Two months, and feeling great! added more pics 4/28/14 -6/28/14

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I have two children, and I absolutely hate my...

I have two children, and I absolutely hate my stomach. No matter how many crunches, sit-ups, belly wraps, it is still UGLY, JIGGLY, and did I say UGLY. I have wanted a TT for many years, and I been to a few consultations, but did not really click with the ps. I met Dr.Gupta via a good friend, who had a few procedures done with him, and she looks great.
The initial consult was at his Encinitas office,his office manager Annette was very polite, and helpful. Dr.Gupta was extremely emphatic to my plight, and answered all of my questions, concerns,and was straight forward on what he wanted to do. I could tell that he enjoyed what he does for a living, as he was looking at my body, he was excited, like "yeah,I will do this, suck this out from here!". That made me feel comfortable, and confident that he knew what he was doing.
So, after the consult, Annette came in, and I said lets move forward, I have given a deposit, and scheduled for 4/4/14. I have been stalking this site for many months, and I like it here, the information is second to none, and the ladies encourage each other. I like that. I may add pictures at a later time.

Date change

My date has been moved to April 7th, no biggie. A few more days to prepare, I am literally on this site (when I'm supposed to working on my Masters thesis!). lol! I made a powerpoint for my ps, and myself of questions, pictures, tips, supplies etc...

I am a addict..

I am addicted to this site, and I have requested a few consultations from 2 other ps. OY VEY! Both responded within a reasonable amount of time (1 with a quote). My hubby is laughing, I'm like uggghh what to do? lol!

Holy moly!

You ladies wouldn't believe who I met with today?
I went to TJ today, and wow! I am in awe1

One month

I have one month until my surgery, and a lot to do. Buy supplies, arrange for recovery house stay, make sure I stay on top of my health, continue to exercise, and eat well. I so excited!

Here it is the

moment of truth, here is my pooch, after sucking it in for so long, it is hard to just let it out naturally. How did my body get like this?

The 28th of April!!

Thats the official date, I cannot change the date again. lol! I found this extremely helpful:
by ShesAGlamazon ยป Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:35 pmAs I went through my surgery and now as I go through recovery, I kept thinking of things I wish I had done differently to aid in my comfort, convenience, etc. Please keep in mind I got BBL, so you may have to adjust this accordingly for your own sx.WHAT TO PACK:Clothing:For this trip, depending on the length of your stay, you could truly get away with a backpack. The same outfit you wear in is the same outfit you can wear out. You truly need not pack much, especially if you are staying at BeautyCare, as they do your laundry and have other clothing items. If I had to do it again, I would pack:-2 pair of socks (preferably the soft microfiber kind with aloe)-1 pair of comfortable pajamas (I wore a button down shirt and pants to my post-op appt with Dr. Pantoja and was very comfortable. I would only bring one pair for post op visits. No need to get dolled up. You'll be sore and swollen. Your comfort level is tantamount to fashion at this point. BeautyCare had gowns and robes that I lounged in and most of the time I slept in my garment comfortably.-NOTE: I didn't pack any underwear, but did pack bras. I never wore them. Albeit, I was in a room alone, I'm sure my roommate wouldn't have minded seeing me in a bra and my CG. When you've had your guts sucked out and put in your ass, you're pretty much over preliminaries. i packed tank tops, these were useless, too and never worn. Also, if you have slippers, wear them on the flight back. A lot easier to get on and off during security checkpoints.- Second garment. I would call ahead of time if your doctor provides you with a garment to discuss your measurements, type of garment, etc. so that you can purchase a second one prior to your stay. You WILL stain your garment. It WILL have to come off. These are non-negotiables. Nothing is more miserable than being securely bound in your garment, then having to come out of it and being dizzy, nauseous, etc. then having to wait again to put it on later as it is being washed. I'm sure CGs to us feel like being swaddled to newborns. After having your body worked on, it does offer a layer of protection and security and you will want that as much as possible.Miscellaneous Essentials:-Pieces of foam cut into a triangle (you can get this from WalMart in the craft section) and some gauze. Do not wrap your triangle in your gauze in case your nurses need to cut it down to size. This helped tremendously to get rid of my back swelling in the first few days. My nurses were glad that I bought it.- A funnel to use the restroom. Your garment will be crotchless, praise be to God, but the mere thought of you trying to sit on your thighs or butt to use the bathroom will terrify even the holiest of saints. I didn't bother getting a special female funnel. I copped a 99 cent funnel from Wal-Mart you can use to change your oil. Best. Purchase. Ever. I don't think I'll ever pee sitting down again.- A small handheld fan. You may have waves of nausea that can be alleviated by being cooled off immediately. Try to keep your room at a comfortable level. At one point I got ill post lymphatic massage bc my room got to be a sweltering 80+ degrees. Keep in mind that your nausea can be associated with your blood pressure and temperature. I also am one of those people who can't stand certain smells when I don't feel well-- even if they smell great, it can be too much. This can also help clear the air around you. - Wipes (feminine and anti-bacterial). The toilets in MX are not really great, so you cannot flush tissue down most toilets (at least at BC). Your body will be warm, and your princessa will be exposed so to avoid any UTIs or yeast infections keep your wipes handy. You'll also want to keep your new booty clean too with your wipes (it will take several and you probably won't reach it the first time, so be prepared). Remember to clean your funnel after each use.- Lip Balm. Stay as hydrated as possible. I love Lip Elixirs. They are the best and I can't imagine using anything else. It kept my mouth perfectly moist.- Blush, eyeliner, mascara and gloss. No need to look a mess bc you feel like it. Dr. Pantoja told me I'm going to be a knock out once my butt fluffs just by looking at my face. I almost threw up on his shoes, but appreciated the compliment nonetheless. Looking better will make you feel better and since recovery is almost 100% mental, come fully loaded.- Boppy pillow. I did not take one because I thought it would've been useless. Once I got a chance to use it, I was highly upset that I didn't bring one with me and sprung the $55 to get one from BC. YES. $55. So considering I could've purchased one for $8, I was highly irritated, but it added to my comfort level in a way that I think a neck pillow or rolled up blanket could not. It adds cushion for your hips which will have a lot of pressure on them and the density of a neck pillow/blankets will not suffice. Check consignment shops to see if you can get it cheaper or borrow one from a new mom who isnt using it anymore. - Spray lotion. This will be essential to keep you moisturized. You won't be able to maneuver the way you want to put lotion on. If you stay at BC, you won't have to worry about shampoo, conditioner or body wash.Medications/Vitamins/Supplements:-Stool Softener. Start taking them the day before your surgery or even the day prior to the day before your surgery. Your first bowel movement will be murder. Try to take it as easy on yourself as possible. Take your stool softener and try to walk as much as possible to get the anesthesia's effects to wear off of your digestive system. I had to get an enema and it was not the best feeling in the world. But I did feel better having moved my bowels, however, I should've kept up the regimen when I got home because when I did finally have to use the bathroom on my own at home we almost needed crime scene tape.- If you can get pain meds Stateside, please do so. I have a high tolerance for pain, but the meds in MX were like skittles and really did nothing for me. You will want Percocet and Phenergan. Phenergan is the TRUTH for nausea, and also works as a sleep aid, so you can benefit from that immensely. I ended up buying extra/different meds from Dr. Pantoja (he initially prescribed Tramadol) and got codeine for pain and something called Kriadex to sleep. That stuff is amazing. - I got the Bromelain and Arnica Montana, I believe it began to add to my nausea with everything else I was taking. I can't express how much you want to keep your nausea at bay especially if you do a TT or lipo. Your insides will feel like it is pushing out your soul if you have to throw up. Additionally, check your regular vitamin regimen and make sure you are not taking anything that will interact with your meds for your surgery and stop taking them at least 7-10 days in advance.-NOTE: BeautyCare has medicines there to help you with your needs (additional pain medications that are administered intravenously), nausea meds (I had to get a shot in my butt. JESUS that hurt), and other things for your needs. That's a perk of staying there-- there is no need to send out for them or have them delivered. Everything is there. There is an additional cost, so be sure to cushion your budget for this in case you might need them. They only accept cash.Entertainment- Bring your kindle, iPad or Laptop. You may not sleep a majority of the time and will need to occupy your mind and keep it off of your pain, healing. TV was kind of boring so I was happy I had Netflix and videos in iTunes. It was also good to video call with my husband and friends. Made things feel a lot better.- If your phone is a smartphone, consider getting some fun apps to play and audiobooks to listen to. These are great for the lymphatic massages.The Ride Back Home/Being Home:- I mentioned wearing slippers for the flight back. Simple life saver.-YOU WANT WHEELCHAIR ASSISTANCE. Don't try to be brave, don't think you're going to smash your butt. Sit on your hip and you'll be fine. However, with wheelchair accessibility, you will get pushed to the front of every line, have premium choice of seats in the front row and may be granted extra amenities. TAKE IT. You will need it. Make sure you designate this when you make your flight arrangements. Also follow up with your airline before you leave just to make sure that it is solidified. - Take a nausea pill with a small piece of fruit or cup of oatmeal to settle your stomach. Once you're on board for a min, especially if your flight is long (my first leg was 5 hrs), take a sedative. You are going to stress over if you're smashing your butt. You will hate every one. Just calm down, lay down if you can, walk around and then get comfortable and attempt to sleep the rest of the way. If your doctor will give you the compression socks from your surgery, this would be a good time to wear them. - if you are not a side/stomach sleeper, I would suggest you spend two weeks prior to your surgery getting used to sleeping this way and alternating sides in a way that you are planking instead of turning over on your butt. This way, it will be second nature to you when you get home.- Get as many pillows for your bed as possible. Your positions will be limited, but sometimes the support from pillows can help the lower back pain, use between knees can be helpful too.- Swelling may be getting worse, so try elevating your body as much as possible while staying off your butt. - Don't overdo it the first few weeks home. Stretching, squatting, bending, etc. can ruin your grafts making them useless. Fluffing happens when your fat grafts can vascularize (hook up to a blood supply) so try to stay as comfortable as possible and keep your butt happy. If you don't have to do it. Don't. - The burning from lipo is crucial. It's not a game. Take your pain meds, even if you don't feel like it's constantly needed. You don't want to chase the pain and as your recovery will cause more pain in spasms, stay on top of them. Try to walk a bit each day, too. As your nerves regenerate in your torso and arms, that burning, tearing, ripping sensation will remain, so try not to stay too dormant as it makes getting up harder each time.- Also, before you leave, get your nails done if you have nails that you maintain every two weeks. Get them cut shorter than usual so that the additional growth will not bother you. It will be a while before you can sit on your butt again.- Try to catalog your progression in images. Take pictures of your body so that you can see how you are shaping up and keep track of any changes you might need (i.e., change in garment, diet, etc.) - Since your CG will be crotchless, consider wearing boxers to keep some protection between your princessa and the elements and clothes.If I think of anything else, I'll update.ShesAGlamazon Posts: 65Joined: Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:03 pmShare this topic!

A few items

that already had, and some are trickling in, I'm not going crazy buying a bunch of stuff, I had from a previous surgery:
Adhesive remover
Skin prep protective wipes & skin gel protective wipes
Nexcare gentle paper tape
Gauge bandage
Mederma & kelo-cote
I purchased:
Cotton swabs
Anti-embolism socks x2
Arnica salve
Sterile disposable gloves

My supplements

These are the supplements I take on a daily basis, even if I wasn't having surgery:
SSS Tonic,or another one called FERROL , since I was a little girl
Vitamin C
Multi vitamin
I usually take cod liver oil capsules, but I'm out at the moment
My children take the same supplement as I do everyday.

One month from today!!

One month from today, operation pooch be gone is in effect!
I'm excited, and calm at the same time.
One of my favorite products came in the mail, I love this stuff, been using this for almost 2 years, and I love it!
All natural whipped body mousse (and it's a veteran owned business!)
I'm still waiting on my extra faja from mmh..thats taking forever. smh..
Deposit for procedure-*check*
Deposit for rh *check*
My friend is coming with me, she's staying until I wake up from surgery (god-willing) *check*
Hubby is mentally ready *check*

I'll post again soon, of what my backpack will consist of :)

25 days to go!

yup! Just 25 days to go, and I am kind of excited, kind of nervous.I like ehhhh... then I'm up at 2am, reading the same reviews over, and over. lol! I tend to venture off into BBL section, that area is always jumping lol!
rubbing my tummy area with my body butter, I tend to play with my stomach, like it's freaking playdoh.
My ps office called me a few times, just to see how I was doing, making sure that I booked a RH (which I did), they asked if I needed a ride, I said i will just walk over, then take a taxi to the office. She also called me back to confirm, that they have spoken with the RH, to make sure they will pick me up. i love the attention to details, i have a folder, that I keep all the correspondence in, including all of my payments thus far.
I have to find pain meds, i have a few, but not enough,& I do NOT do pain. lol! ok, back to lurking...haha!

I forgot!

I also wanted to send big hugs to all of the wonderful ladies, that have answered my questions, advice, or just stopped by to say hello!
Much love
I have to post some wish pics...I have tons.

20 days

Until my surgery, I have gathered my stuff, and just taking care of things. I'm really chill about it, my goal is to only take a backpack with me. I am hitting my pcc tomorrow to see if she will prescribe me some meds.
Hope all is well with everyone,
peace & blessings!

10 days,22 hours,45 min & 45 seconds to go!

I will be having my procedure on the 28th, and I just so excited! My ps is Dr. Pantoja, and I cannot wait to get there, his office calls me at least once a week,I may or may not take any wish pics. However, I have tons saved, a few ladies in particular blew me away...
I am having my tt/lipo on back,arms,flanks.My major concern is the tt, i will ask him about my inner thighs.
I had my physical, and I'm good to go, my iron level is at 14.4 ( I usually take vitamins everyday anyway,as do my kiddies), I know my levels will significantly drop via, and after surgery so the higher the bed for me.
My spanish is rusty, but good enough to understand what is being said, and my good friend is staying with me for 2 days, she is Mexican, and will be my enforcer! lol!

I'm's 2am

Hubby is sleeping soundly,I tried to wake him up to "keep me company" lol. So, I'm here cruising the pages, and on amazon. Just rubbed my body butter on my feet, ashy elbows. lol

8 Days...omg!!

Here are some pictures of the body mousse, that I love! I literally use it head to toe, and no harmful ingredients. When I met with the Dr.P & Dr.C, they loved my skin, lol!

Any information on

Lymphatic massages in San Diego?

I found a business card for body (butter) mousse

My bag is packed

One of the things I enjoy about this site,are the pictures, yup, I'm a visual person. I like details, one of favorites types of pictures, besides before,& afters are what are people packing.
Over @ the BBL section, babbbyyyy! they do not play! They are hauling all of Target, walmart,amazonetc.. in their suitcases/carryones.
I am NOT the one for those shenanigans lol!
So, here is what I packed (Mr.Marvin said "only pi's & money), I of cousre will pack more, here are a few pics.
This pack back I purchase in Singapore, and has traveled all over the world with me, and it also holds water! (maybe I'll sneak some gin & 7up,with olives!), ok, I'm back. lol!

I hate errors!

Carry-on's , Pj's , course, purchased,

Question? Why can't we edit our posts, to fix errors?

2 days,23 hours,8 mins & 26 secs....

I went out yesterday, and purchased a mini fan. More liquid iron, some pur-absorb.

I'm taking

the our-absorb with me for after surgery, just a few packets, because they are easier to carry than my iron tonic.
I also purchased some extra foam from the craft section. Other than that, took my mini-me's for a pedicure, and did a mini facial (at home ). I'm just relaxing....

Game day!

I am literally leaving my home, on my way to MX for surgery. wish me luck!

Here at Doc's office

This place is busy! The staff (Nadia & Claudia) are wonderful as always,& the doctor just walked in.
Had my blood work,& EKG done,all good.

Now sitting & waiting. Oh, I spoke with a patient that had her TT done,& she looks great 10 years later!

I'm up & feeling fine

So far so good, really do not feel any pain ( for now) lol.
But, my tummy is screaming FEED ME!
My nurse is fantastic,& extremely attentive , she didn't take a nap until 2am,after convinced her, that I was fine :)
My long awaued snack of jello, water,& apple juice was so good. lol!
Thank you for stopping by my page to show support. ((((Hugs))))
I'll be back later

Well....I'm not about this tummy tuck life lol

I'm here at club med, and I'll be honest it was a rough 2 days. Yesterday,nurses at the clinic, got me out of my bed to sit on the recliner, & I almost passed out. Spots were everywhere, I couldn't breathe,& I didn't even have my garment on yet. I really haven't slept much, I watched the first season of Orange is the new black.
This morning, the nurse wakes me,& says "shower!" I said hell to the no! lol
Yup! Took a shower, THE WORST SHOWER EVER. I almost passed out then as well.
See! I'm not about this TT life.
I'll be back to talk about the experience soon, I just wanted to say thank you, for all of the well wishes, support & Dr.P & his staff are AWESOME!

Be calm & heal....

I love club med

I'm at club med, which I am lucky enough to have all to myself!
So, I slept standing up for about 2 hours, slept on the couch on my knees, then, I switched to just sitting in the chair, with about 8 pillows propped up to my face. lol!!! I wish you guys can see me. Fabiola felt so bad for me.
However,the view, & the sound of the waves are absolutely worth it.
Oh! Dolphins are out is good.

Today was first post -op appointment

And they said, that I'm healing very well, to make sure that I continue to walk hunched over,and take meds if necessary.
The nurse removed some sutures from the lipo incisions from my back, and arms.
My drain is still in, which is fine, I'm in no rush to remove it. I rather drain properly, than have fluid build up issues later. So,next Monday, he said most likely it will be removed.

I have been rather lucky, that I have been at clubmed all by myself, except for a sweet lady came, & left the next day. The service, and care are second to none,and extremely attentive. It has been mostly Fabiola (evenings) & Susanna(days), the meals are fabulous,we sit and look out at the ocean, talking & laughing. Marvin is in & out, but we have great discussions about business. I met Alicia,but she injured herself,and still comes by to check on me,justto say hello. Michelle is a doll, she drove me to my appointment this morning,and we talked all the way to & from. :)
Nothing like waking up & going to sleep (or trying to lol), to the sounds of the ocean waves...quite peaceful.

The first 3 days the pain was horrible, my back felt so heavy, like I was carrying bricks. I'm getting some sleep here, and there,but, my Vicodin DID NOT work for me at all! Thank goodness I brought tramodol with me, and it works like a charm. At night Fabiola gives me a Tylenol PM, and that makes me feel better.
The garment is no joke, I feel like cannot breathe, especially when I'm to sleep, I have to take short breaths, I felt like I was gasping for air. I still wearing my compression socks, most likely wear them for another 3-5 days.

I haven't really taken any pictures yet, I will take some today and post.

Here are a few pictures

My before & after pictures will be up for a little while, then I will remove them :)

I'm home

but, I sure miss being at ClubMed. We all cried, when it was time for me to leave.
I would not trade in that experience for anything. So, I'm in bed, relaxing, and opening mail, still draining, but it is steady, the doc expects for my drain to taken out next Monday. My incision is looking good, I will be walking hunched over, and not doing too much, not even driving for the next 2 weeks.Any questions please feel free to ask :)

Again, thank you for the well wishes, and prayers *muah*

Here are some incision pictures

I have never seen really close pictures of DR.Pantoja's tt incision,so I wanted to post some.

Firat real sleep

I was actually able to sleep throughout the night, which was a first. I took 2 tylenol pm's, and next thing you know, it was morning.
My hubby gave me a nice bath/shower last night as well, and washed my faja, whilst I was bathing,this sucker is tight!
My incisions are looking good, because, I basically just relax in my recliner, I walk around my house for a bit,but, not doing any cleaning, nothing. The kiddies are doing a great job with helping.

Happy Mothers Day!!

I want to wish all of the mothers out there, a Happy Mother's Day!
Mother's Day for me is everyday,because every day I wake up, and see my daughters, I feel extremely blessed.
Have a great day, & enjoy! *muah*

Hello all

I took a shower by myself this morning with the watchful eye of my hubby, I use a chair with a hand towel draped over, so I may sit. It felt sooooo good!
It has been 100 degrees here, so I was able to put on a dress, and hobble my ass to the pool with the kiddies, they were grateful!
Nadia has emailed a few times, I have sent them pictures of my body, and doc was happy! I have my 3rd week post op next week, where I'm quite sure Dana (my drain) will be taken out, my stitches are itching like crazy, yet, poking the hell out of me! lol I have some pics to post of my incision

I'm 3 weeks post-op

I am posting a few pics of my incision, which is healing quite nicely. Scabs are falling off everyday. I will see Dr.Pantoja on Thursday,I'm so excited to get these bloody sutures, and drain out. Other than that I've been relaxing, sleeping in my recliner, however, I am ready to 1.ride my damn motorcycle, 2.workout 3.sleep with the hubby
This walker has been a life saver,I love it!
My commencement is at the end if this month, and I truly hope I am able to wear nice shoes! lol! Also, my parents are coming, so I have much to do!


Let's try again


My drains were removed today! 3 Weeks Post Op.

Yayyyy!!! Dana is gone!
So, hubby, and I walked across the border to TJ today, you should've seen me with my walker, just speeding along. lol! However, I was hot & sweaty, by the time we made it across into a cab. My appointment was @ 9:30, made it to the office @ 9:22. Guess who was there? Susanna & Fabiola!! I was so happy to see them! As soon as we stepped off the elevator, they were there waiting, we hugged and they said " why are you not standing straight?!" lol!
Anyway, Dr.P walked like 5 mins after we did, and shook everyone's hand as he walked in, he gave me a kiss on my cheek. So, 2 mins after that the WONDERFUL Nadia called in me in.
I got undressed, and Dr. P was asking me questions, I answered, he told me to stand up straight lol!
He stood back, and had this look of admiration, like he admired his work, and was shaking his head yes. It was a great feeling, because to me, that meant pride, that he took pride in his work, he kept saying "muy bonita! muy bonita!", and Nadia smiled, as did I.
So, he then proceeded to take the drains out, and to be honest it hurt, because my skin has grown around the area, so it was very uncomfortable, and a little painful to me. Man!! I tell you when he started to pull that drain out, I almost fainted it was so gross! The nurse took it, and disposed of it.Then he proceeded to cut my stitches out from my incision, and bb, it started to bleed a bit, but the nurse cleaned it ,and put some gauze on it.
He wants me to clean the areas 2x a day w/peroxide, and put a little neosporin, and thats it. He said he wants to see me again in 3 weeks, and not to use my walker anymore! boooooo!
So, I got dressed, and our ride to take us back across the border went to get the medical pass, so we hopped in and left, not without hugging Dr.P, Nadia,Susanna, & Fabiola. I miss them.
Overall, a great day.
I wish happy healing to all out there, and sending prayers to those who are getting ready for their big day.(((hugs)))

One month

I cannot believe it, One month already. I feel a lot better, I'm walking straighter without the aid of my trusty walker, I still sleep in my recliner. So, it looks like I will be able to walk for my commencement on Saturday! :)

My parents are flying in , so my wonderful housekeeper came in to clean, and get everything tidy, usually, I clean my house myself, but, I had to relinquish, and delegate.
So, I was a little worried about my incision, specifically by my vagina, it is so tight and swollen down there, that last week , I noticed, that a tiny drop of blood was coming through. Well, I immediately started putting the manuka honey, that I purchased prior to surgery, and I also dabbed it on the hole, where my drain was. It the incision site starred healing within 2 days ( I covered both areas with clean gauze 2x a day), then I switched to just cleaning it with my neosporin wound care for children, and dabbed it neosporin, covered them with my steri-strips,and first -aid tape, that I had from a previous surgery. I also cleaned by belly button 2x a day with the wound care,and dabbed the honey on it, I did not put tape or gauze on my belly button,and it is healing quite nicely, all areas are.
I'm still quite swollen, but, I went to the store yesterday, and the get a eye exam, and by 6pm, my back was swollen.
These pics were taken in the spare bedroom's bathroom, that is where I've been taking my sit-down showers, you can see my little shower kit. lol!
I'm excited to see my parents!

I'm now in a medium faja

I'v switched from the large I originally had to a medium, sucker is tight, but giving me the compression that I've been missing. I was able to walk for my graduation, however, the pictures that my family took shows me a little hunched over.
I am still trying to regain some of my energy, I still take my vitamins, & supplements, drinking plenty of water,however since my parents are here, we are eating, I really can't eat much, but, I'm able to enjoy myself whilst they're here.We are headed to Puerto Nuevo for some lobster!
My incision is healing well, I still change my tape every 2-3 days, clean it well, & put neosporin, theres are few stray stitches here & there, one or two sutures spitting out, but, I'll take care of those as well.I'm still swollen, especially with the extra activity that I'm doing, but for the most part , I'm feeling very positive & that is the key. I still wear my compression socks, about 3-4 days out of the week, so far my legs have not been swollen, nor my feet. I do feel a little pain every so often in my left leg, and I will have that checked out. Rest, rest,rest is the key!
Lots of hugs & kisses to all, prayers for those who are getting ready to have surgery, and prayers for those whom are healing.

Just stopping by to say hello!

I am feeling better every day, I thoroughly enjoyed my parents being here, and my mother loved my results, she was like "I'm going to do my arms", & I was like "Let's go now!" lol!

I still get swollen, when I'm doing too much, I also feel the weird stinging weird sensation from the lipo,but nothing I can't handle.

I also went in for my doppler/sonogram for my left leg, and ALL IS GOOD, I had pain in my left calf,so I went to see my pcp, I didn't take any chances.
So, I'm just doing toe lifts, where I stand on my toes, and go up and down. Stretching my legs (calves),using my kettle ball also help a lot.
Sending hugs to all!
Posting pics soon!

Officially 2 months 6/28

I am feeling great! I've added more pics, his time comparison pictures. My scar is coming along, i just rub my wonderful body mousse from Justafewthings, sometimes I mix it with bio oil, but, other than that just the body mousse.
Any questions feel free to ask....
love, peace & hair grease!! *kisses*
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

My doctor, and his WONDERFUL staff are what one should expect, when you're going through such a trauma such as surgery. He answered all of my questions, as did Nadia,and the rest of his staff. The massage prior to surgery is extremely relaxing, and the fact that he only preforms 2 surgeries a day, says a lot about his commitment to his patients. I went in to this process with my expectations under control, and I am more than satisfied. I made sure that I followed his post-op instructions to a T, and I am healing,& feeling fabulous! I highly recommend Dr.Pantoja, however, a great staff makes or break a business, & customer service means a great deal to me, whether I'm spending $5 or $5,000.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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