Young and Dumb! Two Years Post-op and Very Unhappy

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I had my son at age 16; obviously I'm not so...

I had my son at age 16; obviously I'm not so bright. I've always wanted bigger and firmer breast. At age 22 I decided to go under the knife. I just wanted them done, didn't do any research. I regret not doing my homework especially on the scars that's left behind.

It's been two years since I had them done. I got a breast lift and implants. I love my breast they look nice when I have clothes on but the scar kills me. My breast, one is bigger, nipples are not even, and I have dents where the scar is at. The incision is from my nipples down 1/3 of my breast and it looks like when the Doc closed it up, he half assed it leaving some of my extra areola on the scar which makes the scar extra dark. I feel ugly and I'm not as confident any more. I don't want to have sex because of the scars. Is there any way of fixing this? I want to feel beautiful again. HELP!

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