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I had my saline ( 500cc) under the muscle through...

I had my saline ( 500cc) under the muscle through the nipple crease back in 2003.

I was going through a divorce at the time. I was happy with my 34B bust tell I had kids. They were a little droopy after having kids. A lot of my friends had implants. I thought at the time this was what I wanted.

I wanted to be a full D and have cleavage. I was happy for a few years, but the past 5 to 6 years I realize I'm way to big for my body frame.
I hate them!! Wish I had never got them. If I had gone smaller maybe I would just keep them, but I saw this site in May 2012. I have seen so many great out comes. I decided I wanted to implant right then and there!
All you ladies have been so encouraging!
I'm only 700.00 dollars away and I'm looking at the end of April.
My PS from my implant surgery is doing it as the guy I saw before him was not supportive. I can't wait!!!

I forgot to mention I am going to be 46 in April....

I forgot to mention I am going to be 46 in April. If you can see from pictures I have a very small shoulders. I wrote this review quite quickly on my iPhone.
I also have a curbed rib cage. They tend to go to the side more. I wear a 32 DDD bra now. I have gained a little wait around the middle however and go up and down in my weight as my working out is inconsistent.
Hopefully that will change once I get rid of bags
They get in the way I feel.

Hi ladies My check should be here in a few days...

Hi ladies
My check should be here in a few days and I can pay on Monday for the rest of what I owe. I wanted to share with you that I am a little nervous with telling my roomate. She has implants that don't look like implants. She looks prportional. She had said I probable would be ok with my breasts if I lost wieght. Seriously? Have you seen my front picture of my brests. How could any one be happy with that fat or skinny!
She never liked my PS. She thought he went to big for my frame and blames him. She won't be happy that I'm going back. Honestly I feel I asked for this size. Truth was he is very well known and is a great surgeon and most importantly understandable. Also I have a boyfriend that is new and he says he's understandable. Well, we will see. Oddly I don't care. Lol
I did run into my x and told him. He thinks I'm crazy!!! Yes!!! I am a rebel and I like it!!!! Anyway I just needed to get that off my chest!

Hi ladies i have to push my date out a bit due...

Hi ladies
i have to push my date out a bit due to my CPR class that can't be changed. I seemed to have forgot about. I have to renew my RDA license at the end if the month. They were unable to bump it up and it's already paid for. Oh well everything happens for a reason.

Hi wonderful ladies ! I needed to chat. I set my...

Hi wonderful ladies !
I needed to chat. I set my date for may 22.
I told my roomate. She is not angry at me but said what I thought she said. She gave advice before I got my implants not to go to big. I was dating a real jerk at the time and he liked big boobs. She said she has lived with my disapiontment and wanted me to do something, but was hoping i wiuld get a lift and re implant. She is saying I can't complain if I'm unhappy when I get them out. I told her i wouldnt. She says she has known me for 12 years and knows I'm going to be unhappy.
She was shocked when I told her I didn't want to replace with implants .
She says I don't work out on upper body like some of the women on this site and won't get as good a result. She says my doctor is just looking to make money off me because he knows I will be back for more surgery.
She says I should wait for a lift. :-( I'm so sick of these things.
Please help with advice.

Well it's 22 more days left. I wanted to ask , I...

Well it's 22 more days left.
I wanted to ask , I was thinking about purchasing the per op kit but was wondering if it would be best to just purchase the Artica supplements, as I need to save as much money as possible.
Also should I stop eating tomatoes, berries and cucumbers? Could I by the Artica and cream at the health food store? Also, which cream again?
Basically what should I do before hand with little money?

I could use help with bras. I have to go to...

I could use help with bras.
I have to go to Macy's as I have a credit card I can use. I have to save as much as I can for anasegelogist . The escolar bra they recommend on RS has wires? I thought we are not suppose to wear underwires. The don't have the other brand that is fir night time.
I have some pics. I didn't buy anything yet. Just so confused. Do I need to purchase the size I used to be? 34 B?

Tomorrow morning

Bye bye. Excited the big day is almost here. 7:30am.
Can't wait to say good bye to these big implants. How I've hated them!
Thanks to you brave girls out there. Lots of love to u all!!

2 day update

Well I saw how they look . Shocking but still glad I did this. Plan on wearing bras 24. 7.
I have two more bras coming clear point # 218. One of the gals here recommends. Taking it easy
Hoping things will change in the months to come. Fluff fluff please.

2 day post op

Two bras


I'm worried about taking a shower and infecting my incision site?
He took them via nipple. I have taken one shower yesterday.
Wonder if I should take a bath and not have any water touch them, and wash my hair in the sink. The nurse said I can shower with regular soap without perfumes and oils. I am just wondering. I see my PS on Tuesday. I just feel very vulnerable

Nipple incision

Post op

Hi girls
My PS says I'm healing nicely and they haves moved up a little already and will continue to do so.
All is good. I see him again next Tuesday. Hugs

1 week and 1 week and a day

So there has been some improvement. I went back to work on Wednesday. I have been laying low, however last night I had my first glass of wine with an x boyfriend who is the sweetest man and always complements me. That's a whole other story there. Lol
I have cleavage with my sports bra but I have cleavage of a 47 year old? but overall it could be worse. Lol ( slight wrinkling)
I'm vain what can I say? Overall happy without my implants and again happy there is some improvement. See PS on Tuesday and his removing some glue. I do have my left breast with less upper pole than right. Not working out and just working my job as RDA and I do use my hands and arms but not lifting anything that's too heavy.
Thanks girls. Hugs and happy healing to all. ??


Sorry I put a whole year on me 46 . Lol

2weeks op

I saw my doctor on Tuesday and he removed glue on nips. Kinda uncomfortable but managed ok.
I told him my right breast seemed larger when in my sports bra but not so much when bare chested in mirror. I told him I was concerned about Seroma he checked with needle and no fluide. I do feel a little more sensitive on that side. He aside he tipically sees that with textured implants and has only seen it on one patient . He's been in practice for many years.
Anyway he did say take it easy the next 2 weeks. I told him I vacuumed the morning of my appt and I felt I was useing my muscles to much. He said yah you might want to avoid that.
Still worried about Seroma, guess I shouldn't be as he checked all over and moved that needle all around. Ouch!
Trying to do little with arms other then working and driving.
Wanted to up date you all. He said I moved up a little again. I see him in 2 weeks.
I will keep you updated as days go by. Hugs girls

1 month 1 day

Still very happy and I still have some cleavage? I am looking forward to buying some pretty bras that will contour my breast better. Tired of wearing 2 sports bras 24.7 but I know it's for the best. No pain rally once I had some funny weird feelings in left breast but nothing painful. I have another appt on July 9th. It might be my last?
Thanks girls and happy healing to you all!


Happy with the look and feel much more confident and comfortable with my small breasts. Honestly I never wanted to be in tanks at all with implants and felt like hiding myself. .

Boob tube

Can any one tell me about Boob Tube. It's 45.00 and I want to make sure it's worth it before I buy it. I'm about 7 weeks post explant.

2 months

2 months

Still happy with removing implants!
Even though they are saggy a little there much better than they were!
Thanks to all you ladies out there!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Very supportive. Overall he is a great surgeon and staff is great!

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