Finally Getting my BA!!! Excited, Yet Very Nervious!!! - San Fernando, CA

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I'm 26 y/o, 5'4". 120 lbs. I have...

I'm 26 y/o, 5'4". 120 lbs. I have always been extremely self concious about the size of my breasts (I'm 34AA shooting for 34 C) and always dreamed of having bigger, fuller breasts and finally that opportunity has come to knock on my door. I get very nervious thinking about going under the knife and being put to sleep, but I can wait for all this to be over and finally be able to completely fill up a bra and not be shy and self conscious about my breast size. I love my body but I have always felt unhappy about my breasts.

I have my pre-op this saturday and my surgery is scheduled for April 13th, Im just nervious thinking about the recovery time, if I will be able to go back to work in a few days, I have an office job, but Im very active love working out spinning, boxing, zumba, cardio classes and I know that will have to wait a few months perhaps, does anyone have any advices they can give me for the recovery time, I've heard about getting a wedge pillow so I wont' roll all over my bed after surgery and button up pjs, but are there any other tips from ladies who have already been trhough this? any relaxation advice pre surgery I know I'm going to get super nervious! lol!! I would greatly appreciate any imput about going throught his.

I have my pre op this saturday and I think I'm...

I have my pre op this saturday and I think I'm getting a bit of anxiety and this might sound weird and I don't know if it has happened to anyone but my breast are feeling too sensitive and kind of hurt...i guess they know what's about to happen lol! =P I think it's just me thinking too much about it, my surgery is still a week away and the days couldn't be going any more slower!

Also, my hubby will be working on the day of the surgery so I'm going to be home alone, any tips on how to make it easier for me to survive the first day or do you just sleep for the rest of the day? I know I need to have things handy, maybe prepare food before hand and just have everything near me in case I can't get off of bed...hmm I really don't know what to expect after I get home from surgery =/

So I had my prreop on Saturday and we went over...

So I had my prreop on Saturday and we went over implant sizes I am going with 350cc silicone high profile, but now that I'm home I am debating if I could go 375cc, my consultant said it might be too big for my frame to support it, but the doctor is going to see if he can do it, if not 350cc it is I guess on the day of the surgery we are going to make the decision =/ Also, since I don't really have a defined crest underneath my breasts my ps is going to make the incision in the areola, so the scar is less visible, I was super concerned about sensitivity loss but I guess it's just a chance we have to take, but thank goodness my dr has great reviews and his patients seem extremely happy with their results.
I am getting nervous about the surgery, and I had a minor anxiety attack at 3 am today, woke up thinking, what if this isn't really what I want? or what if after the surgery I regret it? I guess it's just the nervousness that is making me second guess myself. Ahh Friday can't come soon enough, I have to start getting everything ready and make sure my place is clean and I have everything handy and ready for after the surgery, I guess I overthink everything way too much hehe! Thank goodness for sites like this I keep reading the blogs to give me courage and inspire me, I know things we'll be ok and I will finally be able to feel confident about my looks.

Thank you soooo sooo much to everyone for your...

Thank you soooo sooo much to everyone for your time and responses, this trully makes me feel more at peace and can't wait to get back to all my activities once my BA is done, and of course perhaps the harderst thing to do will be to learn to stay still and be patient since I'm the type of person who is always moving around. Thank you Drs. for all your imput!

So tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!! I can't wait, these...

So tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!! I can't wait, these past few days have been going sooooo slow... I went shopping yesterday for a bunch of pillows, button up pillows, straws, crackers, they told me to drink coke for the nausea (i'm not a soda drinker at all, but just in case and hopefully it works, lol!) and now I'm just counting the hours until the big day... I am definitely going through with it, I am still nervous and from time to time I ge a minor anxiety attack but this is something I really want and I can't wait to finally have a woman's body and not look like I got trapped in a 10 year old body =/ ...ahh so excited I'm trying to keep a positive mind and just think about the benefits in the long run, my surgery is at 7 am tomorrow so I'm trying to focus on leaving all tidy up at home, finish all my errands and making sure I have all I need to survive while hubby is at work. Can't believe after all these years, I'm finally able to get my BA! Yayyy!! bye-bye girly body, tomorrow I will look and feel like a woman!!! Eveyone hope you have a lovely day!! =)

So i hadn't been able to sit in front of the...

so i hadn't been able to sit in front of the computer, but I DID IT, I WENT THROUGH WITH THE SURGERY AND NOW I HAVE BOOBIES!!!!! this happened last friday I went to my ps offeice at 6:am, went in the OR at 7:00 am and was our at 7:55, woke up at 8:45 and was home at 9:15 am, I couldn't believe how fast it all was!!! The nurses were extremely nice, we had some good laughs, in fact all i can remember before waking up with my new boobies was talking to the nurse and laughing about how it seemed I had chosen the perfect rainy day to stay at home after the surgery, I can't remember feeling drowsy at all just waking up and the doctor telling me it went all great! He tried different sizes on me but ended up using 300cc smooth, round, high profile silicone implants, I love the size they are right now, I know they are swollen and will probably go down a size but I know my ps tried to go as big as my body could take, he didn't want to over stretch either but he knew i wanted big so he tried to go as much as my body could take without compromising my skin. I'm very happy with my results so far. There is dark bruising on the sides of the incicion and it's more prominent on my left breast, I bruise very easily so I'm assuming this is perfectly normal, I have my second post op this friday and my ps is probably going to giving me a band to push the implants down since they are very high at this moment, and also we will start the massaging in a few days. I have just been home these past three days just resting and getting used to the idea of not being able to do much.Saturday morning was specially hard because I woke up feeling a lot of pressure on my chest and it felt a bit hard to breathe then the pain started kicking in which wasnt' as bad as I had expected but the pressure definitely took me by surprise, thank goodness as soon as i took vicodin I felt so much better and took a 3 hr nap hehe, friday and saturday I spent mostly sleeping and yesterday just rested my hubby help me with a sponge bath I can't shower yet until I see my dr on friday. Today I'm back to work just taking it easy, I have an office job so I know I will be ok sitting in my desk just entering data this week, although I took half of a vicodin and I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy but there is no pain just a little bit of itchiness on the incision site. I will post pictures soon. Hope everyone has a great day!

It's been 10 days post surgery and I couldn't be...

It's been 10 days post surgery and I couldn't be happier with my boobs, they are looking better by the day and I'm feeling much better as well sometimes I forget I just had surgery a few days ago and I catch myself trying to do more than I should be doing and one of those things is working out it has been quite hard just taking it easy this past few days I find myself with too much free time on my hands and get a bit bored and frustrated I can't go to the gym yet ....patience is definitely not one of my forte lol!
But I must be partient, last Saturday I had my stiches removed and my PS said everything looked great and I could start massaging, I think I over did it and today myright breast incision reopened on two small points and it hasn't stopped bleeding all day. I saw my PS earlier today and he said to stop massaging and just cover the incision with gauze, I have to see him in a week hopefully the insicion will close by then I'm a little sad I had to stop massaging I don't know if this is a setback but I guess now I have to be very careful and take good care of myself. I am glad the doctor said the bleeding is only superficial and not internal, I am a bit scared hopefulky by tomorrow I'll stop bleeding, but I'm till very happy with my girls hopefully everything else will be OK from now on.
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