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I'm 57, I have 5 grown children and 12...

I'm 57, I have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren to date - Dr Pousti did my BA and lift, August 2012, and he did a beautiful job! After 10 months I still have a hard time believing they belong to me! I have wanted a TT for over 25 years, but being a single mom with 5 kids it was just a dream, financially my kids came first. Now, on July 1st my dream of a TT will come true, thanks to a very special man in my life.
I'm 5'3 and 112 Ibs - I workout and eat healthy but no matter how much I exercise my tummy won't get flat! I have stretch marks mostly below my belly button and baby #5 was an emergency C-Section - so I have the scar with the pouch above. Having a scar doesn't bother me, I just want my tummy flat!
I've had my surgery scheduled since the middle of February. I'm an office manager for a large medical group so in order to take several weeks off I needed to schedule when Drs were out- thus the 4th of July week. I had my clearance, with blood work and EKG the end of April and I my Pre-op on June 10th. I got my RX's filled. Now I'm working on my to do lists. I know the days are going to fly by!
I live in So. OC - about 1 1/2 hours from the surgery center. So we will be staying in SD the night before and 2 nights following my surgery - Dr Pousti is so kind and caring he is actually going to come to my hotel Tuesday and Wednesday to check on me before heading for home. We thought it would be easier and lessen the stress to be close by the first couple days, I stayed in a hotel for a night following my BA / Lift and went to his office before heading home. It worked out perfectly.
The next 2 weeks are going to fly by - This week I need to tell 3 of my sons and their wives, they won't be surprised they know I was hoping to have it done this summer. They were surprised that I opted for the BA before the TT - My daughter in laws will be envious!

3 days post op

First let me say that Dr Pousti and his nurses and Dr Linda were the greatest, they were very attentive to my needs and making sure I was comfortable, they answered any questions I had. I felt calm and at ease knowing i was in such good hands. The first day I had very little discomfort but was taking my meds and also using the pain pump I slept off and on and had nausea most of the day - that was the worst part. I did try a some frozen yogurt and it worked the best for me. PO day 1 I ate fruit and frozen yogurt and drank smart water, sleeping off and on, with very little discomfort . That evening Dr Pousti stopped by the hotel and said i was doing great, more like being at a PO day 4 - so that made me feel good- PO 2 headed for home 1.5 hours away and stopped the Valium just taking the oxy and my keflex. My drains are light peach / pink and after 12 hours they were slightly over 25cc. I ate a little better , fruit and a small amount of grilled salmon and green beans. I'm Using my walker for walking and have a memory foam head and foot rest with a couple extra pillows and I'm very comfy.Today I'm getting up to go to the bathroom, without needing assistance from anyone other than my trusty walker. My boyfriend has been so wonderful and when he can't be here my son and daughter help me out. I am scheduled to go back earlier next week, since I live a distance trying to work it so all my drains can be removed. Thinking about switching over to extra strength Tylenol later today. Keep you posted just taking it easy and things are going way better than I expected- I haven't noticed much different from this and my BA and lift!!


Not much to show and tell :) I will post after my Dr appointment next week. Right now all you can see is drains and my band :)

4 days post op

My last oxy was at 11:30pm last night - I switched over to extra strength Tylenol this morning. After 13 hr I emptied my drains this morning and my right was about 20 and my left about 24. I was able to bend over my kitchen sink (good thing it is lower) and carefully wash my hair. I know I will have no baths for several weeks So I just use little wipes on my legs and arms. I have been wearing long strapless dresses - one of the nurses in the surgery center recommended the dresses when she called me before my surgery - that was one of the best suggestions I've had. so i went right out and bought 3 soft cotton strapless dresses and have been wearing nothing else since my surgery. BTW I have skipped the granny panties - I'm just not wearing any!
My wrap has gotten annoying its big on me and keeps riding up and I have to keep pulling it down. When DR P office calls today I'm going to see if I can make it a little tighter. I'm eating lots of fruits, veggies, staying away from processed foods. I'm doing great not really much discomfort my memory foam head rest and foot rest are very comfortable! - it will be good to get the drains out but that won't be until next week sometime. So for now I'm relaxing, reading, watching movies and doing things that normally I'm to busy to do:)

9 Day PO

Ya whoo!!! All my drains were removed, and I got a good look at my tummy. Dr. Pousti's hands are magical! I'm so excited i I can't believe how flat I am even though I know I'm swollen. My incision looks really good it was cleaned and surgical pads were taped over it.
Feeling really good, doing a lot of walking but taking it easy. I'm taking my keflex and extra strength tylenol or Advil as I need it. Go back for my 2 week PO 7/16. Here's a few pics.

15 Days PO

I had my 2 week PO with Dr Pousti today, my incision looks great, I need to continue wearing my spanx and to walk hunched over so I don't put stress on my incision, I want to keep it as thin as possible so I am following his instructions and making sure that i don't over do it! i can take quick showers but need to keep my incision as dry as I can, so for now I am going to wash my hair in the sink so I don't get my incision too wet. I've been off oxy and Valium since PO day. 4 so Yippee, now I am able to drive! This past week i was starting to go stir crazy at times so tomorrow I am driving to get my nails done. :) i get to start using the stationary bicycle and the treadmill at a slow pace, I'm used to working out so I'm very happy about that too. He also said i can please my honey now, and have some fun in the bedroom. ;) he's been such a good sport and so supportive, i couldn't have done this without him. I am more swollen this evening because of my 1.5 hour drive to and from San Diego but all in all I feel really good, and I'm amazed at how fast I have recovered. I go back to work on Monday, will try and get things organized for the week because I have a feeling when I get home I'm just going to want to rest. My next PO is 7/29 but Dr Pousti said to call if I have any questions. I cant say enough about his office staff , they call and follow up with me almost daily! Late Tomorrow we leave for 4 days in Vegas - a little relaxation before Heading back to the real world. Will post more pics later in the week.
It's a great feeling to be on the flat side! I am so happy I did it!

Almost 5 weeks PO TT and I'm very excited and happy with my new look!!

Almost 5 weeks PO feeling really good, this weekend I felt back to normal I ran errands, did laundry, cleaned my house (carefully)) redid my flower pots, went to my granddaughters swim meet and then to lunch. Also was told at my 4 week post po that i could work out with 5lb weights now so I added that along with the treadmill and bicycle to my work out today. I am wearing my spanx and still cover my incision with surgical pads as I still have some areas of scabbing, But no open areas, my BB is healing nicely. I am very happy with my results! And i know they will just get better! I am still swollen and know i will be for quite awhile. My ass is still MIA :) i am eating healthy and try really hard to avoid sodium and salt- I never used a recliner, still using my memory foam wedge and sleeping on my back, once in a while I go over to my side. Lucky for me I haven't had much problem sleeping. I've been back to work for 2 full weeks, the first week I worked and came home and rested. I listened to my body and did nothing but rest last weekend. The second week at work got easier. For me mentally I think it helped to go back to work and gradually ease into my normal routine. That third week at home was getting to me! I still listen to my body, I'm almost standing straight up, but not completely. Dr Pousti said by my 6th week I should be, I'm probably being overly cautious but I want to make sure I don't put added stress on my incision. I think I was one of the lucky ones, my recovery has been much easier than I thought it would be. My next appointment will be for my 8 week PO. Dr Pousti is one in a million, he's a very busy surgeon but I have always felt like I am his only patient! His office staff is great, very friendly and caring. My faith and trust is in Dr Pousti and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

4.5 Months PO TT and 14 Months PO BA and Lift

“I had such an awesome experience with Dr Pousti and his staff that when I had my BA and lift 14+ months ago and decided to proceed with a TT, there was never a question on who I would want to perform my surgery.
“Besides being an amazing surgeon, with magical hands, the special treatment i received from Dr P and his staff always made me feel like i was his only patient, even though I knew differently! I still can’t believe the body I look at in the mirror belongs to me!” If you are considering plastic surgery I strongly recommend you check out Dr Pousti's website - he is worth traveling for!

Granny Makeover

Mothers Day is fast approaching so I thought it fitting to update my story. For all the mothers and grandmothers that have always wanted or dreamed of a Mommy Makeover or a Granny Makeover, I want to tell you it's the best decision I ever made! I'm a mother of 5 grown children and soon to be 13 grandchildren. Over the years I dreamed of a mommy makeover but being a single mom, raising 5 children took priority over my wants. So, about 2.5 years ago, at the age of 56, instead of having a mommy makeover I decided to start the "Granny" makeover process - it all started with my daughter, we had been talking for years about both of us having makeovers when she was done having children, so a little over 3 years ago we got down to serious business and started looking for plastic surgeons. I work in the medical field and over the past several years had consulted with several plastic surgeons in OC and LA. She started her search in the Temecula / San Diego area. That was where she found Dr Pousti!!
I will never forget her excitement when she told me she found the Dr she wanted to do her surgery and how impressed she was with him and his staff. Just by her excitement I was on board! She went into high gear and scheduled her mommy makeover surgery for late April of 2012. There was no way we could have the surgery together because we were counting on each other for help. Besides, I figured I would observe the process first and make my decision after watching what she went through, after all I wasn't 30 or even 40 - I was 56!! A couple of days after her makeover I was fortunate to meet Dr Pousti when he made a house call to personally check on her. Wow who does that! I also was able to experience first hand Daisy or Dr. Pousti calling her everyday to see how she was doing! That was impressive! I started my "Granny Makeover " process by scheduling a consult with Dr Pousti in June of 2012 - Because of my work schedule and knowing that I would need 6 weeks off work if I elected to have my "Granny Makeover" all at once, I decided to schedule my breast augmentation and lift first. I made arrangements to take a two week vacation - I strongly recommend 2-3 weeks off of work!! It's now been over 2.5 years and I am thrilled with the results!! I am amazed that it could make such a difference - my breasts look fantastic. Daisy called me everyday for 2 weeks to check on me. I do want to stress that I followed Dr. Pousti's orders, as I wanted to make sure I didn't do anything to jeopardize his artistic work as a surgeon! I was so impressed by my outcome and by Dr. Pousti and his staff that when I went for my 6 month check up I scheduled my tummy tuck for July 1st, 2013, 10 months after my BA and lift. My breasts were perfect, now I couldn't wait to get rid of my pouch! After 5 kids no matter how much I exercised and watched my diet my pouch wasn't going away. I know this sounds crazy because a tummy tuck is major surgery but I had an unbelievable easy recovery, part of it may be due to the fact that I only had me to worry about, no young children to worry about. I also had my makeover in stages. Again, I followed all of Dr Pousti 's orders, I went back to work at the start of my 4th week post op and continued to take it easy for 3-4 more weeks- his staff called me everyday till I went back to work! It will be 2 years in July since my TT and when I look at myself in the mirror I am amazed, my body hasn't looked this good since I was 17! Dr. Pousti transformed my body, I continue to work out and watch my diet, so I that I can maintain the results he worked so hard to give me. So for all of the "Granny's" out there, that have been contemplating or dreaming of a makeover for years, it's never to late - do something for yourself - GO FOR IT - seriously! It's the best thing I ever did! It boosted my confidence, my clothes fit better and I feel younger!! I don't feel or look 59 and I'm having so much fun!

Here's pics




A few more

Update from yesterday

I guess I don't know how to post updates!! I was long overdue in my posting and for some reason when I posted yesterday it still says I'm 57 well that was 2 years ago! I'm 59 and loving the Granny makeover that Dr Poust so skillfully performed on me. I'm a firm believer that my results would not have been as good had he not been my surgeon!! If you are looking for a 1st class surgeon with a fantastic bedside manner and a super office staff - get in touch with him and schedule a consult. You won't be disappointed! I promise!!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pousti is truly an amazing surgeon he listens to what you want, to your concerns and takes the time to answer your questions. He is very caring, and goes the extra mile to make sure his patients are happy with their results. After my BA and lift his office staff called me everyday for 2 weeks to make sure I was doing OK and didn't have questions. I had such an awesome experience with him and his staff that there was never a question on who I would want to do my TT.

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