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Hi so im 35, married, i have three kiddies (8 yr...

Hi so im 35, married, i have three kiddies (8 yr old girl, 4 yr old girl and my 15 month old boy).My hubby is my age two days older than me. I've been married 11 years. It's been great. My Life on tummy...I've had issues with that since I was a little girl. So I didn't have a nice flat or smooth stomach ever. Hahaha more like Rolls. And ppl let me know that for years i can remember up until i left LA at 18 yrs old. At 20 I had lost weight maintained (i manage a weight of 150pds for up until i had my 1st bby. I was 27) it for a many years after that. At 21 I had a BA. So my boobs distract anybody from my stomach. After my first bby i got into WW that has saved my life. I love that program. I always went to the gym...it wasn't until Jan2009 I got into weight training...then in March 2010 my hubby and I purposely conceived hoping for a boy. I have two daughters. God gave us are boy. Boom done! No more for me or him, cos we got him fixed. And I have an IUD. So he said after this go heal, then redo your breasts if you WANT to. My gift to you. Heck yeah!!! Then I said ey what do u think of a TT? He said whatever you LIKE! Just find yourself a surgeon you can trust. WoW!! I lost bby weight i am 168 pds 5'8. Life goes on and a little light comes on and I said Dr. Pousti. I had heard & read about him...saw some video on his work. It wasn't Anesethsia that scared me, I've done it before ( but hearing ppl talk about it. I let it bring fear to me) Just The thought of waking up during surgery freaked me out more than anything. I can deal with pain and pain pumps sounded cool. But the waking up part ugh...no like. Feb 14 was my day...my hunny drove me to the center...I was happy...of course a tiny scared..my kids are 8,4,15 months old. And I Love my hubby. But I'm strong and ready more than ever. My hubby is a horrible liar and he told me he would take care or find us people to help us for 4-6weeks. And if I needed a nurse to go ahead and get one. You know I almost cancelled the TT. Cos I felt guilty (the cost). And I did..I told my friend what I did and she said...WHAT are you crazy? you better rethink this. Rarely anybody would have this chance! Your right....and so it just took for me to snapped a few more pics of myself and I said..okay sign me up. And I did it.

I'm 5 days PO. I feel great..I've been taking Tylenol for pain since yesterday. So on Feb 14 2012. I had Reconstution BA BL Scar Capsule remove TT extension Lipo of the flanks And that's it. Surgery was at 730am. I was done around 130pm. Long procedure...lots of cleaning of that old boob job. I came home. My wonderful nurse took care of me all night. I felt like a newborn baby and my mama next to me..swear I not kidding. For anything she was right there. I walked into my room that first day after, her and my hub were fixin the pillows...I hahahaha tried lay down...Oooooh damn! I felt that!! Then it took a few try's softly this time and boom I was good. Knock out. I woke up at 7pm No appiite I almost became nausas, but in seconds it left me. I coughed on purpose and ooh boy. I did my deep breathing. I tried to pee but it couldn't happen.i sat there and nothing. I got scared a bit.

Then later ( same first day) it was late and raining outside 1130pm I told my nurse look go get me a Cather this is freaking me out. No prob..she is barely getting her stuff..while I'm in the bathroom and just like that I go. Awww. Im like stop her! It's cool...it's cool! I'm good. She was with me for two days. With wonderful world of encouragement she had me walking the next day. Made sure I ate. Gave me a cleaning. I felt safe.

After that Thursday night it was all hubby to care for me and are 14 month old bby boy. My daughters are awesome. They can do for themselves for the most part. My hubby has been setting his alarm to wake himself up to fetch me my medicine (antibiotics or percosets) then he asked if I need to use he RR and helps me. I don't even need the help. I feel great. But just the thought the love he's put in this recovery has made me feel positive. Till this day I havent cleaned my drains. The nurse did it or my hubby. I've been spoiled. I thank God so much for the people he's put in my life for this. Because its a very uncomfortable position to be in.

I get to see my Boobs and tummy tomorrow Monday 6day post op. i have no idea how i will react. A normal stomach..for me. The thought just makes me cry everytime i think about it. btw: all week I wrote down my thoughts and if for second I felt sad..I just look at my before pics that hang on my wall next to me. Ooh yeah thas why I did this. I'm very Thankful for a safe healing so far. Tomorrow I get to see my Valentines gift from my more than words can say...my Darling husband. This was Wow! It leaves me speechless.

One week since my surgery. I woke up to use the RR...

One week since my surgery. I woke up to use the RR and notice as I walked by the mirror my binder was pulled way up. I think it mess with one of my drains cos it is not draining. Also i did wake up to major soreness were my inscieon was made. My boobs aches, but it's more my cut. The last time I took a percoset pill was at 230am. For now the pain is tolerable. Soon as I get my day going for my walking around my house, I'll take one.
Today I will be on my own. All my three kids are at school or daycare. Hubby had to go back to work.
My plan is to get plenty of rest and some walking, I'm so Thankful for my walker. I am so glad I had this done. : )
If your planning this surgery....just know it's so worth it.

Day 17 so it is and Life is Good. Finally!!! ...

Day 17 so it is and Life is Good. Finally!!! yesterday my doctor removed both of my drains. For me it did not hurt. First the site is numb with 4 little pokes. Then it was removed in matter of 2 -3 seconds. It was quick and easy, helps when you take a deep breath. I feel and look fantastic. I am healing very well...only minimal soreness. Tylenol is what I take for the discomfort if any. I am still walking hunch over. And i can not shower until my fourth week. My breast are lovely. They too are healing well. I'm very happy with the size he choosed for me. My doctor recommends me to wear a spanx for the next 4 weeks. He also notice on my Tummy tuck pubic bone area it was pink. A tiny bit open like the scab was peeling off. He RX some antiboiotics. I still plan on taking it easy. I am in not rush to do anything. Summer will be here before I know it, my kids will be off school. I want to make sure I'll be very healed up and ready to play with them. For now this is my vacation from my busy life. I wish everyone a great day. ; )

3 weeks today. I feel great! Everything has been...

3 weeks today. I feel great! Everything has been smooth. Or so i thought. Last week I did things I thought were easy. Unfortunately for me it wasn't. On Saturday I notice the scab/suture was rubbed off on my surgical dressing. Then on Sunday after I came back from the market. I checked again and I saw my scab rubbed off. I didn't think I was gonna rip or bleed to death. I called my Doctor to see how I can heal it or put it back together. ; ) honesty I thought he was gonna talk crap... Instead he was wonderful and understanding. He told me if I wanted to come in on Monday. I didn't go in. I'm good. I see him Thursday so until then I'm sure I'll survive. So thas what I get for trying to do stuff. FML on that part. For now I'll chill. Not like I gotta be somewhere and my clothes don't fit me. So I sit. ; )

Day 24. I'm not feeling it at all. I'm so upset...

Day 24. I'm not feeling it at all. I'm so upset because my incision has separated. It's not deep. It is long like 4inches long, very little drain, it is a tiny white. I have a pic of it. Im wearing the lighter pink undies. The good things its nipot dep or nor do I have to pack it. My doctor says to just let it heal. As a matter a fact many doctors when asked the question they tell you to let it heal on its own. Damn it! I haven't even showered or excersiced and this shit happens!! I am on antibiotics. I know i will be fine...just this lags. Thas ll I have for now. :/

5 week...and Doctor suggest I still not shower...i...

5 week...and Doctor suggest I still not shower...i couldn't help it...I had to. Not like anything more is gonna happen...and if it does OH WELL tough luck. So since 3/4/12 my incision became separated leaving a valley of white stuff inbetween. Doctor saw it gave me Antibiotics and I was safe from infection.He called it a superfiscal wound, to not worry this will heal itself. That was last Thursday. As of today the front part that did separate in the first place has healed. The other area is still a pain in my ass and has cause my additude to change to a bitter soul. So no pain like ouch since way back, and I can stand straight. I try not to because it will stretch the tiny hole that is seperated. It's all gross really. So no freedom, no gym, still hunch, looking ugly, scared for infections that lurk around, ooh yeah and i'm mad swollen. Sure its great I don't have that nasty fat layer of butter. I'm chill for now, just a little setback. Not like I need to be somewhere. Everything should or will be there when I step back in the game. To you ladies who might consider...Just do it. But remember things can go wrong...Even if your a strong Hercules type of chicky.
Life is good.
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