Matrix RF - San Diego County, CA

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Why I did it: I have great skin and inorder to...

Why I did it: I have great skin and inorder to keep looking young, I decided that I needed to begin a maintainence program now before the wrinkles started. Peels where not an available option at the time, as I am still nursing my child. I was told by my Aesthetician that Matrix RF would be great for me, because it was for all skin types and would not effect my nursing.

Pros: It is supposed to build collagen for a long time after the procedure, prevent wrinkles and if you have fine lines or pigmentation eliminate them. Supposedly, minimal downtime.

Cons: It leaves millions of minute dots all over your face that are red in the beginning, but then eventually turn into scabs and flake off. The downtime was about 2 and a half weeks!! My face felt like it was on fire for about 45 minutes after the anesthetic wore off. To help with the pain, I then needed to have a cool fan blow on my face and take ibprofen.

Over the next couple months, I say no good results! I really expected since my skin was almost perfect to begin with, that after the first treatment, I would see immediate wonders, right? But nothing! I thought maybe I need the next treatment. So I had the 2nd installment of the Matrix RF done. Same millions of dots all over my face that eventualy scabbed and then flaked off. And this time I noticed a few tiny dots of pigmentation spots left over! I refused to have the 3rd and last treatment. My skin looked worse than before the first treatment Results: 0!! My skin about a year and a half later, now has PORES...never had I seen pores on my face before the Matrix RF. My entire skin also seems to have a slight texture to it. The texture is almost like that of an orange peel, but smoother. Before the Matrix RF, I had smooth poreless skin. I also thick my skin is thicker too. Thicker/textured skin was not what I was going for!

In Closing: Maybe the Matrix RF is for elderly skin. At least the before and after photos I saw were only of elderly women with drooping/sagging skin. I figured wow, if these women can be improved, then my skin should be amazing after only one treatment, let alone 3! But now I realize, these photos should've tipped me off that this procedure is probably best suited for that skin type and not mine! I am floored that I paid so much $$$ (and $1500 was a discount!!!) to be worse off then when I started! I do not recommend this treatment for anyone under 80 years of age.

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