43 Years Old, 1 Child, Lost 30 Lb and Went from 36D to 32B - Wanted Old Breasts Back

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I had my first and only child at 36. I topped 196...

I had my first and only child at 36. I topped 196 lb during my pregnancy. I am 5'3" and most of my life I had weighed around 160 lb. the year I turned 40 I decided it was time to start taking care of my health and went from 162 lb to 130 lb and have kept the weight off for 4 years. I am in the best shape I have ever been, but the trade off was that my breasts went from a size 36D to a 32B. On a good day they looked like old deflated party balloons. On a bad day they looked like sad little prunes.

I had always been one of those people who judged anyone who got any sort of cosmetic procedures, but a life fully lived is a relentlessly humbling experience... I thought about breast surgery for years, but the thought of a knife going anywhere near my nipples was terrifying.

Finally this spring during my annual exam I talked to my OBGYN about the problem and she said there are some surgeons that performed something called a "scarless breast lift." And they go into the inframammary fold instead if the nipple. I thought this was something I could live with. She gave me the names of three surgeons, and gave especially glowing reviews to one particular surgeon. She said all the nurses at the hospital where this surgeon operates gush about what a wonderful job he does. I thought that was the best possible review a surgeon could get, so I went to that surgeon.

During my appointment the surgeon said I was a good candidate for this type of breast lift because my nipples were still above the fold, and I had enough breast and muscle tissue to hide he implants. He said that because my skin has already stretched, my recovery would be quicker than for someone who had never been a size D.

During our first and second consults I mentioned that I thought my left breast was slightly larger than my right, but he said he didn't think so. I admit it's probably a slight difference you would notice only if you look at them for long periods of time and with a critical eye.

I went into my first consult thinking I would want 300CC implants. He said my anatomy could probably handle a bigger size, but I said I was worried about my breasts becoming a distracting thing at work - I am an engineer and often the only woman in the room during meetings.

After a couple more consults we settled on going to a size C+/D, with no more than 320 CC implants. My surgery was on Sept 1st and was pretty uneventful. When I came out of general anesthetic and was in the recovery room, the doctor was there with me and I remember him mentioned something about "I did quite a bit of work on your left breast..." But I don't remember any more details.

My recovery was pretty fast and smooth. I went from feeling pretty crappy the first day to feeling pretty good by the third day. But in be third day, when I took off the gauze from my incisions, I immediately got worried that my left breast looked significantly different than the right. The incision seemed to be about 1/2+ lower than the right breast, and there was like a shelf holding up my old left breast, whereas the right looked normal and rounded. From the markings on my breasts it looked like the difference was intentional. I tried not to worry too much about it until the following appointment a few days later. When I brought it up to my doctor, he said that he had explained to me after the surgery that he had to take away quite a bit of tissue from my left breast during surgery because the new fold was not something out. He said that if he had taken any more tissue out, there would have been a hole in my breast, and that it like take some time for the fold to round out.

As I write this, I am 5.5 weeks post-op, and the dent from my old fold is still there, and my Need anything from fold has not rounded out. I keep reading about double bubbles. It sounds like a true double bubble is when an implant that is too big goes below the fold, which is not my case. My suspicion is that all the push-ups and burpees that I did everyday for he 3 years before my operation are now working against me and that my muscle is just refusing to give. My plastic surgeon has given me all sorts of massages to do, and told me not to wear a supportive bra to help the new fold smooth out. I'm kind of worried that not wearing a supportive bra will undo the work he did in making my breasts perkier (which they are). My breasts look totally natural and are soft to the touch, and when I have my arms down, the scar is perfectly hidden in the fold. But that double crease in my left breast is driving me nuts. It's too bad, because everything else went so great. Some surgeons in the forums here always seem to jump into the conclusion that "yes, you have a deformity and will need all sorts of additional surgery." While others seem to say you should give it time.

So right now, I am doing my massages, I wear a yoga bra with very little support and some old foam cups I had to cover my nipples. I take pictures of my breasts every week, and sometimes there seems to be a bit of progress, sometimes they seem to look worse than the week before. I guess overall my breasts look better because they don't look like little prunes, or hang like empty socks when I bent down. But at 10.5K, I thought that by paying a premium for a highly reputable surgeon, I was putting the odds on my side to get great results. So I am kind of disappointed. I guess I will never know... Maybe it's just my anatomy, and it would have been worse with another surgeon. Or maybe another surgeon would have taken the time to explain to me that the bigger the implants, the more he would have to lower the fold, and that with my old boobs and muscular anatomy, the risk of having a dent would be bigger.

BTW when I looked at the warranty info of my Mentor Memory Gel implants, the size was 340CC.
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