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Why Dr. Ransom? 1. Your first encounter Dee,...

Why Dr. Ransom?

1. Your first encounter Dee, kind, calm and NO ATTITUDE! This lovely lady will, somehow, someway get you in to see this very young, busy and talented Doctor who is like a brilliant artist.

2. Respectful of his patients time in addition he is absolutely adorable, kind, completely approachable
(meaning he is NOT your typical ANAL RE TENTED DOCTOR that makes you feel like he/she is GOD and you are blessed to be in their presence!!!!!)

3. He actually listens to you and looks you in yours eyes, you NEVER at any point feel rushed even though he is booked with patients.

4. Honest, Honest, Honest NO pushing to purchase or endorse products or any kind of device or surgery

5. If he has purchased or is using a technique (Basically if it is something that he believes truly produces results it's in his office.) He is all about results, his patients and takes great integrity in his work!

After we talked and I asked him a few questions about other procedures which he kindly explained to me, it was Botox Time! He asked me how much movement I would like? "Natural I said but "Get those lines, please!" Not easy to do! We both agreed it was better to do less Botox units and come back if I needed to. NOTE* (This is just my personal view of how I feel Botox gives me the natural /lot less lines look: I get my big chunk of units on my first visit then wait 5-7 days to see if I would like more, then I usual get maybe 10-12 units and again I wait 5-7 days to see if I need more and on my third visit I will get 15-20 units and BAM! I get just what I desired a UNFROZEN natural line less effect but still just a few little lines to look natural. Again This Is Just My Personal View Of What Work For Me!)

It is also crucial to me that ONLY the Doctor himself injects me! No PA/RN or beauty spa person EVER!
I only like to use Botox and not the other I think it is called Dyisport but I am not certain anyway any injections be it Botox or Juverderm, etc; Must be done with a Doctor who sees your face as art and who's extremely, extremely, precise and is aware of specific nerve endings causing frighting results and if it is a GREEDY Doctor who just pumps large doses of Botox for the $$$$ you will get the kind of SCARY face that we see so much of!

With Super Handsome Doctor Ransom, you will feel him gently handling your face and injecting very accurately and slowly stopping in-between to stand back and look at your face before he continues, it really is like watching a great painter!

His Charge Is $15.00 a unit WITH him personally injecting you himself! In San Francisco it just does not work like that BUT he is just so honest and kind with a blessed talent and so cool and humble, I really forget that this is some BRILLIANT Doctor working on my face it is amazing.

On top of that you get Lady"D", who tells you about specials and the Brilliant Distinctions Program, which helps patients save money (The Program is Offered by Almost every Doctor or Spa That uses there products, Botox and juverderm are just 2 of the products BUT believe me if you don't mention it to these GREEDY people there is no way that they would care to save you money BUT not Lady "D" she goes out of her way and makes her work even more then it already is without the BD program which believe me is so time consuming and she does not even need to do it!

This is why so many people Love Dr. Ransom and Lady "D", they are just super caring, kind and honest, people and his work is nothing short of WONDERFUL!

My Botox From Dr. Ransom "PURE TALENT"

Ok, as I said in the past I prefer to have my Botox done during a span of 3 sessions with 5-7 days between each, it works best for me and is very natural BUT it is all about, who injects you!

I had not had Botox for over 2 years because the previous doctor I used, SUCKED!

1. My fault was I did not research my previous Doctor.
I simply chose a Cosmetic Surgeon who happened to be on the same floor as the Lab that does
all my blood testing.
I was stupid and just assumed "every cosmetic surgeon does fillers, how could they possibly F&%k
it up!?
2. Let me tell you how from experience after waiting for over a hour in a small room with the door,
closed and no staff checking in on me to let me know what's up! She graces me with her
unapologetic presence and FAUX smile. I tell her that I would please like some Botox and a little
filler on my lips and under my eyes, she says to me that under my eyes she is going to use some
new kind of filler instead of Juvaderm or Restalyn because my tissue in that area was very thin and
delicate, which is true BUT I had never done any fillers, ever until then anywhere on my face and I
had Botox done for the first time in 2009 BUT it was done by someone else refereed by a friend
who said I needed some and I said "I do not want to look like one of those frozen faces and it was
not done in Europe by many at the time and the ones I saw were Monster like!" She said "are you
kidding me? I have been doing it since I was 30 she said, the earlier you start the better because
your face would not have as many lines because those muscles would not develop!" I was in total
shock 1. because we were both in are 40's then and she just looked pretty like she always did and
very natural with just the slightest of lines that were lovely! 2. Jesus I was in my 40's and already
had those lines and I never in my life would have known she had gotten any Botox, it was just so
natural and not at all scary looking?
Well, needless to say I was hooked and I loved it and thought it was magic! For my very first time,
we went together to see her person and I believe at that time I payed a total of 375. or 425., I can
not really remember and it lasted about 4-5 months and eventual her person moved on.
So I had a very great experience and just took it for granted that it would always be like that!
3. How WRONG I was, this so called doctor said she would send in one of her assistants to rub
numbing cream on me and after another 45 minutes she comes back to the room and begins
she started with the Botox, just poking the needle all over my face, then she said she was going
to Restalyn on my lips (I was blessed thank god with a nicely shaped mouth that was extremely
full and pouty as a little girl (but please know during that period it was not the look and children
and adults made fun of them and said unkind things," "Thin Lips with a small cupids bow was
the rage and cool." Anyway the older I got my face must have grown to finally match my pout
but as I get older my pout must be shrinking or the rage must be the bigger your lips the better?!
Either way that's life! I had told her that I did not want any blowfish lips that are all to common
and not attractive to me. She just injected the out side of my mouth on the lips and outer lines of
my lips with the ENTIRE syringe of Restalyn both top and bottom and a full syringe of that other
stuff under each eye! I looked in the mirror when she was done and I was mortified, she said do
not worry just go home and ice your entire face and that the swelling would subside and perhaps
I could have a slight amount of bruising I put my sunglasses on and went to pay the young girl,
she very calmly said that will be $2225.00 dumbfounded and feeling very intimidated, I gave
her my card and said could you please explain the charges in a very small little voice, which is
not me at all! She said $695.00 For your Rystalyn and $600.00 for the other filler under my eyes
and the rest was for my Botox+ a 10% new patient discount!
I live in the city and walk everywhere, so as I was walking home feeling completely sick to my
stomach I found myself walking with my head down and trying to somehow purse down and suck
in my painful swollen lips which was completely futile!
4. Cause/Affect
I made it home and prayed that I could make it up in the elevator all alone BUT of course a group
of other individuals were waiting for the elevator as well!
Called my friend at the time, who had introduced me to the Botox and confided to her that I had
just did something so utterly dumb and expensive, I said "I just paid someone to put butt implants
on my mouth, freeze my face and put what looked like mini water pillows under my eyes!"
Affect: I got droopy eye on one side and a raised brow on the other, uneven line filling all from
Her Botox, my lips looked like Butt cheeks for about 10 days and then they just completely
deflated back to my normal mouth, which I was both thrilled and perplexed by since she had just
taken $695.00 for and I had my left eye with puffy liquid that filled down to the upper top of my
nose bridge that stayed with me for over a year and underneath my right eye was sunken.
My friend was outraged and said you go tell her you want your money back and have her fix your
droopy eye with Botox as well that mess she did under your eyes and as for your lips it was a
blessing that they deflated like two blown out tires but where the hell was the Rystaline?
I did go back to her and she said she could fix the droopy eye "for free" and if I wanted the unbalanced line filling done that I would have to purchase more Botox and the filler under my eye
would match up in a few days ( it never did as I stated above) and this last comment she made was really rich, "yes it is like your lips had never been touched, will that is not my fault it is probably do
to you THYROID disorder!" Never got a penny and never went back.
My friend said "man she saw you coming and said this will be a easy 10 min with some fast $$$$!

This is why I go into so much detail in my reviews, I get the daily news letter from RealSelf and I read
some very sad and horrible situations and my heart goes out to these people and I really am surprised some of these Doctors can sleep at night! I made a promise to my self that I would never
be in that situation again and thats why I came up with my list of things to look for when searching for a doctor I do believe it was my very first dip into any social media EVER and that was because I was truly compelled by Dr. Ransom, Lady"D" and Sweet Miss Emily! So far he has done the following
for me Botox in a period of 3 injections 5-7 days apart and every single time perfect, balanced and natural, ThermaTight which is nothing short of amazing and he is just so incredibly gentle when he touches your Neck and Face, sadly Dr. Ransom will not go bellow your neck, the reason being that is where his speciality is focussed (hopefully in the future) also I have had ThermaSmooth done by Miss Emily, flawless and I have a couple more sessions to do with her before we are completed. Dr. Ransom has also injected my lips with the smallest doses of Jurvaderm XL/ it might be called something else but it is Juvaderm for sure and they are so natural, when he was injecting me the method he used was so precise, he would step back take a look and begin again nothing like what that other doctor did!
Never once has he ever pushed or tried to sell me anything, ever! I am the one who asked for juvaderm, he said I did not need it on my lips or marinate lines I asked him to please just do a small
amount on my cupids bow and he did, exactly that.
I have been thrilled with everything, as a matter of fact my results just keep improving day by day and that had never happened before with any doctor and I am filled with so much gratitude not for only Dr. Ransom but Lady"D", Miss Emily and all they do for me.
Everything you read about them is always consistent Kind, gentle, bed side manner, the way Dee handles the office by getting you in and going out of her way for the patients, honest, laid back, easygoing, easy to talk to, listens, only having (equipment,etc;) that has positive and visually has a real impact on the patient, integrity in his work, respect for his patients time, the list just goes on and

One more thing please forgive any mistakes you may find in my reviews I am dyslexic and it takes me hours plus this is the ONLY social media that I do, originally I opened a account for realself and yelp but it did not stay on yelp, something to do about filtering?! Anyway both were challenging for me to open and plus I am glad it did not stay on yelp and I am not willing to go back and put it on there, you know why BECAUSE I AM NOT looking for some restaurant!
But realself is wonderful and if your looking for a Doctor or feedback from other patients, you will find it here!
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

Real and comfortable!

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