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Had a full TT with MR and hernia repair on...

Had a full TT with MR and hernia repair on 12/24/12. I just went in for my first post-op appt today. I couldn't believe it when they took the garment off. I nearly cried. I started having kids when I was 18, so I have never had a "normal" belly as an adult. The pain hasn't been too bad. I'm walking around pretty well. Just trying to rest and stay up on my pain meds. Thank you for this site, it has been so helpful!

Ps- how do I add pics from my iPhone?

Ps- how do I add pics from my iPhone?

Okay, I'm going to try to add pictures.... ...

Okay, I'm going to try to add pictures.... Feeling great the last few days. I over did it a tad yesterday by going to the bank and grocery store, but no major harm done. My back is killing me from walking hunched over. I'm trying to come up with creative ways to walk, but I'm pretty sure I'm embarassing my husband. Whatever helps, right? I'm really focusing on a good mix of activity and rest because I have to be back at school full time on Jan. 7th, and clinical rotations on the 9th (nursing school). Other than the inconvenience of snapping and unsnapping the crotch of my compression garment when I have to potty, I have no major complaints so far. :)

Both drains out today (day 9). Just getting...

Both drains out today (day 9). Just getting redressed in the exam room I felt better not juggling those things. I totally get the excitement now. And there was really no pain. I can't believe how well I've done so far, considering I'm normally a huge wussy crybaby.

I bought a couple new shapers/compression panties...

I bought a couple new shapers/compression panties yesterday. I've been wearing the one they put on me after surgery up till now. It felt fine, except it has zippers down both sides that kind of dig into my hip bones. So the one I'm wearing today feels so much better. I actually have more support up the center of my abdomen. It's "Miraclesuit extra firm high-waist brief." I feel like I'm not holding my breath so much when I walk around (I have a bad habit of holding my breath to avoid potential discomfort). Beside that, I've started to have this sharp nerve pain near my right hip, worse at night, so probably because of the late day swelling. Everything else is peachy keen. Soaking up my last two days of vacay. I will post new pics this weekend, as the swelling is better each day.

I went back to school Monday, but the first two...

I went back to school Monday, but the first two days were just in the classroom. Last night I did 5 hours of actual work taking care of patients and walking constantly. My abs were very tight when I got home. I took half a Valium, which I haven't had to take since the first couple days. I'm still laying in bed this morning. I can feel a lot of tightness still. The swelling isn't any worse than usual though. I'm back to it tonight, but then not again till next Wednesday, and then we have semester break. I didn't have to use my prepared "I hurt my back," so I can use that tonight if I have to.

Everything else is great. I could not be happier with how my recovery is progressing. I'm finally bandage-free. My husband says from the front it looks like they sawed my in half. Good things he likes that kind of sick stuff. He has laid in bed the last couple nights running his hand over my belly. And he didn't want me to have this surgery because he was happy with how I looked before. But I think he's beginning to like the new smoother me :)

Okay, 20 days out... Doing great. The pictures...

Okay, 20 days out... Doing great. The pictures were taken this morning. I have a swollen pooch above my incision by the end of the day, like most of you have shared. I'm starting to get the "spitting stitches" thing. Nothing has opened up, just that I can feel and see some clear little stitches in a couple spots. I just trim them close to the skin. My ps told me to massage my belly button every day in a circular motion so it doesn't close up. The only thing he said to use on my scar is Maderma. My c-section scars had faded to nearly nothing, so I'm not very concerned about the scar.

I was expecting my period to be a bit late, because it usually is when I have any kind of stress, but it came right on time. So when that bother is gone, I can get down to business with my husband. He is really enjoying the results now. He wasn't expecting my waist to get as defined as it has. He has always made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, but I can tell he likes the change. I'm happy about that because I was worried he wouldn't really notice.

Guess that's it. Summer can't come soon enough, as I'm sure all of you agree :)
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