Saline Breast Implant Removal in 3+ Weeks! San Diego, CA

I have had under muscle saline breast implants...

I have had under muscle saline breast implants since I was 20 (7 years). I believe they are 350cc. I was a 36 small B before the procedure, and a 36 D afterwards. I really do not want to have to undergo a lift, nor do I want smaller replacements of the implants. My doctor recommended waiting 6 months for them to heal/skin to shrink on their own, and then decide if I want a lift. So, the surgery is in about 3 weeks and I am really nervous. So many women's stories on here were so helpful to me. I am so hoping that I will not need a lift because I just regret the whole thing already and do not want to undergo more and more surgeries. Does anyone want to share their experience with removal without a lift with me?
Anyways, I am so excited to be free. I feel like I have been walking around in someone else's body with big annoying things on my chest weighing me down. I used to love them when I was very young and far more insecure, but the implants began to ripple, sag a lot, my nipples got huge for some reason, and I'm just tired of having no chest strength, I feel like I cannot take my health and fitness to the next level. I remember being made fun of a lot for not having breasts growing up, and I am just so angry I let that resonate with me, like it was something I needed to fix about myself. What it has really turned out to be is an expensive mistake and now I just pray my poor little breasts will snap back. I do not have the money for this but I have heard that it is better To do it younger due to skin elasticity, so I am just getting in out of the way ASAP. I will post pictures day of and soon after the procedure, and keep you updated regarding the skin shrinking issue. Any advice would be so very appreciated, I am extremely nervous because the day I got my implants was the most horribly painful day of my life! How does explant pain compare?

Surgery pushed back to December 9th

For some reason the thought of one extra week is KILLING me. I am becoming accustomed to thinking of myself without implants, and now they just seem so foreign, bulky, and in my way. I cannot wait. Two more weeks!

Surgery tomorrow morning

Going to be up bright and early for this. I have not sat still all day, and I doubt I'll sleep much. I'm depending most on the kind words from people on this site. As soon as I get pictures of them when the wraps are off, i will post.
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