Ready to Love Myself from the Inside out - San Diego, CA

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I got a breast augmentation 2 months before my...

I got a breast augmentation 2 months before my 17th birthday. It was too easily attainable for me, so insecure at the time. Thinking I would "need" implants (my small A was hereditary.) Now I am 23 and have had a lot of self revelations and these implants are no longer serving me a purpose.

I just want my natural tiny boobs back while I am still young so that i never have to think about them ever again. I had silicone implants placed over the muscle. I am the same as when I got them, 5'4 and 120 lbs. I was a 32aa and went upto a 32c. I got them done in Mexico so I am not sure how many cc's. My breasts have not grown at all in fact I can wear a 32b or a 34 b. I have been researching the subject extensively and the searches are overwhelming.

Somebody, please advise to me from experience a board certified surgeon in the San Diego area. Many of my revelations include not only psychological but physical issues so I am looking for a surgeon that accepts insurance. I have had a strange dizziness and breast spasms that I meditate and push through but they just don't feel right. I have no pictures of my breasts before but the one I carry in my memories. I look at implant removal pictures on the daily and picture how cute and beautiful my boobs were. I have been so hard on myself for bringing this upon me and my family.

I am ready to LET GO, forgive, and teach myself one of the most valuable lessons in my life: loving myself from the inside out! And appreciating myself as nature intended. Please enlighten me friends of the community. I am ready to start my life again. A strong Hug to you all (hopefully soon without these implants) (:

I am all scheduled for my pre-op and my surgery...

I am all scheduled for my pre-op and my surgery date. I am anxiously awaiting July 13th!
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