40 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Long Awaited BA and Getting Me Some Lipo. Bay Area, CA

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I'm hoping to have the feminine body I've always...

I'm hoping to have the feminine body I've always wanted! I'd been a 32A my whole life until the kids, when I did have a lovely full B cup while preggers. Afterwards, flat again with the added bonus of a good 15-20 lbs I can new shake. I've always worked full time and although I do work out I can't regularly. So that darn belly fat and lack of boobs make me look square! I'm getting myself some curves! I'm so ready, but also apprehensive.

I'm scheduled!

I've scheduled my BA and lipo for May 16th! Pre-op scheduled for April 26th. Very excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. I've friends who've had work done by Dr Beck and was also referred to him by my primary care/OBGYN. So, I know I'm in great hands, but still!!!

I'm excited finally have some boobs, but think I'm even more excited to get rid of the leftover chub on my abdomen and flanks! He said he wouldn't recommend me for a TT which is what I thought I needed. My skin I guess has good elasticity? I'm trusting that he knows best knowing what I'm trying to achieve. Considering my lifestyle, I'm probably putting myself down for enough! 3 kids, hubby, and FT job. I'd be out of commission too long with the TT. As long as I look good in my clothes I'm going to be very very happy! Right now....I feel like a square! Ready for some curves.

Pre-op well, but now radiology want to do another more extensive mammogram!

My preop appointment went very well. My husband came with me to make sure I asked all the questions I had, the ones he had, and he was able to hear the doctor needed us to hear. So nice to have him there for support!

Received all of my instructions orders for bloodwork mammogram and all the prescriptions I will need. As well as a shopping list of supplies they recommend I have for preop preparations, day of and recovery.

I went yesterday for my mammogram. First one ever! Yay for turning 40. Received a phone call this morning that they like me to come back for more extensive exam. Are you kidding me???? I've got enough anxiety leading up to my procedures....I didn't need this! So, heading in tomorrow and I'll find out at the end of the appointment of they see anything of concern!

Here I was feeling good that I was prepping weeks in advance. Getting it all done! And WHAM!!! Irregular mammogram....

Waiting for biopsy results....

Went in for my call back from my mammogram on Friday. They did another mammogram, an ultra sound and then biopsied two "unknown" densities in my left breast. After that, they put metal markers in each place and sent me back for another mammogram!

I am still bruised and was pretty sore for a few days. I am hopeful it's nothing but some fiberous tissues. Will see....

Call my doc's office to let them know. We won't make any decisions until I get the results back. I am just a little anxious.

Counting down - 7 days pre-op

I called the office today with a few questions. Took some pictures doing my own rice test. I'd decided with my doc on 400 cc mod profile gummy bears textured anatomical. Been spending the last couple days obsessing over if I picked the right size. They sent me the vectra image of the next size down (360). So now I'm going back and forth...I'm thinking if I change my mind at this point I'll regret it and that I really need to trust my doctor. I don't want to look unnatural. What do you all think? I'm also getting lipo of abs, flanks, and a little inner thighs at the same time! I'm feeling prepared. Husband is fully supportive and will take care of me and the kids too. Getting excited but nervous!

It's happening tomorrow morning!

I can't sleep! Just want to be on the other side of this now!

It's done! I am actually on the other side of all of this

Surgery went great had no idea what even happened! Survey was at 7:30a- lasted about 4 hours. But I'm in my own room at the hospital for another 10 hours. Best decision by my doc ever to stay overnight! Not going to lie…lipo is a mean b-z! Hurts to move!

Post op day 2. I'm home now.

I feel like I've been run over by a Mac truck. Having two procedures done at the same time...no words. My breasts are sore and a little painful, on my lower abs and sides are killing me. Getting out of bed and back in has been excruciating. So thankful that I spent The last 24 hours in the hospital with great nurses to care for me. So on my own now, I hear today and tomorrow will probably be my worst days. I have my surgical bra on and a compression garment that starts at my bra line goes all the way down past my knees. Super comfortable until I have to change my dressings. Still leaking a good amount of fluids… Yuck! Now to find a comfortable way to take a nap.

11 days post op

Wow! It's been a hectic and blurry week and a half. The first 3 days were a blur. I emotionally broke down on the morning of day 3 and immediately decided I was done with the pain meds. Went to Tylenol only. I was at home with the kids around in the evenings and I wanted to be as clear headed as I could be; the pain was awful from the lipo'd areas.

Day 5, I made my way out of the house on my own for a few hours. Felt good to move and be out. And that lead to a weekend of business and learning to maneuver life dealing with the pain - getting up and down from seated and laying down positions was the worst - but you have to try figure it out on your own at some point.

I went back to work on day 7 for half a day. Had my tubes removed from lower abs on day 8, and I've keep on going. I feel better moving than not. I get very stiff from sitting too long - have to switch back and forth. It's uncomfortable with this garment and foam on all day/night, but I am determined to do what the doc says - which is keep this on 24/7 right now (outside of showering now).

Speaking of this foam thing inside the CG....it sucks! Keeps my abs straight so as to not heal with a crease were I naturally bend when sitting/slouching. It is a pain to stick the foam down the CG with the gauze over the areas where incisions from tubes are. Pain to find clothes that I can where; and I still look my old shape with all this on and the swelling.

No pics right now. I am not taking naked pics; and really not much to see with my crotchless onesnie on (as I am lovingly calling it now).

So far I am very happy with the decision to get lipo and my BA. The pain of the BA is a walk in the park in comparison to lipo. Love the size of my new breasts! I was worried about a D-cup being too big for me. It's all perception and what looks good with the frame of your body. I am confident I chose the right doc and happy I did not second guess his recommendation.
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