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Dr. Munish Batra is amazing doctor. He has great...

Dr. Munish Batra is amazing doctor. He has great bedside manor and actually cares about his patients. I consulted with him back in May in regards to me getting a tummy tuck. I used to be real overweight all my life, weight fluctuated and I had 2 children via c section. No matter how much I worked out and how nice my abs felt they was not going to show. I hated the fact of having to pull my shirt down and pants up to cover up my hanging skin. I am so thankful for having Dr. Batra help me. I see him usually on a daily basis way before my husband talked to him about doing a consult and he came to me and told me to come in for a consult and see what we can do. I won't regret that decision. I am only 5 days post op, I feel swollen but I feel good. I can definitely tell I am way smaller and the skin is gone. I will recommend him to everyone I know because he's not only a great plastic surgeon, he is a great person! He is very genuine and I respect him as a person and doctor for very many things that we have talked about.

5 days post op pic

Day of surgery July 3 2015 and 5 days post op side by side

2 weeks post op

2 weeks from the day today I had an extended abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks by the best doctor ever!!
Dr. Batra is amazing his follow up has always been quick. If I text him about an issue and send a pic he responds so quick and puts my mind to ease since I was having a few issues with my belly button and was being worry wort haha! I am so thankful to have found a wonderful doctor like Dr. M Batra!!
The glue is starting to peel off and if the whole incision looks as good as the spots I can see (which I know they will) I will definitely be a very happy camper. No scar would be amazing after therapy.
I am no longer dependent on pain medicine. I am working and have been on my feet more than I should and sometimes in the evening I just take a half a pain pill and i feel more discomfort than anything. I still take the anxiety medicine and wake up sometimes in the evening and it helps me fall back asleep.

Before pictures

Here are some photos of before

Pic update almost 3 weeks

I had a check up with dr Batra yesterday. Everything looks very well!! Belly button is healing well and the incision. He told me I can start gentle massage to my incision to loosen up everything which I started yesterday. After reading on here they suggested doing the massage in the shower with soap and I used the dial antibacterial soap and oh that felt great and I can tell a difference in just one day of doing massage today my skin feels not so tight and I'm just wearing a compression tank top and some shorts. I really hated my binder he suggested for me to try some compression wear. I bought some spanxx type garments. They felt a lot better than the binder but really hard to get up n down when you are needing to use the restroom so I went back to the binder before bed. I feel great, just tender in my flanks which I know is from the liposuction and I feel uneven, but I know the massage will help smooth everything out! I am still really swollen, but I am down 9 lbs since having surgery. Which means I am only 10 lbs from my goal, I am so glad to have a skilled plastic surgeon give me the best care possible. I can see my upper abdominal muscles which is awesome!! I sneezed in front of the mirror and it hurt, but I seen my abdominal pop out and was like wow that's nice to see haha!

Massage relief!

I have been doing massage every day and a few times a day. I had my husband use scargo to massage into my incision scar. I can feel all the knots and I can tell the massage I have been doing all over helps with the soreness.
The only thing that sucks is I feel so flabby ugh. I have read on here it takes awhile for the skin to jump back after liposuction so I will be ready for that. Wanted to post a few updated pics since doing the massage.
I have not felt too much pain. Just more tenderness in my flanks. My incision is looking really good and when standing my stomach is so flat it is definitely a great feeling.
I sat out in the sun the past 2 days and I am feeling really burnt. I feel like I sweated out a lot haha

5 weeks post op

So I have had a crazy past few weeks, so I am going to post some updates. Finally got moved and kind of settled. Waiting for our furniture and my wonderful bed which I miss so much!! Air mattresses are no fun.
My healing has been great and I have been doing a lot more massage because I feel a bunch of knots and tightness which the massage is helping. Each day I do harder massage i can notice a big difference in the morning. I just had my husband do massage on my sides and hips and that hurt but I know it will help. The numbness in my hips seems to be decreasing as well.

New pic updates

So I started exercising again and man do I feel sore. I just took some pics this morning so I will post them today and some pics I took when I started the scaraway strips. I've been using them for about 2 days and after just one day I was amazed at the difference of my scar. I fee great sometimes feel a little pain here n there. Upper abs felt a little sore today so I decided to not work out today. I can't wait to get my body looking the way I want it to. Once I get the bloating n swelling down it will be awesome haha

12 week post op

Everything has been going good. Pretty sure I have a stitch spitting on my side but other than that healing well. Been working so much haven't been able to exercise as much and have had a bit of bowel blockage issues which caused a fluctuation in weight. Working on getting it back down. Down 3 lbs since I figured that was the issue. Been using scar away and it helps a lot make the scar fine and soft. I'll post some pics from today.

Pics didn't upload

14 weeks post op

I'm so excited. I've been working out back to my normal self kind of haha. I can definitely tell I am starting to tone back up from not being able to work out.
Today I did really light abdominal exercises. It didn't hurt just felt a little twinge. I will post some pics I did side by side before n after the pic was taken a few days ago

1 year post op

I am one year post op as of tomorrow lol. It's ok to post now, what is a day haha. So after a rough winter, weight gain from the holidays and what not. I picked up my cardio and have been working out about 6 days a week.

Down to 156 right now, have some muscle definition, just have about 10 more lbs to go and I will be good to go.

Scar is healing well, I use sunscreen highest spf when I tan so around the scar is white.

I haven't had any follow up appointments since I am in ny and not Cali anymore. It has been awhile since I've updated. I still sometimes feel massive tightness after working out. Running today I did 20 mins and felt my abs tighten and they stayed feeling hard for a few minutes after I stopped. Stretched too. Which feels really good for my core and abdominal muscle. I massage still. Sometimes I have to I only do abs maybe twice a week, can't do too intense every day.

Very genuine and the best plastic surgeon!

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