Just Do It! I Explain How Much Pain You May Go Through and Procedure Itself in Detail

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I wasn't out of shape but had somewhat difficult...

I wasn't out of shape but had somewhat difficult love handles and little tummy that i wanted to go away. When i told my friends they thought i am insane because i am not round or overweight i just wanted perfection and 100% flat stomach. I was looking at gazillion of different lipos - from laser to Vase and decided on Vaser. I AM GLAD I DID VASER, here's why.

First of all Vaser is tumescent - meaning they fill you with saline liquid that shrinks your vessels and nerves and expands your fat and in case of bleeding most of your blood will be ether sucked out or leak out itself with the liquid so you will have minimal bruising if any. In my case i have zero bruising.

Quite drastic if you are awake - please promise me you will not look, ask them to cover your head or put you asleep. You will need that. I was awake because the thought of putting me down or asleep freaks me out so i decided i can take it :) i've done few surgeries before while awake so anything from watching doctor cutting me up to smelling my burnt skin - i used to that. Well, this procedure is quite more. I took some xanax to help me relax because i was scared before procedure to death after a pill i felt great and finally got on the table. well, saline liquid that they pump into you has something in it that cancels the xanax effect so within 5-10 minutes i was as awake as i could be. I was ok at that time though. During filing me in with the liquid doctor was very patient and did it really slowly so i had minimal discomfort - i think the most so-called pain i had was mental from anxieties at that time - a metal stick poking me and expanding my skin kinda freaked me out a bit so it wasn't really painful but little dramatic on my side.

After you all filed in with saline liquid - don't look at yourself you will look like grandma with sagging skin and as fat as you never wanted to be - i had whole gallon of water under my belly and it looked nasty - that by the way didn't freaked me out but i did have a thought telling my doctor to stop and pump it out LOL

here begins the Vaser part - easy! this was the easiest part. other than high pitch sound that goes from that metal stick through your body and bones to your head it was ok. the sound was annoying but there was no pain at all...

Next step is sucking all this mess out - this is when i totally freaked out and asked for one more xanax with hope it will help. Sucking sound and watching your fat and blood traveling through tube - ouch! it was not painful but i really felt like i am about to pass out, this is when i started feeling like puking and got really disturbed. Xanax didn't work ether so i was on my own braving for the better...

I must admit - i gave so much crap to my doctor in the beginning - it took him almost 90 minutes to fill me in with liquid in the beginning - he did excellent job, took things slowly but by time he was sucking out all the liquid and blood it was 5,5 hours later... supposed to be just two hour procedure and it took almost 6... Doctor, nurse and of course me were all tired by now, i was insanely exhausted and wanted to go home.
My doctor was absolutely excellent! His patience with me and the way he handled entire procedure - was unbelievable. He also did a great job on me!

Sucking out fat was fairly quick - maybe 30 minutes or so, then doctor fine-tuned my abs in superficial layer of my skin, then they wrapped me in compression garment - they actually put some sterile towels on my open holes and then put maxipads on top of them so all liquid is drained and held by them - i didn't drip a drop on my clothes or bed!!! good job!

Anyway, i was on my way home- hungry and tired as hell, not in pain but started feeling little burning there and there so i ate, took vicoden and went to bed around 9pm

I woke up around 3am for a bathroom break - i tried to lift myself up and this is when i felt the pain - yes it was painful - my abs felt like someone scrabbed them with a metal brush or maybe i did 2000 crunches in 5 minutes - very very sore. this is when i said to myself - "OMG why did i do this to myself" anyway, took one more pain pill and went back to bed - i could feel the vicoden working slowly and in about 45 minutes i felt asleep.

Best part about this pain was - you only feel it when you move or try to move - there's NO pain even when your painkillers worn out but you don't move.

Woke up in the morning around 9ish - laying in bed no pain but don't attempt to move ether, got up with help of my loved one - yes it was somewhat sore to get up, felt a little dizzy but decided not to take any pain meds anymore so since last night i didn't take any at all...

Day 1.
Sore - yes when i move, do i feel any different other than laying in bed and being served meals - no :) Walking is somewhat difficult and somewhat painful. scale 1-10, pain level is about 9 when you move... about 1 when you don't. i gave 1 when you don't move because there's some minor itching around the incision areas

Day 2.
Big difference - ok i am not as sore anymore by far - i am still sore, it's not really painful but rather sore. Walking - you will look like a grandma with arthritis that lost her cane but you can walk around ok. Can you go to work yet - absolutely not! Unless you pack yourself with pain killers and even in this case i don't think you should be working ether unless you are a comedian :) had to remove soaked maxipads and replace them with dry ones - while doing that - OMG i look soooo insanely great! no love handles - sides are all smooth, even and my tunny is gone!!! But i expect to swell soon so it's just a quick preview :) Pain level - 6 when you move, 0 when you don't

Day 3.
Felt about the same as day two - i sort of expected to feel better but felt just a tiny bit better than day two. pain level - 5 when move, 0 when dont

Day 4 .
Ok, now i can make myself a meal, walk around, sit, shower, slowly but possible - did i tell i felt better to my loved one - no, i thought i'd let them to take care of me for a little longer while i pretend to be sore. :) Swelling began - bummer! now i look fat again ;) my sides look ok but my tummy got a bit bigger since last time i checked it :) it's ok it will go away - time to tighten up my compression garment. pain level - 4 when move, 0 when don't

Day 5.
I can go to work now but i don't think i will just because. I have 180 sick days so i will call in sick and watch drama all day. Feeling much much much better and if you need to go to work you probably can... maybe a tylenol or two and you should be good. pain level about 2-3 when move.

next few days - your pain will go away but in few situations when you'll move you will experience some soreness so i'd leave it at 1-2 pain level, i'd say soreness level instead since it's not really pain. :)

few important things you need to know.

Compression garment is very important:
1. On first couple days it reduces bleeding and squeezes out the liquid and blood from your body so you have less bruising. You must use your compression garment properly - it has to be tight - the more juice you'll squeeze now the faster your recovery is going to be!
2. Next few days when you get swelling - this belt will keep it to minimum so keep it tight!
3. After about a week or two you need to wear it still because it will put your skin into place when swelling will start going away and will tighten your skin into place.

Anyway, week, two, three, still waiting but see good results...

8 weeks.

yes i did have to go through some i'd say minor pain, i mean the pain is kinda wrong word for this. I expected i am going to be in agony 24/7 as after some procedures but i was really ok even the next day - i didn't move - no pain, moved - yes sore... real walking around torture lasted just few short days but then it went away and i was fine and look exactly i wanted to! i am sure if i took pain killers during the first few days i probably wouldn't feel any pain at all...

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