Great Experience with Facelift for Sagging Neck, Jowls and Pouches

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For the past several years I had been looking in...

For the past several years I had been looking in the mirror and becoming increasing unhappy with my appearance. I had substantial weight loss of fifty pounds when I was a teenager, a twenty-something, and after the birth of my children. I smoked for more than 20 years in an effort to lose weight and keep it off. That worked but it did no favors to my skin. Genetics weren’t on my side either. I began to notice that I had the same jowls and pouches as my father and the same sagging neck as my mother. Mind you, I have been taking care of myself physically for many years. I had quit smoking, I ate a healthy diet, and I exercised. But these were things that all of those lifestyle changes could not repair. I decided that I was going to have cosmetic surgery.

Not knowing anyone who has had any cosmetic surgery here in San Diego, I did a lot of research online. I looked at procedures, read blogs, and most importantly, looked for the best cosmetic surgeon. I decided that I would get opinions from five doctors. I visited the first two who each had his own idea of how much surgery I would need to look natural and for everything to blend. Although the first one was very nice, I just didn’t feel the right connection, the trust, for surgery. I felt the second doctor was a little too aggressive with what he thought would look right for me. Both doctors showed me albums of pictures of previous patients. When I requested to speak to one, though, they avoided a direct answer to me.

However, after the evaluation with Dr. P, I was able to speak to several patients directly. For a patient to be willing to speak to another patient about such a private matter was very persuasive for me. I was so impressed and felt so comfortable, I went home and told my husband, this is my doctor. There is no need to go anywhere else, this is the man that I trust to do what I want done and I was confident that I would be pleased with the results.

Pleased does not begin to describe how I feel about the results. The jowls are gone, the pouches are gone, and the saggy neck is gone. I didn’t want to look 20 years younger, I just wanted to look a better me. I wanted it to look natural and it does. My friends and relatives are amazed at the results. Everyone says the same thing: “Wow! You look fantastic. It looks very natural.”

The entire process has been amazing. Dr. P is an exceptionally talented surgeon, a warm-hearted and caring person who is genuinely concerned with his patients. After our first conversation, I knew he was committed to do his best for me to achieve the results that I wanted. Dr. P brought back my confidence. I no longer feel old looking. I look like a woman who takes care of herself. It is a look that I deserve to have and Dr. P gave it to me.

This would not be complete without mention of Dr. P’s wonderful staff. I am so impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, attention, and friendliness. They followed up with me daily after the surgery, making sure that I was feeling ok and answering any questions that I had. I had support the entire time during my recovery. That was very reassuring to me.

I plan to have another cosmetic procedure in the near future. Rest assured, Dr. P will be the surgeon doing the procedure.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He is a very skilled plastic surgeon who is attentive to what kind of results the patient wants to see from the procedure. He is a very caring man who does his best to see that his patients are comfortable and completely satisfied with the results. He and his staff take every measure to be sure that the patient is fully informed and that all questions are answered.

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