30 Yrs Old 2 Kids C-section Tt, Lipo and Muscle Repair - San Diego, CA

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One and half weeks til my surgery day and I'm...

One and half weeks til my surgery day and I'm getting excited. So much to do before the big day. Lucky to have family fly in and be there for me when I recover. Hoping it's a smooth and easy recovery. I recovered from my C sections very fast and left a very faint scar. Hoping for the same results. Will keep posted when surgery day comes

Day 1 and feeling just ok

Don't care to really see anything right now. Just super tired and wish I could sleep on my sides. Abs are very tight and only went home with one drain. Post op appt tomorrow morning. Missing my babies. Can't wait to see them tomorrow.

Day 2

Day two and feeling like
Crap. Went to my post op appt and Doctor said I look great. Got lucky and didn't have to get a T shape line ( belly button got pulled all the way down). I have pain where all the lipo was done and where the drain is. Muscles are tight but over all not to bad I guess. In 3 days I'll have another appt to change bandages and maybe remove drain. Can't wait for full results.

Day 3

Starting to feel so much better. Starting to walk up straight and going on long walks. Still on pain meds and antiboitics. Waiting to go number 2. Hopefully soon. Very bruised and the stitches itch really bad. Overall, super happy and excited to see what two two will look like.

Day 5 and getting better

Starting to feel so much better. Tomorrow I have another Doctor appt to remove the tape and put a clean one on and hopefully get rid of my drain. Otherwise it will come out Thursday. I have been very sleepy and no energy. Would love a cup of coffe but need to wait another day or 2. Sleeping upright sucks too. Done with my antiboitics and no more pain meds. Pooped of the 3rd day which was ehhh. Down 7 lbs after surgery. Can't wait to carry my kids!!

Day 6 and feeling good

Got my tape change and belly button is looking good. Also got stitches removed. Getting drain removed in two days. Can't wait to shower.

Is the drain out yet? Blah

It's almost been a week and feeling better everyday. Just can't wait for the drain to come out tomorrow morning. Love the belly button. Sleeping position will suck for the next couple of weeks but overall everything looks and feels good.

One week down!

Since the drain has been taken out I feel 100% better. I do get very swollen throughout the day and get tired by 6-7pm. Can't wait to see more results in the coming weeks!

Bad day

It's been 9 days after my surgery and I can't stop going to the bathroom ? ( number 2). Anyone else have/had this problem? Just as I was starting to feel better. Blah

Two weeks!!!!

So I had a dr appt yesterday and it wasn't so fun. Might have some fluid build up which means a needle. Blah. Almost passed out twice just from seeing the stitches get removed from Bb and knowing a needle might have to go in my belly to remove fluid. Hopefully it's just gas;)

3 weeks and some god days some bad

So it's been 3 weeks and I'm starting to shape on my curves and hips and all the bruising is almost gone. I do have a problem area and Doctor isnt too sure what it can be. He gave me some ideas but he wants to wait the whole 6 weeks before jumping to conclusions. It could be just Swelling. Definitely not fluids. Good to know.

Not a good day. Blah

So it's been 3 weeks and I thought I was starting to feel better but not so much. Hate how puffy my tummy gets after I eat. Feels like I have a ball inside. My skin is already so tight. Changed my tape today and got to see how the progression is going. Cut looks very nice. Hoping this bloating/ ball feeling goes away soon.

Pictures go with last post

Loving it but feels weird

It's been exactly 5 weeks since my surgery day and invert happy with results. Can't wait til all the swelling is down. It's getting better to sleep at night. Haven't laid out in the sun yet or gone into the pool. Soon. My size 2 pants are a little big and I love trying on swim suites.

I do have one issue which I hopefully minor but above my belly button my belly bulges which is weird. Dr said I can start working out slowly and see if we can get rid of the bulge by toning the muscles. Won't be able to do hardcore work outs til 9-10 weeks so another month. Right now I'll do some cycling and yoga ( light). Before surgery I was 130lbs now I'm 125lbs. Would like to tone my body.

Will update again in two weeks at my two month mark!!
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