Extra Expense For Disappointing Results - San Francisco, CA

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I have been getting various fillers for the past 4...

I have been getting various fillers for the past 4 years to fill out my face, which is rather gaunt. I thought that because artefill was permanent it would be more economical than continually spending $900-1000 every 6 months. Well, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. After the bovine collagen was absorbed I looked as though nothing had been done. I went back to my dr who added another syringe. A couple months later people were telling me I looked tired or ad if I'd lost a lot of weight. I don't know what to attribute to this disappointing experience. I just got 1 vial of radiesse and look so much better now.

-Happier with results the second time...

-Happier with results the second time around---

I decided to try Artefill once more time and I realized that I have to use twice the volume to achieve the same level of volume I had received with other fillers. My doctor explained that in a about 3 months half of the volume would disappear (the bovine collagen component) and the rest would likely be permanent. He said the tests had only followed patients for 5 years so that's why they cannot give a definitive time frame, but that PMMA (the plastic particles in Artefill) are not able to be absorbed by the body.

So, I'm only a few days out and I'm really pleased with the results and hope that most of the volume remains. With the two vials I had my nasolabial lines injected, upper cheek area and chin.

+++Right Tool for the Job++++ I also wanted to...

+++Right Tool for the Job++++

I also wanted to mention that my doctor used a cannula instead of a needle, which drastically decreases bruising and potential injury to muscle. blood vessels or tissue. If you do get Artefill go to a doctor who uses a cannula. It is a thin flexible tube that allows for a more precise injection.

A couple months and several thousand dollars later...

A couple months and several thousand dollars later and I'm deflated again!! I'm really upset that I had pulled together all of this money to spend on Artefill thinking that the results would last years (per their info). I've had 3 injections and it's not even noticeable. I'm out of money and cannot afford to correct it. I wish I had just stuck to Radiesse, because I knew that it sounded to good to be true.
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