Fraxel Repair Nightmare - San Diego, CA

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I am two weeks out from a fraxel repair and the...

I am two weeks out from a fraxel repair and the recovery has been nothing short of a nightmare. I have scars forming around my eyes and my face is still so red that someone asked my if I was having an allergic reaction. My skin is so sensitive that when I plucked an eyebrow hair it left a bruise. I have laser track marks all over my face and my skin is so dry that I wake up at night to put moisturizer on!!!! My face is also still swollen.

My skin looks 110% WORSE than when I started. I was told a week off work and I would go back to work a little pink. That is not my experience. Do any of the veteran fraxel repair victims have any advice?!

 I am now almost seven weeks out. I still...

 I am now almost seven weeks out. I still look pink on my face but I am able to cover it up with makeup. You can still see laser lines on my forehead and around my mouth but they are diminishing. My chest is still pretty red and I am uncomfortable in a v neck shirt. As far as the tightening goes yo can tell around my eyes and my cheeks at this point. My hyperpigmentation has begun to fade. And my scars after being injected 5 times have started to be a little more flat. Bottom line is it has gotten better but I still would not recommend the procedure. 

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This procedure should be taken OFF the market!

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