I'm still waiting for them to drop more to get a more natural look, but that will just take some time. My doc says everything looks good and I've been massaging 10x day. They're softening up!!!

I finally got sized at a local boutique that my PS recommended and I'm a 36DD. I was aiming for D's but I'm definitely getting used to them. I've got wide hips so they look could on my frame. I'll know

22 days post-op

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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