Super Excited, but Scared of Recovery: Results Should Be Pretty Great - San Francisco, CA

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I started with having my mind set on a rhinoplasty...

I started with having my mind set on a rhinoplasty and some lipo, but then my doctor suggested a chin implant as well, and suggested that most of my dissatisfaction with my nose and profile was do to a lack of defined chin. I thought about it, researched it, and it's seems like a pretty easy procedure, so I'm going for it.

I had initially wanted my abdominal area lipoid, but then why not through in the thighs too...then why not a BBL since you need a good amount of fat for that, I'm getting a good amount sucked out.

Rhinoplasty and chin implant I'm not too concerned with, I'm having a tip revision (closed surgery), so if my doctor is correct (as I'm confident he is), it should be a easy recovery for that.

I'm worried about the bruising with the lipo on my legs. I bruise so easily and it seems like my bruises take forever to go away. My doctor is giving me some DSMO to help with the bruising, and doing ultrasonic therapy to hasten the healing. I can't find much on either DSMO or ultrasonic therapy, so if anyone has any experience, please share :).

$8000 for nose and chin
$6000 for lip of abs, hips, inner and outer thighs, and inner knees
(not sure how much the BBL is going to cost, because I decided on it last minute and haven't paid, but I'm thinking $5000 is a good estimate)
So total, about $20,000.

Yes, all at once.

Yes, all at once.

So I went into see the doctor again today, 18...

So I went into see the doctor again today, 18 hours or so before my surgery! He put all my worries to easy. To my surprise:

BBL: No tubes draining from the BBL necessary, because nothing is going to be draining out, no added pain expected, I can sit and lay on my butt right away!

Lipo: Garment only has to be worn 2 weeks! yay. But confirmed that the stomach pad will be hot and uncomfortable like I suspected, and confirmed itching and soreness likely, but not much pain.

Chin implant: smile will likely be affected, bummer, but worth it I think.

Nose: May cause the most discomfort, but will also be totally worth it.

I can get back to exercising within 7-10 days no worries.

So I'm happy and that relieved my in 14 hours :)

Final tally of cost: Rhinoplasty, chin implant,...

Final tally of cost:

Rhinoplasty, chin implant, and chin lipo: $8000
Lipo: hips, inner and outter thighs, inner knee's, and abdominal: $6500
Butt lift (fat grafting): $3500
With tax and things: $19,000.

FYI, current measurements: 36-31-40, 5'6 and...

FYI, current measurements: 36-31-40, 5'6 and 155ish pounds.

I just added before pics and just a couple after...

I just added before pics and just a couple after pics, it's only 5 days post op
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Googled and researched experience

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