My non surgical nose job is INCREDIBLE! I'm completely BLOWN AWAY!!

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San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Watson from searching through the San Diego plastic surgeons and was impressed by his credentials (Harvard, hello!!) and that he is a rhinoplasty specialist. I just didn't want to go to someone who does a little of everything. I went to the appointment hoping that I'd be a candidate for a non-surgical rhinoplasty because I'm way too busy with school and work to undergo the recovery time. Also, the cost of surgery is so much more and I was really hoping to make my nose prettier this summer. What I loved the most was that he took his time. He looked at the outside (and inside) of my nose and weighed the pros and cons of surgery and filler for my nose. I liked that he didn't just go ahead and put filler in right off the bat even though it's what I asked for. He helped educate me about the benefits of each one and agreed with me that with my goals filler would be the way to go (at least until I can afford to come back for a formal rhinoplasty). My main concerns were the hump on my nose (from my Dad's side) and also an indentation on the left side when you look at it straight on. It made it look crooked. I have to say the procedure was muuuuch easier than I thought...that numbing creme seriously works. It's not totally painless but I'd say 1-2/10, max 3/10 sometimes. It's nothing compared to what I thought it would be. He's definitely a perfectionist. He would stop and step back, walk around me, then focus on an area and step back. It was kind of fun..he was very artistic in his approach and I loved that. He let me see the progress as we went along and then of course at the end. My profile is amazing!!! The hump is totally gone, not visible at all, and I have the perfect tiny amount of slope. He filled in the crooked part from the front so finally my nose look straight! I've always avoided side profile photos and even ones straight on because of these problems. I'd always have to photograph at an angle on my right side. It's totally better. I'm BEYOND impressed what he did without surgery. I just wish this would last forever! I'll be coming back for tiny touch ups every year to maintain this awesome result and I hope I'll never even need surgery! SOOOO happy that I did it!!

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